Top 11 Paper Shredders In India

Paper Shredder machine can be a great addition to your home or office inventory, especially when you need a higher level of confidentiality.

It helps destroy confidential papers to prevent any theft of data.

Corporates have numerous amount of papers that have confidential information like financial or other company strategies.

Throwing them intact can lead to serious issues.

With a paper shredder, you can insured that the documents are finely sliced and cannot be joined back together.

However, just like most office gadgets like bill printer, fax machine, xerox machine, and many more the usual knowledge-gap relating to how shredders function often proves to be a challenge when potential users approach the market.

This guide intends to bridge this gap through a detailed discussion on the critical factors associated with paper shredders, and some of the best models on the market to date.

Therefore, the first section will embark on the different types of shredders and a comprehensive buying guide aimed at exploring the involved factors.

Whereas the second section will cover our Best 11 Picks from the current market along with the FAQs.

Top 11 Paper Shredders

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our pick
Compact and Stylish Cross-Cut Shredder
Built for power and speed
Worth the money
A specimen of design elegance and peak performance
Stylish, and packed with features
Impressive feature profile for a mid-range device
Great value for the money
Quality under budget
Great value for less
A rare balance of value and affordability

Which type is the most appropriate for my needs?

Shredders are divided into three main types depending on the mechanism and the level of security they can afford.

The types are termed Strip-cut, Cross-cut, and Micro-cut.

Let’s look at each type in a little more detail.


This type of shredder is mostly used for non-sensitive documents.

It is mainly characterized by the long, thin strips of paper it produces after the documents are subjected to the shredding system.

When compared to other types, the content on the strips is fairly visible, thus rendering the method risky for highly confidential information.

The shredders mechanism only cuts the paper vertically thus the resulting shape, and can typically produce about 39 strips from a single A4 document. 

Security-wise, standard tests rate it the lowest as compared to other types due to the comparatively high character visibility on the strips.


This type of shredder provides enhanced security; thus, it is better suited for more confidential documents as compared to the strip shredder.

Unlike the strip shredder, the cross-cutter approaches the document diagonally from adjacent corners to produce smaller diamond-shaped pieces that are more difficult to use for reconstruction.

This is why this type is also known as diamond or Confetti-cut shredder.

The shredder is usually capable of producing about 400 pieces form a single A4-sized paper.


The micro-cut presents a high-security option to accommodate highly sensitive documents.

The mechanism allows for the production of tiny, square-shaped pieces that render the content almost unrecognizable.

The shredders can easily turn a standard A4 size paper into 3700 small pieces which can take hardly five in case anyone tries to get ambitious.

Micro-cut shredders are considered the most secure due to the extremely small-sized shreds they produce.

In the end, what determines the best type for your needs is the level of security you need.

If you are looking to get a shredder as nothing more than a safe way to dispose of old or outdated documents, the strip-cut type will serve a good purpose.

On the other hand, if you are looking to dispose of some a with medium to high levels of confidentiality, some more secure types would do.

Buying Guide For Paper Shredders

Buying the best paper shredder for your needs comes with a clear knowledge of various factors relating to the shredder’s overall functionality and its relevance to your setting.

The following few paras will be spent on trying to consider all the associated factors comprehensively.

The guide will look at these factors in light of the key questions you need to answer satisfactorily before giving any model a single chance.

The purpose is to make sure that you are equipped with everything you need to face a broad range of options in today’s market.

Brace yourself and let’s get started.

Security grades 

If you are trying to get a shredder capable of providing high-level security, knowing a bit of the technical information related to security often pays a lot.

All credible paper shredders come with a DIN number which is usually placed close to a list of specifications on the body surface.

Once you take your time to look at the security details, you may see something like DIN P-1 or DIN P-7.

These seemingly gibberish scribblings are a security code meant to tell you how much confidentiality the shredder can offer.

The DIN part is an abbreviation for a Germany-based standardization institute, known as Deutsches Institut fur Normung (translated as German Institute for Standardization), which developed the grading system.

The associated number indicates a security grade within the range of 1 to 7, and the bigger the number, the higher the security level.

