Lloyd 8.1 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (LWMS82G) Review

Lloyd is one of India’s leading electronics companies. They have a wide range of quality products which include washing machines, air conditioners, and LED TVs. The washing machines from this brand usually come with smart features like One Touch Operation, customized wash cycles, and Speed-Up Wash. They make washing machines that will make your washing convenient.

This Lloyd 8.1 semi-automatic washing machine is another quality washer from Lloyd. The washing machine is long-lasting and is one of the best washing machines in the market today. It is very affordable and despite its pocket-friendly price, Lloyd does not compromise its quality.

Tangle Free Pulsator

The pulsator creates a powerful water turbine that moves your clothes around during the washing process. Your clothes tumble around in the washing machine and gently rub against each other by scrubbing out the dirt in the clothes so they can be clean.

Collar Scrubber

The washing machine has an in-built collar scrubber. It allows you to scrub areas of your clothes with difficult stains like the cuffs and collars of your clothes.

Thermal Protection Technology

This technology is another incredible feature of this washing machine that protects your washing machine from damage. It regulates high temperature by turning off the power supply in the washing machine.

2 Water Inlets

The washing machine is built with two separate water inlets. You can pass both your hot and cold water through this inlet for your washing.

Bubble Wash

The washing machine creates bubbles to wash your clothes better. The bubbles formed will go deep into the fibers of your clothes to remove every single dirt on your clothes.

Air Dry

This unique technology is what gives your washing machine’s drum that freshness every time you wash. The air dryer keeps the inside of the tub dry and fresh every time so mould does not form. It also allows fresh air to circulate your clothes to remove bad odour, to keep them fresh and also to reduce the time it would normally take your clothes to dry.


The washing machine has a feature that allows you to soak your clothes for several minutes before washing. You can set the timer to the amount of time you want the clothes to remain soaked to get out the tough stains on your clothes especially if the clothes are very dirty.

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What Do We like

Hot Water Wash

You can wash your clothes with hot water by connecting the inlet to your hot water supply system. This will give your clothes healthy wash and remove every bacteria and allergen from your clothes.


The air dryer lets your clothes dry quickly. You won’t need to keep your clothes under the sun for long to get it fully dried.

Stain Removal

The scrubber takes off any difficult stains that may not come off easily with a simple wash. The washing machine cleans your clothes well by allowing the detergent to penetrate your clothes.

What We Don’t Like

Child Lock

This washing machine does not have a child lock function. You will not be able to prevent anyone from interrupting your wash settings.


The Lloyd washing machine is a must-buy not only because it is budget-friendly but also because it is a good washing machine. The washing machine is durable and will be able to cater to your family especially if you have a medium-size home. The washing machine has a very attractive design and will compliment your home.

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