Treadmills for Serious Runners

Serious running requires a hardy setup and treadmills that will provide ample workout space, high speed, and great cushioning system. Even the most competitive and dedicated runners might not be able to go for running every day due to the climatic obstacle. Taking a day off for the serious runners can often result in changing their mechanism.

This is the reason why treadmills observe such a huge demand in the market these days. This fitness equipment can meet your running goals without letting you face the outside obstacles.

Intense runners generally opt for some of the most challenging moves and which is why only a great treadmill will be able to surpass the needs. As mostly your routine will have the challenging moves, you cannot just rely on every treadmill that you find online.

You need to make an in-depth analysis of the treadmill whether it has the features you need. Since the market is full of many treadmills claiming to offer the best experience, we are here to solve the issues and guide you in making the right choice.

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Tips to Consider While Buying a Treadmill for Serious Runners:

If you are looking for a powerful treadmill that can fulfill your running need, make sure you choose effectively. As buying a treadmill requires spending a lot of money, to achieve the fitness goals a good buying guide is a necessity. This requires understanding your needs precisely and then placing your order.

Here are some of the necessary things that you need to consider before deciding on the treadmill.

Check the warranty:

Most of the treadmill comes with a good warranty. When backed by a couple of years of warranty, you can place your bet on it. Some of the most renowned brands with great user experience offer lifetime warranties of the motor and frame. You always need to understand that only e robust motor can fulfill your running needs and a durable frame can absorb your intense running sessions.

This is the reason why it is recommended to opt for treadmills that have years of warranty. This again does not mean that you cannot rely on other treadmills with short warranties, but make sure that the customer service is good enough to handle the issues in times of needs.

Check the features:

This is one of the major things to check while choosing a treadmill for serious runners. As the treadmills online come with a range of efficient features, some of the features might be a need for you while others might are not required.

If the treadmills you buy do not have a tracking system or incline facility, it is just of no use. This brings the need for understanding whether the treadmills come with the advanced features relevant to your needs.

Check the maintenance:

One of the most significant drawbacks with some of the high-end treadmills is maintenance. When you are buying for home use, you definitely will not have experts to maintain it, which as a result brings the requirement for buying treadmills that do not need expert maintenance.

Purchase the treadmills that need simple maintenance and a normal dusting routine. One in a year expert maintenance is an acceptable limit to ensure proper lubrication. Not every time maintenance is elaborately written against a treadmill, in that case, have a direct word with them about the maintenance required.

FAQ While Buying Treadmills for Serious Runners:

Treadmills are undeniably a great training tool for the serious runners without the need for keeping an eye on the external weather condition. Before including them into your house, you need to ask a few questions to acquire a better return on the investment.

1. Which offers a better result: Running on a treadmill or running outside?

Well, these days you will get to see most of the people using treadmills. Comparing which is better is not justified as treadmills are the substitute for running or walking outside. Since treadmills cut the restrictions faced by runners outside, they tend to face higher demand among the runners. Some of the restricting factors are weather changes, hard surfaces, and no safety concern.

As treadmills successfully have encompassed and eased all the complicated and restrictions while offering better results from treadmills for runners, these days treadmills are favorite among runners.

2. Do I have to make an extra effort for treadmill running?

A simple, No. You do not have to make any different effort. Everything is just the same except on treadmills you have the freedom to do anything you wish. Treadmill running feels the same as running outside and which is why you acquire the same to better results. On the positive side, treadmills give you the freedom to do anything you wish to other than just running which is not possible in the middle of the road.

3. Will the treadmill able to take my intense workout sessions?

Whether it is a regular workout or you are opting for intense training with incline system, this equipment can seamlessly able to absorb the workout routine. Since these machines correctly with a powerful motor along with a string frame and belt, they tend to take the shock easily. This is the reason why these days all the serious runners use treadmills for practicing right from their home.

4. Do I have to keep the pace slower or higher for intense running?

There is no specific answer to it, as it entirely depends on your comfort. The intense workout requires running at a certain pace, and therefore slower speed is never possible.

But then again immediately going higher to the speeds can result in hampering your body’s ability to absorb. Thus, the best way is to level up from slower to higher in a gradual manner. This will help your body to get accustomed to the speed and assist in performing an intense running session without any problems.

5. How will incline help in building up my strength?

Incline has a lot of advantage on the body and the athletes. As we all have observed that running uphill helps in burning more calories and build up the muscle strength, therefore, incline can help to acquire satisfying result much easier.

For the serious runner, this tends to become highly productive as you gain more strength on the lower body muscles. Make sure you increase the incline degree gradually with speed to obtain satisfactory results.  

6. What is the most crucial feature to consider for serious runners?

Well, runners generally require all the advanced features that are built. Since treadmills are predominantly designed for running, it tends to become appropriate for the runners. One of the most common and important features required by serious runners is speed availability.

As runners mostly tend to speed up, variable speed limits are an advantage. Next to this, make sure that the treadmill has a robust motor, great cushioning belt, large display, safety feature, and proper tracking systems. The runners require all these features for improving their performance.

7. Is there is any difference in the motor power of foldable treadmill and non-foldable treadmill?

Well, a big No. all the treadmills are built in a proper manner irrespective of whether it is the foldable treadmill or non-foldable one. Since these are primarily meant for running, the treadmills are integrated with a robust motor to be able to carry your daily need for intense running sessions.