In other words, the higher the grade, the smaller the pieces of paper that shredder can churn out.

For simplicity’s sake, the levels can be put into different protection classes so that it’s easy for you to have an idea of what to expect.

Currently, there is a total of three classes available.

The first class is known as protection class one, and it encompasses all shredders within the DIN P-1 to DIN P-3 range.

This is the lowest range and is suitable for normal level security.

The second class is known as protection class 2, and it encompasses shredders from DIN P-3 to DIN P-5.

Anything within this range is considered as appropriate for mid-level confidentiality.

The last category is termed protection class 3, and it covers all devices within DIN P-4 and DIN P-7.

Devices within this range offer the highest level of confidentiality.

It’s important to note that some of the classes overlap, thus making some devices classifiable in either of the protection classes.

Most experts recommend devices from protection class 2 for most office-related confidential documents.


The type of shredder you choose also depends on how much and how often you want to shred because shredder designs are typically adapted to a certain level of usage.

While some are light machines with relatively small document capacity, some are designed for heavy use and have specific features to make them more appropriate for related settings.

In other words, a shredder you purchase for simple home usage will be different from a shredder you are buying for office use.

In the subsequent points, we will have a look at some of the key specific features you should consider.

Sheet capacity

As expressed above, sheet capacity describes the number of papers a particular shredder can handle. 

Basic machines can handle about 1-3 documents at a single instance whereas heavy-duty machines can handle as much as 20 sheets or more depending on the purpose.

In general, the higher the capacity, the more effective a shredder has.

Shredders that are suitable for average office use typically come with a sheet capacity within the range of 20 to 30 A4-sized documents.

If you are looking to shred a sizeable pile of papers, it’s better to consider an automated shredder with more significant capacity.


There is an important parameter associated with shredders known as the duty cycle.

This refers to the maximum amount of time your shredder’s motor can run and cool down.

This means that you are limited to a certain amount of time to use the shredder before resting it.

Like other key features, run times differ among different shredders, and your choice chiefly depends on how much and how often you would like to shred.
For instance, basic shredders commonly fall within the range of 5-10 minutes, whereas professional shredders can carry on for 30 minutes before needing a break.

In the end, you have some heavy-duty shredders which can go on indefinitely as they have some special systems in place to enable them to run continuously.

The cool-down phase also varies, but on average, shredders across the board usually take 30 minutes.

The DIN class has an inverse relationship with the run-time.

Shredders with a higher level generally need more often and longer cool-down intervals because they need more motor power and tend to overheat more rapidly.


A storage drum, also known as a bin, provides a neat and effective way of collecting the shred.

Most shredders come with bins of varying capacities.

The size of the drum has implications on the overall efficiency of the shredding process.

In short, larger capacities spare you from the stress that comes with emptying the bin frequently.

The security level also relates to the speed at which the bin gets filled.

For instance, DIN P-1 shredders tend to fill the drum quicker as compared to higher classes because of the long strips which tend to consume more space.

Type of bin 

There are three main types of bins associated with shreddersThese are lift-off, pull-out, and bucket bins.

Lift-off bins are characterized by a lift-off head (the shredder proper) which can be lifted to expose the bin beneath.

This is a typical design in cheaper shredders, which is okay but presents a challenge when it comes to convenience, especially when you want to work with high volumes.

Pull-out and bucket bins can both be separated from the shredder without dispositioning the shredder.

This makes them the most convenient to operate with, especially when you have to work with high volumes of paper.

Turnaround Time

This is relevant, especially when you intend to use the shredder for high volumes of paper.

There is a simple formula that allows you to use certain parameters to calculate the overall speed of a shredder.

The manufacturer usually indicates the parameters, and they include sheet capacity, feet per minute, and run time.

To get the overall speed, you simply multiply all these parameters to get the shredder score.

This can come in handy, especially when you want to compare high-end devices you want to use on large volumes of paper.

What else will be most likely involved apart from the papers?

Papers are not the only items that shredders can work on.

Some shredders cover additional materials such as staples, CD’s, ID’s, paper clips, and others.

