Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65M4205HV/TL) Review

Samsung is known to be one of the most popular electronic manufacturers. They have continued to surprise people with innovative technology and have built a reputation for making quality products. There is no doubt that this Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a high-quality product from this brand.

We will look at the incredible features of this washing machine so you can decide if it lives up to its promises. This fully automatic washing machine comes in an elegant design, and its motor speed is at a maximum of 700rpm. It has a unique quality that helps you preserve the freshness of your clothes after washing.

Wash Programs

You can have clean clothes ready within a short time as this washing machine offers you a variety of wash programs to choose from. It has up to a hundred wash programs, and this means that you have options to choose for all the types of fabrics you own.

LED Display

This Samsung washing machine has a smart LED that shows all the information about your wash settings. The display glass is designed with a tempered glass door that allows you to view the clothes that you are washing.

Air Turbo

This interesting feature will allow you to work the washing machine at a very rapid rotation so it can draw more water from your clothes and have your clothes dried within a few minutes.

Eco Tub Clean

You don’t need to invest in chemicals to clean your tub, and the washing machine also indicates what time it would be right to clean it.

Water Fall

This feature is designed to give you cleaner clothes by distributing your detergent properly in the clothes being washed. It also uses a very powerful water spray to wash your clothes thoroughly.

Magic Filter

The lint filter collects all the lint and residue in the washing machine that is usually from your clothes. It also filters this lint, so it does not end up clogging your drainage system.

Diamond Drum

This Samsung washing machine has a diamond-shaped drum that is designed to handle your clothes with care. The tub also has some holes where the water leaves, but these holes are so small that it is impossible for your clothes to get trapped in them.

Center Jet Pulsator

The washing machine produces high-pressure water flow at the center of the pulsator so it can push your clothes to avoid it from tangling.

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What Do We like

Round Edge Design

The round edge design of the washing machine that allows you more access to the tub and to make your washing easier.

 Easy UI / Simpler Control

This washing machine is very easy to operate. The control settings are easy to understand, and it even has a slanted control panel that is easy to operate.

 Intuitive LED

The LED display allows you to have a clear view of the clothes you are washing. It also helps you monitor your washing settings and everything going on in the washing machine.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found.


This Samsung washing machine is great for your home, and we recommend that you buy it. It will wash all your clothes, including your delicate fabrics. It has up to 100 wash programs, which allows you more than enough options to care for your clothes.


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