Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop Review

Toys N Smile is a pioneering toys brand that has been at the forefront of producing and supplying innovative toys.

It focuses on designing affordable products based on child psychology targeting the intellectual, social, and behavioural development of kids.

It provides impressive toys for boosting the problem-solving skills, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills in kids. It provides competitive pricing as well as excellent customer service.

Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop is an elegantly designed supermarket play set that provides an engaging and entertaining supermarket shopping experience for kids.

It keeps your kids engaged in hours of educative and fun-filled activities.

Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop 1


Exquisite Accessories – 33 pieces

Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop 33 pieces

Toys N Smile’s supermarket shop playset comprises exquisitely designed accessories that look realistic for an entertaining play.

It comes in a set of 33 pieces that provides a complete supermarket shopping experience for kids.

Its unique set of accessories includes various food items that range from fruits, snacks, veggies, to dessert.

It comprises ice-creams, candies, toffees, chocolates, spoons, debit card, weighing machine, fast-food, pop-corn, fruits, calculator, etc.

High-Quality Materials

Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop High Quality Materials

It is a high-quality toy set prepared from ABS plastic material. It is a non-breakable plastic that is safe for playing as it features smooth and round edges.

It is an ideal mini-market for playing that adds charm with its attractive light and sound effects.

Its durable and sturdy design can withstand the care-free handling by kids.

We found the plastic accessories to be safe for kids due to their kid-friendly designs.


This amazing super-market shop is suitable for kids in the age-group of 3-5 years. It is designed for preschoolers to introduce the concept of a supermarket to them.

These kids learn about the shop-culture and practice pretend-and-play shopping of their favourite items in fun-filled activities.

Simulation Price List

With this super-market shop playset, you get a simulation price list of the various products. These price tags are pasted in the form of the attractive stickers on the exterior of the designated shelf for keeping the fruits, ice-creams, and chocolates.

We observed that these price tags look attractive and encourage the kids to improve their number skills.

Sound and Light Cash Register

This playset simulates a real-life shopping experience with its sound and light cash register accessory. It also comes with a debit card toy piece.

Thus, kids who are playing the role of customers love to purchase and pretend to make cashless payments by using a debit card.

The kid who is enacting the role of a shopkeeper with this pretend-and–play toy set, does the calculation using the sound and light cash register; and receives the payment by swiping the debit card of the customer-kids.

When we gave this toy set to kids for playing, we found that they loved the sound and lights of the cash register and debit card swiping machine.

Simulated spring scale

To add to its realistic appearance, this supermarket shop playset also features a simulated spring scale that can be used for weighing the fruits.

It also has a tong playing piece for picking the fruits.

This supermarket shop playset comes with a press tap that gives the simulation of filling the ice-cream cup.

We observed the kids playing with this toy set and found that they wholeheartedly enjoyed the pretending act of filling the ice-cream cup or cone using this press tap.


Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop Size

The dimensions of this supermarket shop toy set measures 36.5 cm in length, 20 cm in width, and 21 cm in height.

This compact mini-market occupies very little space and can be placed anywhere in your kid’s room. It requires 3 AA batteries for efficient functioning.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for preschoolers in the age range of 3-5 years for accelerating the development of problem-solving skills, fine-motor skills, and gross motor skills.

It works great for kids who love pretend-and-play toys.

It is a suitable companion for all the kids in its targeted age group. It serves as an entertaining, interactive, and educative toy set that engages them for long periods.


Excellent Pretend Play Shopping Set

Toys N Smile supermarket shop toy is an excellent pretend and play shopping set for your preschoolers.

It provides role-playing opportunities for providing a comprehensive supermarket experience for your kids.

The kids can assume the role of a shopkeeper or a customer.

We gave this toy set to a group of small kids and observed that they happily spent educative and fun-filled hours with this pretend-and-play game set.

Colourful Accessories

Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop Colourful Accessories

This supermarket shopping playset features colourful and attractive accessories that instantly capture the attention of kids.

All the labels of items and prices are also displayed in an attractive English colour combination. These colourful accessories provide endless hours of infotainment.

We bet that your kids would love to play with its colourful and realistically-designed accessories.

Boost Creativity and Imagination

It is an interactive toy set designed for stimulating the children’s imagination and boosting creativity in little wonders.

We observed that this toy set provides an exciting and engaging supermarket playtime.

It encourages the kids to think creatively and imaginatively as they enact the roles of customers and shopkeepers.

Interactive Infotainment

It is a creative supermarket shopping playset that introduces your kids to various food groups and teaches them about making healthy choices.

Kids also learn about the colours and tools used in the mini-market.

We found that the kids learned about fruits, snacks, dessert, and veggies while enjoying a great time with their friends.

Develops Maths and Money Management Skills

With this supermarket shop toy, your kids will experience realistic design with colourful accessories that attract and maintain their attention for long periods.

It features a cash register with a sound and light effect that thrills the children during play.

It also comes with a card swipe machine to assist the kids in developing early math and money skills.

Based on our experiments, we observed that kids learned about the checkout process after selecting the groceries.

It enabled them to develop math concepts by using the cash register as a working calculator.


It would be great if it is available in a slightly bigger size.


Our research with Toys N Smile Supermarket Shop indicates that it is an ideal toy set that provides rich infotainment for the kids. We found colourful accessories to be attractive.