A wider range can also impact the shredder’s convenience as documents tend to come with extras such as pins or paperclips, which can make your life very hard when the shredder can’t handle them.

Basic shredders tend to come with the capacity to shred staples and pins.

However, you need to check with the guide if the shredder can handle heavy-duty staples to avoid risking the shredder blades.

Advanced shredders often come with the ability to work on other materials such as credit cards and CDs.

Another important point to take home is that if you intend to recycle the shredder, you will need to verify if the shredder comes with a separate depository for the staples.

This ensures that you isolate the paper which you can use for recycling purposes.

Type of Feeding Mechanism

Based on the feeding mechanism, paper shredders can be divided into manual and auto shredders.

As the name indicates, manual feed shredders require you to place the papers into the machine by hand.

This is workable when your workload is limited to a few documents.

On the other hand, bulky amounts render this type highly inconvenient.

Auto feed shredders require you to place the pile in a generic container from where the shredder auto-feed a certain amount into the machine.

The mechanism is quite identical to the one employed by printers where we have a tray where the device selects a particular quantity of papers to work with.

The shredders tray capacity also differs markedly, with some holding about a hundred papers, while some can accommodate more than 500 sheets.


Shredders contain some dangerously sharp blades which can pose a genuine hazard to both the primary user and surrounding people like kids.

In addition to the best safety practices, some shredders have extra features to make sure you are as secure as possible.

Some of the safety features include the safety lock and the sensor.

The safety lock allows you to lock the shredder even if the shredder is plugged into a power source.

The safety sensor allows the shredder to detect fingers or other objects which are too close to the shredder’s opening.

These two features should go a long way, especially in keeping your curious kids and pets as safe as possible.

Can it handle a paper jam?

Paper jams are a common and displeasing occurrence during shredding. This can be caused by some factors which include feeding in the excess paper, inputting the wrong material and inadequate maintenance.

To deal with a jam, there is usually a reverse button that helps to expel the trapped paper by triggering a reverse mechanism.

Some shredders give a little extra for jams by incorporating specially designed jam technology for a more powerful expulsion of the trapped material.

It is therefore prudent to check for these features as they can serve you a great deal of frustration if things go wrong.


Always remember that maintenance is the next big thing after the purchase is complete.

As a specialized machine, the shredder should come with some tools to make your life easier when working with it.

One crucial element you need to have answers for before buying the shredder is whether it comes with the oil to maintain the blades.

The oil helps to maintain the blades’ integrity by ensuring that they operate smoothly as well as keeping them sharp enough to handle the work efficiently.

When it comes to application, the process is usually done by hand whereas other more advanced shredders feature an auto oil functionality which only requires you to check whether the oil is adequate.


If not taken care of beforehand, an inappropriately loud shredder can be creating another problem while solving another.

Most shredders’ noise level is within the 65 decibels (DB) range which is quite close to the noise level of a washing machine.

Anything within 60 to 70 DB is considered normal, and anything at or above 75DB is enough to disturb your workmates if you are using it in such a setting.

In general, it serves a good purpose to look for a machine that produces the lowest noise possible.

Realizing the implications of noise levels, some brands have gone to great lengths to come up with some machines specially designed to have a “silent shred performance.”

In general, basic shredders tend to have a higher-pitched sound than most advanced shredders.

Though this is the case, remember that a higher price tag does not always translate to better noise performance.

Therefore always check for the actual figures and compare among competing models.

Energy Efficiency

Actual power consumption is another issue worthy of consideration when working with a shredder.

Turning it off at every silent interval is great practice, but its flexibility can be quite inconvenient when you are a frequent user.

Some great shredders incorporate power-saving technology to assist you.

This includes automatic standby and power sleep modes, which can help you cut down on energy consumption in a substantial way.


When it comes to quality, names do matter in this industry.

It is generally safe to consider well-established brands with a proven track record.

This saves you from a headache that comes with the uncertainty associated with obscure brands.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t trust budding and promising brands which can offer the same or even superior quality to older brands.

You can go for a new or relatively unknown brand as long as you are sure through comprehensive research on the qualities.

