8 Trekking Essentials You Need

Here is a detailed guide to the important trekking essentials.

Planning a trek with friends or solo is fun. However, no matter how experienced you are, it is natural to forget some of the essential trekking essentials during packing. We tend to miss out the small things in the last-minute rush. 

This article provides a detailed list of all the essential trekking essentials required for the trip. It will enable you always to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Trekking involves a lot of walking on rough terrain. Hence, you should travel smart and light.

So, now without wasting any more time, let us dive into the list of the essential trekking essentials:

8 Trekking Essentials

Travel Backpack

This is probably the most critical trekking necessary. A travel backpack is something which you will always require for a trip. Travel backpacks and rucksacks are designed for storing all your essentials, including – clothing items, food, water bottles, power bank, travel adapters, etc.

There are different styles and designs of travel backpacks available in the market. Ensure that the backpack you buy comes with adequate storage space along with compartments and extra pockets. This allows you to carry all your belongings and essential accessories such as USB cables, chargers, earphones, etc. in an organized manner.

Also, your comfort should be taken into consideration. Hence, opt for a bag with padded adjustable shoulder and belt straps. The straps will distribute the weight on your shoulders evenly. This prevents backaches and neck discomfort.

Trekking Shoes

Trekking and hiking trips involve a lot of walking. You will hence require a comfortable pair of shoes designed specifically for this purpose. You will need to walk long distances on uneven and rough terrain during the trek. Therefore, a simple pair of walking shoes would not be suitable for covering these distances on these surfaces.

A pair of trekking boots provide an ample amount of support to your leg while also ensuring comfort. The pair of shoes you decide to buy should come with sufficient cushioning in the interior.

The cushioning will absorb sudden shocks and impacts to prevent your leg from getting adversely affected. Also, it should be made of breathable material for enhanced comfort.

Power Bank

During a trekking trip, it will be tough to find a power source for charging your electric devices, including- smartphones, digital cameras, and wireless headphones.

A power bank will come in handy to recharge your electric device when required. These are designed to be compact and lightweight. Hence, you can easily carry it around in your backpack or even in your back pocket.

There are different types of power banks for you to choose from. A trekking trip may involve severe weather conditions such as heavy rain. So, it is better to choose a power bank that is waterproof and sweatproof.

Also, it should have a good battery life so that you never run out on charge when it is needed the most. There are other factors which you should consider before making a purchase, like- the capacity, charging speed, and safety features of the power bank.

Camera and Camera Bag

Cameras are a must when you are traveling outdoors. It will help you capture the beautiful serenity of nature, along with your precious memories.

You can carry a DSLR, Point, and Shoot or even a mirror-less camera. An instant camera is also a great option as it provides the instant print of the high-quality images that you click.

These pictures can be pasted on a journal so that you can document your entire trekking experience. You can also vlog your trekking trip with the help of a vlogging camera. Also, take a tripod or a monopod for stability and support.

It is essential to carry a suitable camera bag as well. The camera bag should be compatible with the type of camera you own. The adjustable padded compartments absorb sudden shocks and impacts. It helps in keeping the camera safe and secure. Also, ensure that the bag is made of tough materials for resisting rain, dust, wear, and tear.

Sleeping Bag

A light-weight and compact sleeping bag can be carried inside your backpack during the trek. It is an important travel essential that enables you to sleep comfortably in your camping tent or the open, under the sky full of stars. However, along with the sleeping bag, you are advised to carry a sleeping pad as well.

Sleeping mats create an air gap between you and the ground to prevent the cold air from reaching you. Hence, you remain warm and cozy even during a chilly winter night.

There are different types of sleeping bags and mats for you to choose from. Check the material, insulation type, and comfort level of these two essentials before making a purchase.

Travel Mug

A travel mug is similar to a thermos bottle. It has a useful insulation feature that retains the temperature of the stored drink. The tight enclosure of the mug prevents spillage of the liquid while traveling on the rough and bumpy road surfaces.

A travel mug made using stainless steel will retain the temperature of the drink for a longer duration than a plastic mug. It is also a robust material that enhances the durability of the mug. The size of the travel mug should be based on your requirement. Also, factors such as insulation properties, lid type, ease of use, and stability play essential roles in the selection process.

Mosquito Repellent

You will mostly be outdoors, amidst nature during the trek. Hence, you will be prone to mosquito bites that are painful, irritating, and also disease-causing. Applying a mosquito repellent on your bare skin is the best way to prevent mosquitoes from preying. So, do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent.

They are available in different forms including- lotions, roll on, sprays, and vaporizers. It is essential to know the precautions to be taken during its application.

It should be dermatologically tested and made using natural ingredients. This makes it safe and gentle for sensitive skin. A mosquito repellent made using oil of eucalyptus and lemon should not be used on kids below three years.

Travel Blankets

Travel blankets will keep you warm, safe, and comfortable during the trip. They are portable and travel-friendly because of their small and light-weight design. A travel blanket ensures convenience during the trek.

These blankets can be made using several fabrics including- wool, synthetic materials, and cotton. There are certain factors to be considered, such as size and weight of the blanket. Ensure it is easy to pack so that it is convenient to carry. Moreover, pick the one that is durable, easy to clean, and breathable.


We now conclude this article with the hope that you have a fun and adventurous trekking experience. The list covers all the essentials which you will require during the trip. So, now read through the list, make the necessary purchases, and start packing!


Anaida Sutherland

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