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Running, walking or jogging on manual or motorized treadmills can do wonders for your health and fitness. Here we have provided a detailed guide to the best manual treadmills from brands like Leeway and Lifeline.

When you have decided to invest in a treadmill, you have made an excellent decision for your health. Nothing is better than running and what is a better alternative than a manual treadmill designed to give the exact feeling and results on running and jogging.

No matter what your fitness goals are, there is always a need for running every day — however, most of the time we stay back because we feel extremely lazy to move out or cannot jog or run due to the climatic hazard. Treadmills in such a scenario can be a great inclusion at your home as no matter whatever be the circumstances; you will always be able to make out time for a satisfying workout session.

Just a few years ago, buying a treadmill was easy but now due to a varied number of choices of manual treadmills, making a decision is harder. The thumb rule while choosing a treadmill understands whether it has the features to fulfill your needs along with the different types. So here is a guide for owners that will aid in making the right choice and acquire a high return on their investment.

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What Is The Difference Between Manual and Motorized Treadmill?

These days we have several options to choose from, and the same goes for the treadmills as well. Being available in two different forms, most of people get perplexed. But before deciding on particular equipment, you primarily need to understand the significant difference between manual and motorized treadmills.

Manual treadmills as the name suggest do not have any high-end motor integrated and therefore your body pressure will move the belt. On the other side, the motorized treadmill has a motor integrated and which require the users to match with the pace of the treadmill speed.


This is one of the primary lookout of the owners and without any doubt, we all look for the equipment that has great quality while expect to keep a lower price tag. Since a manual treadmill does not have a motor integrated, the price tag is highly affordable. Even when you can get good results, you do not have to invest a lot in it.

Ease of Usage:

Compared to the motorized, these manual treadmills are incredibly easy to operate. You do not have to learn new things, all you have to do is to hover on them and start pushing your feet to make the tread belt move. You might need to put pressure during the initial days, but eventually, due to more requirement of body pressure, you can find your calories getting burnt much easily.


This is one of the most significant advantages of these manual treadmills. Unlike the motorized, where you have to match the pace of the treadmill for walking, the manual treadmills do not have such issues. Here you can walk at your desired pace, or you can go slower or faster without looking for any buttons to press.

Longevity and maintenance:

The manual treadmills do not need high maintenance, but you need to make sure that parts are properly lubricated. With proper lubrication on the rollers and belt, you can expect higher longevity without spending hugely on maintenance. Apart from this, basic dusting is enough to keep the treadmill working.


One of the biggest advantages of manual treadmills is that they do not need expert maintenance. As these treadmills do not have any high-end features, they generally arrive intact in a folded form. All you have to do is to place and start walking. Further, these are not gigantic, and therefore you can keep anywhere in a room without the need of an electric socket on its proximity.

Smart Manual Treadmill Buying Guide


When you are making a huge investment, you need to search for a trusted brand. Checking the brand is a critical aspect of the entire selection procedure. A good brand earns its reputation by offering quality products, unmatched customer service and last but never the least, ensure acquiring client satisfaction.

You can find a range of treadmill brands available in the market, but then again it is recommended to check the reviews before placing an order. This ensures making a profitable investment.

Running area

You don’t want to fall on your knees and get hurt. This is the reason why you always need to make sure about the running area. The adequate running area is suitable for people of all heights and assures of no slip or trip.

There are different treadmills of varied running areas available in the market, but then again it is always suggested to use the treadmill to understand if the running space is adequate for exercising. Reading the review of the treadmill before buying will make it clear therefore help in acquiring great returns.

Incline ability

With more and more practice, your body tends to get the ability to adjust and will result in strength increment. This calls the need for an intense workout.  Running at no matter what speed, your body will get accustomed and which is why incline features are being integrated.

Incline puts more strength as it requires strong bones and muscles. This is the reason why make sure that the treadmill has the incline features integrated into it. With a manual incline feature, you get the freedom to incline as per your body condition. Check out some of the motorized incline trainers

Tracking Features

Modern treadmills are designed in a manner that can give you a view of the internal condition. Since our heart tends to pump more blood and we intake more oxygen while workout, there is always a need to keep a track on it. In case you do out of the limit, it can result in heart failure, breathing trouble and much more.

The advanced treadmills available these days have the tracking feature integrated which monitors your heart rate, calories burnt, your breathing rate and much. With such an efficient fitness tracker, you can measure, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of a Manual Treadmill:

Unlike most of the treadmills available online, only the manual treadmill does not require electricity but need your body pressure to run the belt. Only your body motion and pace control the speed of the treadmill. Even when there are several other models available with various features, manual treadmills have its advantages especially when it comes to losing weight and cardio workout sessions.

