Bosch WAK24268IN 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine Review

If you are looking to buy a washing machine and you are wondering if Bosch washing machines are worth it, this review is for you. The washing machine offers users a lot of useful features that make your washing experience great. The 7kg size of this washing machine makes it even better for large families. This Bosch washing machine is one of the premium quality washing machines from this brand.

It delivers very clean clothes and will not damage your clothes. The washing machine has a very fast spin motor with a maximum speed of 1200rpm. It will conserve the amount of water you use because of its smart sensors.


This feature allows you to save water. The washing machine has a lot of sensors that quickly detect how many clothes have been loaded in the machine and fills up the drum with the required water level according to the weight of your clothes.


The motor of this washing machine is designed to prevent the washing machine from vibrating like many other washers.

Motor Speed

The spinning motor of this washing machine is incredibly fast. It has a speed of 1200rpm which will wash your clothes within a short time. The fast spin washes your clothes clean and removes all tough stains from your clothes

 Allergy Plus Program

This Bosch washing machine cleans your clothes thoroughly and gets rid of allergens that will likely affect your family’s health.

Power Saver

The washing machine does not consume a lot of energy. The fact that it washes clothes half the time regular washing machines will wash your clothes will help you save your money on power bills.

Low Noise

The washing machine’s motor is designed with a very low noise level. It barely makes any sound when the washing machine is turned on.

Low Water Pressure

This Bosch washing machine can wash your clothes clean even when you are experiencing low water pressure. It can wash clothes under a low water pressure of about 0.3 bar.

Water Filter

The washing machine is designed with a special water filter that can fit into any tap. The water filter helps to filter hard water.


This feature is designed to get rid of tough stains on your clothes while at the same time caring for your delicate fabric. The variodrum controls the water flow system to ensure that your detergent dissolves evenly and mixes well in the water so your clothes get clean.

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What Do We like

Noise Level

The washing machine barely makes any noise and will not disturb you at home. It also does not vibrate like other washing machines.

Loading Sensors

It has loading sensors that will detect when you have filled the drum with clothes and will automatically control the water level.

Child Lock

You can lock the control panel by activating the child lock settings so that your wash programs are not interrupted.

Reload Function

You can include clothes that you forgot to add when loading the washing machine when the washing machine has started.

What We Don’t Like

There are no major cons


We recommend that you buy this premium washing machine from Bosch because you will get value for your money. The noiseless washing machine also has a quick wash function that allows you to wash clothes within 15 to 30 minutes and it would not compromise its washing quality. It is a quality washing machine that will last you for a long time.

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