8 Treadmill Accessories to Buy

Treadmills are important exercise machines that are safe and easy to use. You can run, walk, and perform different exercises of varying intensities on a treadmill. Hence, it allows you to achieve your fitness goals that enhance overall health and well-being.

Regular workout sessions on a manual or motorized treadmill have numerous health benefits. However, you need to be equipped with the essential accessories to make your workout session convenient. There are several treadmill accessories available in the market designed to enhance your daily exercise regime.

Here we have provided a detailed guide to the essential treadmill accessories. Let us now take a look at the following list:

Essential Treadmill Accessories

Treadmill Mats

Treadmill mats are thicker, denser, and more durable than yoga mats. They are constructed using heavy-duty rubber or PVC. These mats are suitable for placement under fitness equipment, including exercise bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines.

Treadmill mats absorb vibrations from the treadmill to protect your home or gym flooring from scratches and damage. Ensure that they are easy to install, roll, and store when not in use. Also, the mat you buy should feature a non-slip base for stability during your workout session. Opt for a heavy-weight and big size treadmill mat.

Running Shoes

You will require a good pair of running shoes for running on a treadmill. There are different types of running shoes available for you to choose from. These include support shoes, neutral trainer shoes, trail shoes, and stability shoes. Ensure that you opt for a pair that is suitable for use on a treadmill.

The sole of the shoes should have a good grip to prevent you from slipping on the treadmill. Also, ensure that they have an adequate amount of cushioning to absorb sudden shocks. These features of gym shoes prevent ankle sprain and other injuries related to your leg or knee.

The material of the shoes should be durable, light-weight, and breathable. Synthetic shoes are comfortable to wear and are easy to clean. Also, it is very important to know your foot pronation type to prevent blisters and other injuries.


You can listen to your favorite track using a good pair of earphones while working out on a treadmill. There are different types of headphones available for you to choose from. However, it is probably a good idea to opt for wireless earphones with a waterproof feature. Music adds fun to your workout session and motivates you to work harder.

Ensure that the earbuds offer a comfortable yet secure fit. In-ear headphones are smaller and easier to store in your gym bag. They should come with good sound quality with enhanced bass. Also, check for features like noise cancellation for a more immersive sound experience.

Fitness Tracker

The newer treadmill models come with fitness trackers and heart rate monitors. However, certain models may not come with these features. Hence, it is better to have your fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor. These are devices designed in the form of stylish bands.

A fitness tracker enables you to track the speed, time, distance covered, and calories burned. You can also monitor your heart rate and sleeping pattern. It helps you keep an account of the intensity level of your treadmill workout session.

Opt for a waterproof fitness band that comes with a long-lasting battery. It should be able to alert you regarding important messages and information. Ensure that the data displayed on the LED screen is accurate. Also, consider essential factors including sensors, compatibility, design, and style of the fitness tracker, before making a purchase.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights improve your overall workout session by increasing the difficulty of running on a treadmill. The increase of resistance in your training will help in strengthening and toning your leg muscles. They also ensure the burning of more calories and the improvement of cardiovascular health.

There are two types of ankle weights to choose from, namely fixed and adjustable ankle weights. It is better to opt for the latter as it provides the flexibility of adjusting the resistance level as per your requirement. Ensure that the weights you buy come with velcro straps. These straps provide a comfortable and secure fit.

An ankle weight made using canvas is preferred as it absorbs moisture and sweat. Hence, it is more comfortable and easy to clean. Also, be sure to go for an ankle weight within your budget.

Treadmill Belts

Treadmill conveyor belts are made using highly durable rubber, or PVC. They are primary accessories that form the running or walking surface of the treadmill. The belt is installed on the platform while the wheels turn it.

Regular workout sessions on your treadmill, may wear or stretch out the belt. Hence, it is important to keep one or two replacement belts in hand so that you never have to compromise on your workout.

Ensure that the belt you buy is strong with a relatively high weight capacity. It should also be thick, unbreakable, and adjustable up to 3 inches or more.

Belt Lubricants

It is important to clean and maintain your treadmill. Silicone oil-based lubricants reduce friction between the belt and deck. As a result, it enhances the performance of the motor allowing the treadmill to run smoothly. Hence, the smooth, efficient, and stable operation of the surface makes reliable treadmill equipment.

You should use a good quality lube after every two months. This increases the service life of your manual or motorized treadmill. Check the size and price of the lubricant before making a purchase. An eco-friendly, odorless, and non-sticky lube is a suitable and safe choice.

Treadmill Safety Key

Treadmills require a safety key to operate. The key needs to be inserted into the console. This activates a switch that allows the electric current to flow through the treadmills to activate its functions. However, the key might get damaged or misplaced, so it is better to have a spare.

While buying a safety key ensure that it is compatible with your treadmill. It should come with a clip that easily connects to your clothing. This allows you to forget about the key while running or walking on the treadmill.  Also, it should be designed in a way that ensures your safety.


These accessories will enhance your treadmill workout experience. They ensure convenience and also enhance the service life of your treadmill. We now conclude this article hoping that the items mentioned above cover all your necessary requirements. We hope this article helps!

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