Bosch WOE802D0IN 8kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Bosch is are one leading manufacturers of washing machines. The company’s philosophy is to perform the smallest of tasks to perfection. They have continued to provide top quality home appliances for decades. The European company continues to deliver fine quality washing machines in the market and that includes its 8kg fully automatic top washing machine.

Experience simplicity in the laundry with this washing machine. The Bosch washing machine comes in a very attractive design that adds to the beauty of your home decor. The washing machine also comes with unique features that make washing very convenient for you. The 8kg washing machine is big enough to wash a lot of clothes. Its large tub allows you to wash your clothes in either hot or cold water depending on your need.

Gentle Lid

The lid shuts quietly and gently every time you lift it up. It will not make a sound or make any slamming sound even when you try to bang it.

Toughened Glass

This top loading washing machine is designed with a solid and transparent glass that allows you to see what is going on in the washing machine. The glass lid can handle very heavyweight.


The washing machine will immediately continue from where it stopped when your power suddenly goes off. The washing machine will not need to start washing afresh.

Smart Sensor

The washing machine quickly detects when you have filled the drum with clothes. It would immediately select a recommended wash program immediately you press the wash button.

Dual Dispenser

You have two separate compartments in this washing machine where you can put both your liquid and powder detergents.

Low Water Pressure

The washing machine can wash clothes even under low pressure.

Concentrated Water Spray

This feature mixes the detergent evenly among your clothes so that they can all be washed thoroughly.

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What Do We like


The 8kg washing machine is large enough to handle bulky washing loads every day. It is well suited for large families of up to 5 members.

Lint Filter

This washing machine’s lint filter collects all the lint and fluff leaving your clothes lint-free. The lint filter collects lint or fluff that may be in the washing machine so they don’t get attached to your clothes after washing.

Waterfall Technology

This Bosch washing machine comes with a waterfall technology that will wash your clothes thoroughly and also rinse them properly by flushing out any detergent residue.

What We Don’t Like

In-Built Heater

The washing machine has no heater built along with it.


We recommend this quality washing machine from Bosch because it will wash your clothes clean and gently. The washing machine does not damage fabrics. It is a great product and very easy to use.

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