Lloyd 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (LWMS72LT) Review

The Lloyd 7.2kg washing machine is a quality washer. It comes with essential features that make your washing easy and convenient. The semi-automatic washing machine comes in a compact size and will be best for a family of up to three members.

Lloyd washing machine  has a powerful pulsator technology that will scrub your clothes and remove very tough stains. Its powerful spin washes your clothes without tangling. The washing machine will last for years and it is very easy to operate this washing machine. It has an allergen technology that will guarantee healthy clothes for you and your family.


The 7.2 Lloyd washing machine comes with a very powerful pulsator that creates tornado-like water currents to wash your clothes. Your clothes will tumble so well that the dirt will get off your clothes. The pulsator does not get your clothes tangled during the washing.

Collar Scrubber

The collar scrubber is also included in this washing machine. You can use it to scrub the collars and cuffs of your clothes to remove the dirt in these difficult areas where stains don’t come off easily.

Thermal Protection Technology

The washing machine is designed with a powerful motor that has thermal protection technology sensors to protect your clothes. The technology regulates the high temperature by simply turning off the power supply so it doesn’t cause any damage.

Bubble Wash

The washing machine allows bubbles to form before the clothes begin to wash. The bubbles will penetrate your clothes to remove all the dirt and stains in your laundry.

Air Dry

Air Dry technology is one of the useful features of this washing machine. It reduces the amount of time for your clothes to dry. It also keeps the tub dry and prevents mould from forming in the washing machine. It also allows fresh air to circulate your clothes during the washing process so that bad odor can be removed.


You can soak your clothes automatically before washing using its wash timer. The washing machine has a controlled setting that allows you to set up the time for your clothes to soak in the detergent to loosen the dirt.

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What Do We like


Your clothes will not take long to get dried because the air dryer in this washing machine reduces the drying time by 50%.

Healthy Wash

The 7.2kg washing machine has a feature that will protect your clothes from bad odour, bacteria, and allergens. You will be washing your clothes in a safe tub.

Stain Removal

The washing machine will scrub your clothes clean and with its powerful pulsator, you will have clean clothes washed within a few minutes.

What We Don’t Like


This Lloyd washing machine does not have any wheels to allow you to move it around for your convenience.


The 7.2kg Lloyd washing machine is a great washer and we will always recommend it. It is budget-friendly compared to other brands of washing machines within its range. The 7.2kg washing machine does not have a large tub but its size will do for a medium-sized family. It has a powerful motor and will last a long time.

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