Bosch WAT24464IN 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

The Bosch 8 kg inverter fully-automatic front-load machine is a quality product that is designed for large family use. The premium quality washing machine is said to come with a high-performance inverter motor which has a silent feature. The Ecosilence and Anti-Vibration feature makes it a great washing machine to have in your home. Nobody likes to hear the noise coming from washing machines.

It also has various wash programs and many other features that make it even more valuable. The washing machine is able to wash clothes within 15 minutes with a fast wash program designed for people with busy schedules.


This feature is amazing as you can wash your dirty laundry within 60 minutes. The express wash feature saves you quality time that you can use to spend with the members of your family.

EcoSilence Drive Motor

The inverter motor is very silent and the prevents the washing machine from making any noise when you wash.


This unique feature helps you conserve water when washing. The washing machine has loading sensors that immediately detect when clothes are loaded in the washing machine. It weighs your clothes and fills the drum with water according to the weight of your fabrics.

Allergy Plus Program

We all know that dirty clothes carry dust mites and pollens that can make people sick. These allergens usually affect babies more and you find them sneezing more often than normal. This washing machine will protect your kids as it contains allergen-free clothes after every wash.

Voltcheck Technology

This system is designed to protect your washing machine from unstable power fluctuations. The washing machine immediately shuts itself off and will only resume washing when the power returns to normal.

Reload Function

Even when you have programmed the washing machine to start washing clothes, you can still go back to add more clothes in case you realized you left one behind.


The clothes usually need to be soaked down in detergents and treated with fabric softeners to soften the tough stains on the clothes. You can do this inside this large size drum before you begin washing your clothes with the washing machine.

Waterproof Touch Panel

The washing machine has a waterproof touch panel where you can operate the settings of your washing machine even when you have your hands wet.

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What Do We like

Anti-vibration Technology

The washing machine will not disturb you or your family when in use. It is very quiet and the inverter motor does not allow the washing machine to vibrate.

Inbuilt Heater

The washing machine is designed with a water heater that helps get rid of hard water wash. It will soften your detergent and allow it to penetrate into your clothes to remove dirt.

Anti Rust Proof

The drum is made from quality stainless steel material. It would not rust and is very durable.

Child Lock

The child lock function protects your washing settings. Even when your kids go to the washing machine, they won’t be able to tamper with anything.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


Bosch has continued to remain at the top when it comes to making quality home appliances. This premium washing machine from Bosch is recommended especially if you have a family of more than five members. The washing machine is designed to care for your clothes and will treat them with great care.

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