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Best Under Sink Water Filter For Modular Kitchen

There are various types of Water purifiers available in the market. They use different technologies and filters like RO, UV, UF, sediment filters, and activated carbon filters to purify water. Water purifiers are also classified based on their installation type. The most common types of water purifiers are those that are mounted on the wall or placed […]

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Best Water Purifiers

Humans are dependent on water purifiers to obtain safe, pure and healthy drinking water for consumption. Water Purifiers are the most essential appliance that is required in every household. It is indeed a necessity! We know there are different types of water purifiers that use various purification technologies like RO, UV, UF, filters like carbon and sediment […]

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9 Best RO UV Water Purifier For Home

Water is the supporter of life on Earth! Every living organism requires water to function. Water helps human beings in the various metabolic activities of the body. However, the water supplied to us is unfit for drinking purposes as it contains contaminants like dissolved solids, heavy metals, and disease-causing micro-organisms. Water purifiers have become a […]

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