LG P7550R3FA 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The LG P7550R3FA washing machine has a 6.5kg capacity that can wash clothes comfortable for up to five people in a family. The washing machine is designed with a high-performance motor that has a maximum speed of up to 1300 rpm. It also comes with a spin dryer dries clothes within a few minutes with its air-dry technology.

The washing machine produces excellent washing results with the help of its rollers. It washes special areas like your shirt collars and cuffs with its collar scrubber. It is also designed with three special wash programs that can handle any type of fabric.

3 Wash Programs

This LG washing machine has three wash programs that are gentle on your clothes. The wash settings are suitable for all types of clothes and can handle both delicate as well as strong fabrics.

Lint Filter

The washing machine collects hair fibers and particles that come out of your clothes during washing. It can filter these particles so your clothes are lint-free after they have been washed. The essence of this lint filter collecting these residues is to prevent your pipes from getting clogged.

Collar Scrubber

The collar scrubber in this washing machine can be found on the body of the machine between its drum and the spinning tub. The collar scrubber is a unique function of this washing machine that can scrub your collars to save you the time of using your hands to do it. It also washes your clothes better by scrubbing them to remove the tough dirt and stains in your fabrics.

Washing Rollers

This washing machine is designed with a special roller jet pulsator that adds some friction to your clothes by way of scrubbing them so they can be clean.

Air Dry

The air dryer uses the spin system to extract the water from your clothes and reduce the amount of time it would take your clothes to dry.

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What Do We like

Rat Away Technology

The washing machine is protected from rats that may want to come close to your washing machine. The rat repellent keeps the rats away from the washing machine so you can enjoy using it for a long time.

Lightweight Washing Machine

The washing machine is very light in weight and you can easily lift it to change its position around the house.

Lint Collector

The washing machine filters all the lint and residues that remain after washing to prevent your pipes from blocking.

What We Don’t Like


The washing machine does not come with an option to turn off the buzzer when you don’t want to be disturbed.


This washing machine is a quality product from LG. It will save your water consumption and will last a long time. The washing machine comes with a complete 2-year warranty and is very easy to operate. It would wash your clothes clean with its three special wash programs. We recommend that you buy this quality washing machine for your home.

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