Whirlpool Fresh Care 7110 7 kg Washing Machine Review

The Fresh Care 7110 Whirlpool washing machine is known for washing clothes clean. The washing machine has a 7kg capacity and has up to six tumble types to wash all types of fabrics. It also uses the Soft Move Technology which can detect when clothes are loaded in the tub and fill inside your tub. This Whirlpool washing machine is a popular choice amongst buyers because of its many functions. It also has a secure child lock that will protect your wash settings from being tampered with.

If you need to be somewhere and have to quickly wash your clothes, you can utilize the Rapid 30 function that gets your clothes washed with 30 minutes. It would save your time and also your energy consumption.


The 7kg front loading washing machine is well suited for a family of five. It can wash a lot of clothes in one wash

14 Wash Programs

This Whirlpool washing machine has up to 14 different wash programs that you can choose from to wash all types of fabrics. The wash programs will effectively remove every stain or dirt on your clothes.

Fresh Care with Steam Technology

This washing machine washes your clothes using steam to keep your fabric soft and to also protect your clothes while it is still loaded in the drum.

6th Sense SoftMove Technology

This sensor can detect the type of fabric that is loaded in the washing machine and determines the type of drum movement to remove the stains gently from your clothes.

Effective Motor

The Whirlpool Fresh Care 7110 has a certified motor engine. The motor produces the best results and reduces the amount of energy consumed when washing. The motor has a 5-year warranty.

Colour 15 degree

This wash program allows you to wash your clothes with low temperatures and has a special washing movement that allows clothes to easily absorb detergent.

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What Do We like

Quality Product

This is a very quality washing machine that is worth every dime. You will get value for your money. The washing machine is designed to last long and even has a two-year warranty.


This Whirlpool product is one of the most energy-efficient washing machines in its category. It will not weight on your energy bills.

Excellent Cleaning

You enjoy clean and fresh clothes with this washing machine. It cares for your fabric and makes them last longer and does not weaken your fabrics.

What We Don’t Like

Inverter Motor

The washing machine is great, however, it is not built with an inverter motor.


When washing clothes, the machine can be a bit noisy and vibrates a lot.


This Whirlpool Fresh Care washing machine is an excellent product. It washes clothes clean and you will enjoy using this product. It is made in Europe and is specially designed with very quality materials. It’s 14 wash programs give you more than enough options to clean all your fabrics no matter the type of fabric you want to wash. The washing machine will care for your clothes and will also conserve your energy bills.

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