Intex 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WMSA72DB) Review

Intex is one of the top manufacturers in India popularly known for its innovation in mobile technology devices. The company also has contributed in providing IT solutions for homes and offices. The Intex 7.2kg washing machine is very easy to operate.

The compact washing machine can handle washing jobs for families of up to four members. It also comes with a lot of impressive features for your convenience. You can set up any of its three water levels by simply turning the selection mode to the water level you require. The washing machine is also budget-friendly and compared to other brands it is very affordable.

3 Wash Programs

The Intex washing machine is designed with three wash programs. After you fill the tub with water, you can choose any of the wash programs to wash your clothes.

Auto Soak

The washing machine can be set to pre-soak using its timer. The soaking will loosen the dirt, oil and stubborn stains on your clothes. You can soak heavily soiled clothes for up to 20 minutes before the machine starts to wash.

Air Dryer

The air dryer function in this washer will help reduce the amount of time it would take your clothes to dry on the line. You can have your washed clothes dry within a few minutes with the washing machine’s dryer.

Lint Filter

The lint filter collects the residues and hair fibers from your clothes so that your clothes are completely free of any particles after washing. The lint filter will collect the fibers so it doesn’t find its way in your drainage pipes.

Plastic Body

The Intex washing machine has a quality plastic covering instead of metal which usually rusts. The plastic is durable and you will use the washing machine for a long time.

Transparent Glass Lid

The Intex washing machine has a top glass lid that comes with a special construction to prevent it from slamming down hard or making a banging noise. The lid will close quietly anytime you raise it.


The pulsator technology on this washing machine creates enough turbulence to allow your clothes to wash better and come out very clean.

Water Level Indicator

The washing machine has a three-level water indicator that allows you to choose the appropriate water level based on the weight of the clothes in the tub.

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What Do We like

Powerful Spin

The Intex 7.2kg washing machine comes with a powerful motor with a fast spin to make your clothes clean on every wash.

Water Conservation

The washing machine conserves the amount of water you use to wash your clothes. It does not waste water as it only requires an adequate amount of water to wash.

What We Don’t Like


Washing machine while in use is very loud which can be annoying at times.

Plastic Components

The plastic components of this washing machine are not only the body but also the tub. The plastic could easily wear out.


The 7.2kg Intex washing machine is one of the best budget-friendly semi-automatic top loading washing in the market today. The size of the washing machine will be great for a family with up to five members.

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