Nothing is different in a foldable treadmill except for its beneficial features of being able to fold into a small size and store appropriately.  

8. What is the average longevity of the treadmills?

There is no definite answer to this as the longevity varies from one brand to another. Irrespective of the makes and models, the average life expectancy of the treadmills is said to be over years and more of regular use.

When maintained properly, you can expect extended longevity. Most of the common problems observed are the treadmill belt gone wrong, and the prime reason is the belt is not being cleaned properly. So if you want more from your treadmill, make sure you maintain properly, and dusting is the thumb rule.  

9. Is there any risk associated with intense running on treadmills?

No. If you can run outside at your own pace, you will never find any difficulties running on a treadmill. Moreover, a treadmill is a lot safer than running outside. Not only it safe from the external factors, but also is designed with safety features appropriately integrated, you can expect to be more reliable. 

The handrails will prevent from falling off the deck, the emergency button can immediately stop the belt, and the tracking system keeps noticing about the internal activities thereby ensuring a safer session.

10. Do I need to seek expert help for setup after purchase?

Though it depends on the brand, you are opting for, but mostly it does not require expert setup. Some brands provide you with a free installation service while some provide a detailed manual that helps you assemble the product perfectly.

What Are the Features Available on a Treadmill Designed for Intense Runners?

The treadmills available for intense running are designed with robust materials and come with several advantageous features. Here are some of the most common features that you can get from a runners’ treadmill:

Equipped with a strong motor:

Since serious running requires integration of a powerful motor inside the treadmill to handle the speed, most of these high-end treadmills have a robust motor in it.

Only a good motorized treadmill will be able to handle the speed variations and can function for an extended period without getting overheated. Most of the standard treadmills come with 3.0 CHP, but for the serious runners, the treadmills of 4.0CHP tend to be a better choice.

Great Speed Variations and Top Speed Range:

The standard treadmills available for regular exercise generally have the highest speed of 10mph, but for the serious runners, the treadmills are equipped with a higher speed for increasing their performance. These treadmills’ top speed ranges from 12 mph – 18 mph. They are solely built for the intense runners.

Exclusive Deck Cushioning System:

Treadmills for Walkers do not require high cushioning, but a runner on the other hand when choosing a high-end treadmill will be benefitted with an advanced deck cushioning system. This protects their joints and the strong shock absorption system protects the frame of the treadmill.

Deck cushioning ensures a safer training in comparison to the outdoor running sessions. Furthermore, the runners will be able to prolong their training session due to the cushioning feel underneath their feet. Most of these treadmills are available in the following two variations of cushioning:

  • On/Off Cushioning: Runners sometimes opt for this system to face the outdoor competition. This provides them with options for getting them trained on a road-like surface or by putting additional cushioning.
  • Variable Cushioning: these offer variable support to the feet underneath on the various areas of the track. The runners can get a solid surface for pushing off and softer while landing.

Superior belt Quality:

Whether you are a runner or serious runner who always opts for intense training, making sure on the belt quality is a prime necessity. The better the belt, the more effective will be your training session and will also have an impact on your improving the body strength with prolonged training sessions.

  • The preferable and most common track length for the typical runners is 20” x 60”. This is a standard belt size available for the treadmills, but as most of the runners choose intense training, bigger size ensures a better result. This is the reason why the advanced runners’ treadmill will consist of a belt with 22” x 62”.
  • To make sure that the treadmill is durable enough, a thicker belt is always integrated. These belts are designed with low-stretch materials and require low maintenance than other standard treadmills.

Makes No Noise:

One of the biggest fears of the owners while buying a treadmill is the noise. Fortunately, these high-end treadmills are equipped with sound absorption ability that ensures training without making any noise and becomes a reason for disturbance amongst the neighbors. These treadmills have the quality to fulfill the requirements of the serious runners and for Home use.

Advanced Features:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring:

Most of the top treadmills have an exceptional heart rate monitor integrated that runs with wireless technology. The fitness equipment available at this price range has the contact pulse sensors available into the handlebars. Since the trainees tend to go higher with their speed, keeping a track on the heart rate is a necessity. If budget is your concern check out Best treadmills between INR 20,000 to INR30,000

  • Heart Rate Control:

Not all, but most of these high-end treadmills are programmed with the “heart rate control” mechanism. This is a highly advanced system built exceptionally for the runners. The treadmills can adjust the level of challenging depending on the heart rate of the trainee. This is one of the most significant features that keep the runners going without feeling tired.

  • Powerful incline integrated:

Even the low-end treadmills come with incline features, but with these high range treadmills, you can get better incline facilities. Opting for incline training has a lot of benefit like:

  • Improves muscle strength
  • Burns unnecessary calories
  • Enhances your cardio activities
  • Mimic topography and improves the performance

Most of the manual treadmills come with 0 – 10% of inclines, but for the marathon runners, the treadmills have inclines that starts from 0 and range up to 20%. The thrust of the incline motor integrated ensures a great running session for heavier runners.


In a nutshell, serious runners need to give priority to the deck cushioning, track quality, speed and power while making a selection of the treadmill. Moreover, the other advanced technology integrated helps trainees attain their goals by keeping an eye on their internal activities.

Due to the range of benefits, treadmills have become a common choice for serious runners. So, check the features accurately and place an order after comprehending whether the treadmill will be able to fulfill your requirements or not.


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