Let us check the many benefits of owning a manual treadmill:

No more spending extra on electricity bills:

Even when hardly anybody pays any attention to it while buying, but it is a major concern. Since motorized treadmills are equipped with a high-end motor to perform the activities, it requires enormous energy to run the motor. This, as a result, can end up increasing your electricity bills as per your usage. However, with a manual treadmill, you can consider it  “One Time Investment.” Just pay while purchasing and keep running without going outdoor or paying extra of electric bills.

Available at a reasonable price:

No matter whether it is for commercial purpose or home use, the price tag is the first thing observed by the owners. Compared to the motorized treadmills that have a huge price tag associated due to motor integration, the manual treadmills are much reasonable. These treadmills do not require paying a huge investment. Moreover, the term “One-time investment” is justified for a manual treadmill.

Be the controller of the speed:

When you are doing a cardio session, there is no doubt that you need to be the master of your speed. When you have complete control, you can stay assured that your body is putting the pressure to get the speed. With your body pressure, force and exercise you can pace the speed higher or slow down as per your need. No longer you need to match the speed, as you can control it with a manual treadmill.

Great for lower body exercises:

Often with growing ages, we tend to grow weaker bones and loose muscles. This, as a result, has a severe effect on our power body condition. Even when we hardly pay attention, but only with exercise that put force on the lower body, we can maintain the strength to carry our body weight.

With the manual treadmill, we need to put pressure to make the belt run, therefore forcing our lower body parts to work. With everyday workout on these manual treadmills, you can find visible changes in the muscle and bone strength.

Minimal to No Risk of Injuries:

We all look for equipment that will help us attain the goals along and ensure low risk of injuries. Manual treadmills are the apt choice as the speed is completely minimal thereby ensuring no injuries. This is apt for young to mid-aged to senior users. More the integration of a handrail design on its sides is another safety feature helping you to get a grip in case of any risk.

Easy to Store:

As the manual treadmills are standard in size, they can be stored in very less space. Not being integrated with a motor gives it a sleek look. You can give it a minimal space like in the corner of your living room. These are designed keeping in mind about requiring less storage space. Moreover, with the advanced designs, you can find foldable options. These foldable treadmills can be seamlessly kept underneath the bed or can be easily fit in the closet.


Surprisingly, the electric treadmills are louder when used whereas on the other side, manual treadmills the manual treadmills do not make noise during the motion. This makes the manual treadmills a better option for apartments and houses. You can conveniently place them at home and use without interrupting the neighbors’ livelihood.

Incline available:

Undoubtedly a manual treadmill can increase the zeal of more workout which makes it a must buy. Furthermore, with the incline features available at various degrees, one can opt for uphill running and go for an intense workout routine.

Since our body gets accustomed to the same workout with time, changing and leveling up the regime tends to be a better option for a great result. Make sure you check the incline degree of the treadmill and whether you are satisfied with it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions while Purchasing a Manual Treadmill:

1. Are manual treadmills smooth enough for intense exercises?

A definite, yes. The prime agenda of manual treadmills is to help users get better results. Undoubtedly these treadmills are smooth yet need extreme body pressure while working out. Moreover, the shock absorption ability ensures an intense workout without the risk of falling.

2. What features should I look for while checking treadmills online?

There is no doubt that when you are investing in a treadmill for your fitness, you need the best. To get great returns, make sure that the manual treadmill has the incline features, folding mechanism and tracking ability. If the treadmills have these features in the specifications section, place the order immediately before it gets sold out.

3. How much does a manual treadmill cost?

Budget is undeniably a factor that needs to be considered, and fortunately, manual treadmills give you the opportunity to buy without spending an arm and leg. Even when the purpose is the same, these treadmills come with an affordable price tag. 

4. Does a manual treadmill make noise while functioning?

One of the best things about the manual treadmills is they do not make noise. This is the reason why it is best for home use.

5. I have a small apartment; will a manual treadmill fit there?

Unlike the automatic treadmills that come in a massive height and weight, the manual treadmills are compact. They can be easily folded and stored in the side of the cabinet or under the bed.

6. Is manual treadmill apt for jogging?

If you are looking for a jogging or walking, the manual treadmill is a great choice. These are particularly designed for running along with opting for an intense cardio workout. The cushioned belt integrated ensures smooth workout and better result due to the absence of motor. If you are looking for running check out treadmills for runners


Whether you are a seasoned runner or an amateur, opting for a manual treadmill tends to be a better choice both for your health and acquiring better results. Since you have to put additional pressure on your body to move the belt, your body tends to burn more calories thereby attaining better results within less time. With no automatic features, sleek design and incline features, these treadmills aids in achieving your fitness goals in lesser time.

With the many advantages of manual treadmills, they are a better and cheaper choice for the owners. When staying fit and healthy without making a huge payment, manual treadmills is a must-have in your list.


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