Godrej 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT EON Allure 650 PANMP) Review

Godrej’s 6.5kg fully automatic washing machine has a lot of features that are impossible to miss. This compact size washing machine comes with functions that provide premium quality washing. It has a simple design and is very easy to operate. The washing machine has indicators that are there to let you know what to do.

For instance, it has an indicator that monitors when you apply detergents to the clothes that are loaded. This will help you manage your detergent and not use too much to wash your clothes.The motor of the washing machine has a maximum speed of 660rpm which will be fine for drying your clothes.

Aquajet Pulsator

This pulsator generates strong turbulence that allows better scrubbing for your clothes. You can be sure to have clean clothes at the end of the washing cycle.

Cascade Waterfall

This Godrej washing machine comes with the unique waterfall technology that creates a cascade effect. The water flows from both sides of the drum and then the dirty water flushes out just as the freshwater is coming in.

Gravity Drum

The gravity drum design is great as it aids the movement of your clothes in the washing machine. It ends up giving your clothes a five-way wash so that all the clothes loaded in the washing machine are thoroughly scrubbed. This unique drum removes stains from your clothes.

Delay Start

This feature allows you to set the washing machine timer to a later time. You can select any time at least up to 23 hours. Even when you are not around the washing machine, it will begin its washing process.


The pre-soak function is for clothes that have a lot of stains or dirt. You will need to soak to them in the tub for up to 30 minutes before the washing machine begins to wash them. You can select the soak time depending on how difficult the stains are.

Detergent Indicator

When you are adding the detergent to the clothes, the washing machine will immediately notify you about the quantity to be added to the clothes for washing.

Cloth Load Indicator

This is another sensor included in this washing machine that indicates the weight of the clothes that are loaded. You will be able to view it on the digital display. The washing machine lets you know the right amount of clothes that should be loaded with.

Child Lock

The child lock function allows you to deactivate the buttons on the control panel so that the settings are not tampered with when washing.

Tub Clean

The washing machine has a self-cleaning feature that automatically runs to makes sure that all residues are removed from the tub.

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What Do We like

Anti-Rust Cabinet

The washing machine has a cabinet that is made of pre-coated galvanized steel. This makes it last long

Softener Dispenser

You can easily add your fabric softener in this dispenser which will allow it circulate evenly amongst your clothes.

Memory Backup

Even when the power goes off suddenly, the washing machine will continue from where it stopped when your power is restored.

Soft Shut Wash Lid

This feature protects your lid from being slammed shut and causing damage. It will automatically slow down to close quietly.

Magic Filter

The lint filter collects all lint or fluff and leaves you with lint-free clothes.

What We Don’t Like

Washing machine might wobble when its in use.


This Godrej 6.5kg washing machine comes with a lot of features that make your washing easy. Its size though is only going to be suitable if you are not more than three in your home. Godrej produces quality and long-lasting products. You will get value for your money when you buy this Godrej washing machine. 

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