Godrej GWS 8502 PPL 8.5kg Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Review

This 8.5kg washing machine from Godrej is great for families with up to five members or even more. It has a strong build and will be able to handle large washing loads. The washing machine comes with tough glass lids that make it strong enough for everyday use. You can easily look through the glass lids to monitor your washing without having to open the lids.

Godrej designed this washing machine with a Hexascrub Pulsator. It washes your clothes clean and will get rid of any stubborn stains on all your clothes. The washing machine comes with a powerful engine with 450watts power strong enough to wash your clothes.

Active Soak

It has a pre-soak feature that allows you to soak your clothes to loosen the dirt on the fabric before washing. The active soak feature is a great deal especially when you have very dirty clothes

Toughened Glass Lids

The washing machine is designed with tough glass lids that will l allows you to see inside the washing machine to monitor your washing instead of opening the lids all the time.

Rust-Proof Poly Propylene Body

The body of the washing machine is made from 100% rust-free polypropylene. It is durable and you will enjoy using the washing machine for a long time.

Spin Shower

The spin shower is a unique feature in this washing machine that sprays water in your clothes during rinsing to remove every detergent residue on all the clothes that have been washed.


This washing machine comes with wheels that make it easy to move around the house. The wheels are large and you can move them easily.

HexaScrub Pulsator

This system uses both the pulsator and the six micro scrubbers in the washing machine to get your clothes clean. The pulsator makes sure your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and that all the dirt is completely removed from your fabrics.

3 Wash Programs

The Godrej washing machine comes with three wash programs which you can choose to wash your clothes. The wash programs make it possible for you to clean all types of fabrics including delicate materials like silk.

Magic Filter

This washing machine is also designed with a lint filter that collects all the lint, fluff and residues from your clothes after washing.

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What Do We like


The wheels are a great addition to this washing machine because it makes it easy for you to move the 8.5kg washing machine without having to lift it with your hands.

Lint Collector

You will get completely lint-free clothes after every wash. The washing machine collects all hair particles and residues so that they don’t end up clogging your pipe.

Transparent Glass Lid

You can see your clothes being washed inside the washing machine through the transparent lid without having to open the glass.

What We Don’t Like


The body of the washing machine and the inner tub are both made from plastic.


This Godrej 8.5kg model is one of the best top loading washing machines you can buy within its range. It handles your clothes gently while washing your clothes to make them clean. Even at its 8.5kg size, the washing is compact and will not take up space in your home. It also has a buzzer that immediately notifies you when washing is completed.

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