Lloyd 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (LWMF60) Review

If you have been looking for a budget-friendly washing machine that comes with all the useful features for easy washing, then you should be looking at this Lloyd washing machine. Most people are more familiar with popular brands like Samsung and LG but these brands are usually very expensive.

Lloyd may not be popular but it offers a lot of features that you won’t be able to find at its price in other brands. You will be surprised to find that this 6kg Lloyd washing machine has a lot of simple and advanced features that will make your washing very convenient. You will be getting a premium washing machine at a very affordable price when you buy this brand.


The washing machine has a 44L drum. The 6kg size will be able to serve a family of three members. It is a strong washing machine that can handle a lot of washing.

17 Wash Programs

You have up to 17 wash programs to choose from when you wash with this washing machine. The wash programs are designed to handle all types of fabrics include very delicate materials.

Motor Speed

The 6kg washing machine comes with a powerful motor with a maximum speed of 1000rpm. The fast speed allows your clothes to dry within a shorter time.

In-built Heater

The washing machine has a water heater that allows you to eliminate the problems of washing with hard water. 

Intelligent Control

The smart control features include sensors that detect the water level of the washing machine. It also detects when your clothes are not evenly placed in the drum. The sensors can also detect when you open the lid and the weight of the clothes that you have loaded in the washing machine.

Clothes Add On

The washing machine has clothes that add a feature that allows you to put more clothes in the washing machine even when the washing machine has already begun its washing cycle. Adding more clothes will not interrupt the washing or make the washing machine start from the beginning of the cycle.

LED Display

The LED display allows you to easily navigate the controls of the washing machine and to also see at a glance the current status of the washing machine.

Soak Wash

This feature allows you to soak your clothes in the washing machine for a set time to loosen the dirt in your clothes and to allow the detergent to penetrate the fabrics before the washing begins.

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What Do We like

Clean Wash

The 6kg washing machine will wash your clothes well using its fast spin technology. Your clothes will be scrubbed gently to remove every dirt on your clothes.

Smart Sensors

The smart sensors on the washing machine make your washing easy. You can easily tell when the clothes loaded are filled and know how much water to wash your clothes without wasting water.

What We Don’t Like


The 6kg washing machine is a bit small. It cannot take a lot of clothes in one wash.


This 6kg Lloyd washing machine has everything you need to wash your clothes clean. It’s unique wash programs will be able to wash your clothes and even your home furniture materials like curtains, pillowcases, etc. The washing machine is durable and very affordable.

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