1. GBC AUTO+ Shredder – Our pick

GBC AUTO+ Shredder
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This machine may well be considered as the beast of paper shredders due to the unprecedented quality it brings on the landscape.

It is part of a legacy of iconic paper shredders created by General Binding Corporation (GBC).

The corporation is part of a larger business entity known as ACCO brands and has been in the business of producing office equipment for more than a century.

The history behind the product leaves a strong statement concerning its overall credibility, and this combined with one of the most robust feature sets on the market has earned its place in our review.

Let’s have a look at what it has in store.

Main Features
  • Design: The machine comes in a bulky and solidly built design with an air of sleekness and modern elegance. The design principle is generally the same as that adopted by most designs where the shredder proper is placed on top of a pull-out bin.
  • The shredder features a simple control center with three buttons for reverse function, forward and auto feature. When it comes to size and weight, the machine measures 430 (H) x312 (W) x448 (D) mm and 16kg, respectively.
  • Mechanism: As the name suggests, the machine features a micro-cut shredding mechanism capable of producing 2x15mm strips at a rate of 1.5m/min. The machine also incorporates an automatic jam clearance and an automatic cutter cleaning mechanism to reduce the likelihood of paper jams. Apart from papers, it can also work effectively on staples, paper clips, and credit cards.
  • Security level: The DIN specification places the machine at P-5, thus making it ideal for highly confidential cases.
  • Capacity: The shredder can handle 130 sheets of 80 grams per square meter (gsm) of paper, or 140 sheets of 70 gsm at a single instance. The bin’s volume is placed at 26L, thus effectively making it one of the highest around.
  • Motor: The motors allow the machine a run and cool down 5 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. The run time can also be extended to 10 minutes whenever it is cold.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly efficient shredding mechanism: The speed and shredder capacity is undoubtedly one of the highest on the market, thus making the shredder an ideal option for heavy usage.
  • Durable: It features a strong build quality as well as a resilient motor and cutter system. The automatic oiling mechanism also serves as an efficient method of prolonging the lifespan of the cutters.
  • Convenient and easy to use: The machine is highly automated, as seen with the automatic feed and oiling mechanism, thus making it one of the most user-friendly options on the market.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Machine warranty covers two years whereas the actual cutter is covered by five years. It provides ample time to ensure you get the value you paid for.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The shredder comes with a hefty price tag.
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2. Goldstandard USA Paper Shredder – Compact and Stylish Cross-Cut Shredder

Goldstandard USA Paper Shredder
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The Gold Standard is a FACTA compliant security level 3 cross-cut shredder that can shred papers, CDs, cards and DVDs up to a square size of 320 mm.

Hence, it manages to conveniently protect any confidential information by disposing of them safely and securely. 

The stylish shredder is compact and can be placed conveniently on the table of your home or office for ease of access.

Main Features
  • This is a FACTA Compliant security level-3 cross-cut shredder.
  • Dimensions: 315 x 195 x 356 mm and net weight of shredder is 3.1 kg.
  • Comes with two separate bins, one collects the paper shreds while the other collects destroyed cards, CD’s and DVD’s
  • It is capable of shredding up to 8 papers at once at a speed of 60 sheets per minute.
  • The wastage bin has a capacity of 4-gallon.
  • Can cut things to a square size of 320 mm.
  • Features a three-position slider switch for controlling the auto/off/reverse functions.
  • Operating cycle: 2 minutes on/60 minutes off.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying handle.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Has a stylish and sophisticated appearance making it an ideal choice in offices and homes.
  • The compact size makes it easy to place on the table or under the workstation for convenient access.
  • The auto mode of the shredder can automatically detect when something needs to be shredded while the manual mode clears up paper jams.
  • The handle helps in the secure disposal of the waste from the 15 kg bin.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Requires 60 minutes of rest time after 2 minutes of usage
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3. AURORA Micro-cut Shredder – Built for power and speed

AURORA AU870MA Micro-cut Shredder
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The Aurora AU870MA offers one of the most popular and highly regarded high-end machines on the market today.

