Treadmills between INR 20000 – INR 35000

Here we provide a detailed guide to the best treadmills available in the price range of INR 20,000 to INR 35,000 from brands like Healthgenie, Powermax Fitness, and Durafit.

In the highly hectic schedule of today’s date where we barely could find out anytime for ourselves, going out to reach the gym or to go for a long walk seems impossible.

In this fast-paced life, we require everything within our reach, and nothing like treadmills can be the best substitute when it comes to practicing intense exercises or walking. Even when these treadmills look highly advanced and seem to have a huge price tag associated with it, the reality is these treadmills are available in a range of prices.

When you have a budget fixed for your treadmill, it is the best choice to check all the features that come within that price range and then makes a choice. These price tags are given based on various factors like the motor, the frame, the advanced features integrated and much more. Only when you feel that these core components have the strength to take your requirements, opt for buying it.

Well, your visit to this page reveals that you are looking for the treadmills available within INR 20000 to INR 35000. The good news is, you have a world of choices available within this price range.

But before checking the features that you will be able to enjoy within this price tag, let’s consider finding the differences between the treadmills under INR 20000 and treadmill between INR 20000 to INR 30000

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Comparison Between The Treadmills between INR 20000 – INR 35000 and Under INR 20,000

Well, there is no surprise that price range has a direct impact on the performance and quality of the treadmills. Some of the top models come with a medium to higher price tags because of the quality and huge warranty.

Let’s have a detailed look at the significant differences:

CategoriesTreadmills Under INR 20000Treadmills Between INR 20000- INR 35000
Power of the MotorThese treadmills lack the power required by the intense trainees. One has to keep them restricted to a certain limit as going beyond it might result in motor malfunction.  The variety of treadmills available within this price range is known for its high-end motor power. With a sturdy 2.5HP – 3.25 CHP (the power range varies on the models), one can seamlessly carry on their exercises or walking on these motorized treadmills.
WarrantyGenerally, the low priced treadmills come with 90days warranty, which is a very less amount of time. Because of not making use of high-end components and less sturdy materials, the manufacturers offer a shorter warranty.This is the best part of these high-priced treadmills. They are available with one year of warranty. The numerical depends on the brand, and within this period, it is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to change the motor and the frame. Other miscellaneous parts come with 2years of warranties.
Running TrackThis is nothing new that the running areas available in these treadmills are much lesser. This is the reason why these are good treadmills for walkers as the strides are smaller in comparison to the runner and intense trainees.On the other hand, these treadmills come with an excellent running track of 51 x 150 cms which is 20 x 59 inches and more. With such a vast running surface available for the trainees, it becomes easier and safer to opt for intense exercises and great for serious or pro runners.
Speed LimitsThese treadmills are solely built for the walkers, and hence they are not engineered with huge speed limits. With these treadmills, you can get the speed range from 0 to 10 km / h – 14.8 km / h. This becomes a great choice for the speed walker and runners to train themselves every day. It’s a great choice for the serious runner or pro athletes.
InclineMost of these treadmills do not have the incline features integrated. There is no denial that incline running can strengthen your muscles and bones and which is why pro runners need this feature. Fortunately, at this price range, you will get a manual 3 levels of incline ability and which is great to train your muscles. With this, one can easily become a serious runner.
Preset ProgramsThese treadmills come with a maximum of 9 preset programs. Even when it is enough for the amateur, but pro athlete seeks for more variations. Fortunately, with these treadmills, you can get guidance with 12 preset programs. Adding these programs with your daily routine seems to be a great choice to train your muscles for running.
Weight CapacityThese treadmills do not allow multiple users to use the treadmills as these have a max of 90kg of weight. These treadmills, on the other hand, have a good weight capacity which is the reason why you this becomes a great choice for pro runners. These have a maximum of 110kgs and which becomes great for runners.
TrackingThese treadmills come with a limited tracking feature, and the most common is heart rate monitoring.Whereas, these treadmills have a large LCD to show the speed, time, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered and preset programs. These treadmills are great for intense trainees.
StorageSince they are mostly smaller in size, these treadmills can be stored easily. Even when these treadmills have the high-end motor integrated along with having an apt running area, these treadmills can still be stored easily. They are foldable treadmills and do not require a dedicated room for storage.
TransportationNot every model, but only a few have wheels integrated with the treadmills. Most of the models within this price range are portable as they have the wheels included for easy transportation.
Entertainment FeaturesEven within this price range, you can avail not all but some of the amazing entertainment features like bottle holder, MP3 player, and iPod holder.These treadmills come with a range of additional and entertainment features like USB & 2.0 Speakers, MP3, and a bottle holder.


With so many features available in the treadmills within INR 20000 to INR 35000, it becomes a great choice for the users looking for an intense workout. Make sure you check the features in details before clicking on purchase to make the best choice out of your investment.

FAQ While Buying treadmills Between INR 20000 – INR 35000

1. I generally keep moving the treadmill, will it damage its portability?

Well, since these are heavy equipment, it is recommended not to move frequently. Even when the wheels are designed in a way to absorb the weight to be able to move from one room to another seamlessly, make sure you do it less frequently.

2. Are these treadmills great for jogging as well?

A definite, Yes. The track length, the deck cushioning and the speed variation available at this price range are apt for running, fast walking and jogging as well. Moreover, it will not harm your joints as jogging on a hard surface does. Due to the presence of cushioning you can stay assured about no damage to your joints.

3. Do I get the safety features like an emergency stop on these treadmills?

Yes, these treadmills have the handrails with heart rate monitoring sensors and to help you hold them during any health issue. Further, the emergency stop button available is solely integrated for emergency stop of the motor.

4. Is there any hard and fast rule to follow the preset programs?

No, there is no hard and fast rule. It’s given as a guide for people who do not have a trainer or any training regime. However, following these programs can become helpful in accomplishing your fitness goals.

5. How is shock absorption?

With eight huge shock absorption springs integrated into the treadmill, these treadmills make sure to take your intense exercises easily.

6. Does the motor make any sound while functioning?

No. These have a noise reduction feature and which makes them a great choice for home use. You can keep exercising without disturbing your neighbor without making the annoying noise of the motor.


With a range of valuable features integrated into these treadmills, it becomes highly versatile for different users. Whether your need is running, jogging or other intense workouts, the ideal characteristics and robust frame of these treadmills make it an apt choice for the users. All you need is checking the features efficiently and whether the features will suffice your fitness requirement.

So make sure you check precisely before placing an order for enjoying the benefits of advanced features.  


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