Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL) Review

Samsung electronic products continue to top the technology market every day. They also have a solid reputation in the laundry market. They always come up with new solutions that keep them at the top even amongst other competitors in the industry. Their washing machines come with useful features and are very durable. They are also famous for manufacturing washing machines that can wash all types of fabrics, including jeans and delicate fabrics.

The Samsung 6.2kg washing machine, like all Samsung products, comes in a very attractive design. It has a display that allows you to see everything going on the machine.


This feature is included in this top-loading washing machine, and it comes with a sink that allows you enough space to hand wash your delicate clothes. It also gives you enough room to pre-treat clothes that have difficult stains.

Eco Tub Clean

With this feature, you no longer have to use chemicals to clean the tub. It cleans it by itself and the washing machine will notify you when it is dirty.

Magic Dispenser

This washing machine has a magic dispenser that manages your detergent when washing. It mixes your detergent properly so that there are no detergent residues hiding in between your clothes when the machine starts washing.

Water Fall

This is another useful feature that evenly distributes the detergent with your clothes when washing.

Air Turbo (Monsoon)

The Air Turbo feature is designed to make the washing machine rotate rapidly so it can extract the water and make your clothes dry quickly.

Round Edge Design

This design gives you more surrounding areas to work with when washing your clothes. You will have more access to the tub.

Easy UI/Simpler Control

The control panel is slanted so you can use it easily. The settings are also easy to understand which makes the machine very simple to operate.

Intuitive LED

The washing machine has an LED display that makes it easy for you to see your washing settings clearly and monitor the washing.

Stainless Steel Pulsator

The stainless steel pulsator increases the performance of the washing and also makes sure that the inside of the washing machine is clean.

Magic Filter

This lint filter collects all the lint, fluff, and particles that are removed from your clothes after it is washed.

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What Do We like

Lint Filter

This Samsung’s washing machine lint filter is very powerful and is able to collect all residues leaving you with only clean clothes.

Built-in Sink

It gives you enough room to pre-treat your clothes to remove stubborn stains before washing.


The washing machine is strong and will last you a long time. It has a comprehensive warranty of two years.

What We Don’t Like


No such cons were observed.


This Samsung washing machine is very powerful and is designed with a long-lasting motor. The 6.2kg capacity makes it suitable for families with up to 3 members. Its useful functions are enough reasons why you would need to have this washing machine in your home. It also has a very attractive design and will be a great addition to your home interior.

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