LG FH2G6TDNL42 8.0 kg Front Loading Washing Machine Review

The LG 8kg fully automatic front load washing machine promises users a great wash and the company has also included a lot of features in this product to make life good. The 8kg washing machine is great for a family of up to five members or more. This washing machine is made with quality materials and is even designed with a stainless steel body that does not rust.  

It has a solid motor which has a speed capacity of 1200rpm. You will enjoy using the many features of this washing machine as it makes everything easy to do right from the moment you load your clothes and when they are eventually cleaned.

6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

This LG washing machine is designed with this unique technology that is able to wash clothes in different directions to give your clothes the perfect scrub. You will have your clothes properly washed and all tough stains out with this washing machine.

Inverter Motor

The LG 8kg washing machine is designed with an inverter technology that makes your washing machine noiseless. You will hardly notice any vibrations when washing your clothes and the motor of this washing machine lasts for years without giving any problems.

In-built Heater

The washing machine has an inbuilt heater and will wash your clothes at a very low temperature. It will eliminate the hard water component in your washing water that makes it difficult for the detergent to dissolve. Washing in soft water will allow the detergent to penetrate your clothes and get rid of stubborn stains.


Even when you experience a cut in your power supply, the washing process will not be affected. Immediately your power is restored, the washing machine continues from where it stopped.

Baby Care

This feature is designed to treat your clothes well by getting rid of bacteria and germs. It also makes sure that the clothes have been cleaned and no detergent residue remains on any of your clothes.


You can install the SmartThinQ app on your mobile device to check for any problems with your washing machine. The app allows you to detect up to 86 errors and also provides solutions that will save you money on repairs.

 Waterproof Touch Panel

The control panel of the washing machine is specifically designed with waterproof protection to keep the water from the washing machine away from the control settings.

Child’s Lock

This feature allows you to disable the control panel using the child lock function. It protects your washing settings from being changed.

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What Do We like


It’s Rust Proof and the washing machine is built to last you for many years. The body is made from stainless steel which will last longer compared to other washing machines.

Hygienic Washing

The washing machine has an inbuilt heater that heats the water up to 85°C and also cleans the drum of the washing machine. It then removes any dirt or water stains from the washing machine.

12 Washing Programs

This washing machine allows you to choose any of its washing programs for your clothes. It can wash any type of fabric and will wash your clothes with care.

What We Don’t Like


The washing machine weighs a ton and it does not have any wheels attached to it. It would be difficult moving this washing machine around the house.


The LG front loading washing machine is very beautiful. It is a washing machine you will love to have in your home. It makes your washing easy and will clean your clothes well. It has quality wash programs that can take away tough stains easily.


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