LG T7581NDDLG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

 LG inverter top-loading washing machine is a great product with very unique functions. LG is a top brand in the home appliances industry. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of quality washing machines. This inverter technology LG washing machine is fully equipped to handle the washing needs of a small family with up to 3 members.

 The washing machine is designed to conserve your energy while washing your clothes. Its motor is enclosed in a casing that is waterproof and keeps the water entering into the washing machine from getting water on it. This LG washing machine comes with other useful functions that will be mentioned in this review.

Smart Inverter Motor

This unique technology conserves your power consumption without compromising the washing quality of the washing machine.

Long Motor Life

The smart motor is designed with BMC Motor Protection that keeps it protected from water, dirt, and insects.

Turbo Drum Technology

This feature allows the washing machine to remove tough stains and dirt with the combined effort of the powerful water pressure, rapid rotating drum, and the pulsator.


The washing machine can be connected to this mobile app which automatically detects any problem on your washing machine. This mobile application will save you cost on repairs.

Smart Closing Door

The smart door prevents you from banging the door of the washing machine when closing it.

Punch + 3

With the Punch + 3 system, you can wash your clothes better when you have streams of water coming from a vertical direction to push your clothes around the washing machine so that no clothes are left unwashed.

Stainless Steel

The washing machine does not rust and unlike other washing machines, this LG washing machine is designed with stainless steel to protect it from germs and bacteria.

Tub Clean

This feature will always ensure that your tub remains clean all the time. It sterilizes both the inner and outer parts of your tub.


When you experience a sudden power outage, the washing machine will begin from where it stopped before the power was interrupted when your power is fully restored.

Child Lock

The child lock function will disable the control panel so that your wash settings remain intact even if someone mistakenly goes near the washing machine.

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What Do We like

Rust Free

The washing machine is designed to last for years. The stainless steel washing machine will not rust and is a hygienic material to wash your clothes in.

Smart Inverter Technology

This high-performance motor can wash your clothes at a very high speed and saves your energy. It is very efficient and washes clothes better.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


The energy-saving LG washing machine is an excellent Washer. Its smart functions make even better as it makes your washing much easier. You also have access to the mobile app that shows you the health of the washing machine. We recommend this product because of its quality and excellent washing results.

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