5-minute design and remarkable efficiency are at the core of the success it has enjoyed in a relatively short period.

Let us look closer.

Main Features
  • Design: The machine comes in a sleek, black, and silver design with a rather familiar setup where the shredder proper is situated on top of a pull-out paper bin.
  • In terms of size, the shredder measures 13.54×9.29×20.47 inches in width, length, and height. This translates into an overall weight of 18.52 pounds.
  • Mechanism: The shredder has a micro-cut mechanism that produces tiny shreds of about 5/32?x1532? Of paper. The shred speed is placed at 5.56 ft. /min, meaning that it can cut 5.56 feet of paper or other appropriate material within a single minute.
    In the case of jams, the system can be reversed manually to remove the jammed material. For control, the shredder also features an automatic power-off mechanism and LED indicators for overheat, overload, and misalignments. In addition to papers, the shredder also accommodates staples, pins, and credit cards.
  • Security level: It is classified as DIN P-4, thus making it appropriate for highly confidential documents.
  • Capacity: The shredder’s feed width is 8 inches meaning that it can accommodate quantities of paper with a width of about 8 inches.  The actual sheet capacity is placed at 8. The bin’s overall volume is 3.9 gallons, which translates into a total of 230 sheets.
  • Motor: The motor allows for 5-minute continuous shredding.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High efficiency: The machine allows for high volume shredding in a short period, thus making it ideal for both medium and heavy-duty shredding.
  • Durable: It features a solid build and functional quality, making it one of the most reliable machines as evidenced by numerous customer reviews.
  • User-friendly: It incorporates easy-to-use and a range of automatic controls for seamless user experience.
  • High-level security grade: The security rating makes it appropriate for use in highly confidential documents.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no warranty specified.
  • The machine is relatively expensive.
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4. GBC Shredmaster shredder – Worth the money

GBC Shredmaster 22SM shredder
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The GBC 22SM is another high-end option worthy of our consideration.

A graceful feature set backed by an impressive reputation relating to both its performance and the underlying brand has earned it a place on our review.

Let’s see if these claims have any solid ground.

Main Features
  • Design: While most shredders come in a rugged design to leave an impression on their destructive abilities, the GBC 22SM goes outside the box to adopt a sleek, modern, silver-colored design.
    It’s evident the designers were trying to bring out the best look from the basic setup which features the shredding feed and the machine on top of an amply sized bin. It measures 518x368x291mm in height, width, and depth, as the overall weight strikes 9.7kg.
  • Mechanism: It is a micro shredder with the ability to produce 2x10mm strips at a rate of 2.1m per minute.  The shredder can also work on other materials such as CDs and credit cards with a relatively low noise level rated at 58DB.
  • Security: It can be used for highly confidential documents as it is rated at DIN P-4.
  • Capacity: The shredder comes with 228mm shredding width. It has an eight sheet capacity for 70 gsm of paper, and a six-sheet capacity for 80 gsm of paper. The pull-out bin has a volume capacity of 20 liters.
  • Motor: It can shred for seven continuous minutes before automatically engaging on a cool-down phase of about 90 minutes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Impeccable functional efficiency: The capacity rates and speed are among some of the highest in the industry.
  • Reliable: The construction quality and material used is solid enough to survive daily high-volume usage.
  • Comprehensive warranty package: The package allows two years for the machine and five years for the actual cutter. The warranty is more than reasonable to eliminate any insecurities regarding product quality.
  • Low noise level: The machine can be used in an office environment without causing serious distractions.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Like most high-end devices, the price takes it out of reach of stringent budgets.
  • Its size may not be ideal for smaller office settings.
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5. Kores paper shredder – A specimen of design elegance and peak performance

Kores Easy Cut 891 paper shredder
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The Kores brand presents another force to be reckoned within the industry, especially when it comes to mid-range products.

There is a number of high-performance shredders under its belt which can prove to be tough competitors with the elite despite their relatively low placed price tag.

The Kores 891 is one such product as evidenced by its feature profile and various highly positive reviews.

Main Features
  • Design: The quality of the design is quite convincing as it combines solidity and fine craftsmanship seen in the all-black body and classic design. As in other models, the shredder proper is situated on top of the pull-out bin. The top communicates with the outside through a prominent throat opening for papers and a separate slot for discs. The dimensional measurements combine into a net size of 318x197x428mm as the unit weight is placed at 6.68kgs. Castors are also included at the bottom for easy mobility.
  • Mechanism: The shredder has a confetti or diamond cutter capable of producing 4x10mm shreds. It also includes a manual reversal function for paper jams as well as automatic on or off functions. As indicated above, the mechanism allows for other items such as credit cards and CDs.
  • Security: It has a high-security rating placed at DIN P-5.
  • Capacity: It has an eight sheet capacity and an amply sized bin measuring up to 13 liters.
  • Motor: The shredder can run for 40 minutes before needing any rest.
  • Warranty: The package comes with a provision for a one year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient: It has one of the highest speed and volume capacities for a mid-range priced machine.
  • Relatively affordable: Though it may not be an ideal option for any stringent budget, it provides for a well-priced model with the abilities of a high-end machine.
  • Easy to operate: The machine is relatively straightforward to use with the convenience of simple control buttons and automatic functions.
  • Durable: It combines a solid build quality and hard material to withstand daily usage for a prolonged period.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It provides a less generous warranty package when compared with other high-performance machines.
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6. Bambalio BCC-2700 – Stylish, and packed with features

Bambalio BCC-2700
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Our next product is a machine from the Bambalio Brand, which is another household name when it comes to the office equipment manufacturing industry.

A stylish design combined with a good range of features to adorn its profile made it a worthy addition on our list.

Let’s move on and see what it has in store.

Main Features
  • Design: A stylish black and silver design that features a curvy upper surface makes it one of the most delightful machines to add to your office inventory. Like most devices, the upper surface houses the paper feed and related control buttons, whereas the lower portion houses a pull-out bin. In terms of size, the machine measures 24x45x39 cm, thus making it appropriate for any small or medium-sized office or regular room.
  • Mechanism: The machine has a cross-cut mechanism capable of generating 5x34mm sized shreds and can work on CD’s, and credit cards in addition to paper. It also features automatic turn on and off functions for better control and incorporates a motor reverse feature to handle paper jams.
  • Motor: Its duty cycle allows for a 3 min run-time with 60-minute intervals for cooling down.
  • Capacity: It allows for ten sheets of 7 GSM paper and can only accommodate 1 CD and credit card at once. The entry width measures up to a total of 220mm.
  • Warranty: 2-year package.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Enhanced efficiency: It has enough speed and capacity to handle moderate size paper piles.
  • Durable build quality: The machine combines solid construction with remarkable elegance and style suitable for a busy and modern office setting.
  • Low noise level: Its operational noise production befits a normal working environment.
  • Affordable: Considering its feature set and design, it does provide a lot for a device within its price range.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not as secure as micro-cut machines.
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7. Niyo cross-cut paper shredder – Impressive feature profile for a mid-range device

Niyo cross-cut paper shredder
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The Niyo cross-cutter presents another model with a proven record for high performance and reliability.

Its reputation precedes its highly promising set of features.

Let’s proceed and see what it has in store.

Main Features
  • Design: The machine comes in a basic setup identical to all the machines we have considered so far. A sizeable bin is placed below the shredding device which communicates with the outside through a prominent opening which provides a portal for a batch of papers. Its length, width, and height measure 324x186x405, respectively.
  • Mechanism: As the name suggests, the machine employs a cross-cutting mechanism that produces 5x47mm sized shreds at an average speed of 2.2m/min.
    It also employs automatic on and off features for easier control and can work on staples, pins and credit cards. In the case of paper jams, the machine also incorporates the auto-reverse function for easy extraction of trapped contents. Additionally, it also features a safety interlock power control feature.
  • Capacity: The shredder has an eight sheet rating for 75 gsm of A4 papers. The throat can also accommodate a 220mm width of paper as the bin scores 16 liters regarding volume.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly efficient shredding system: All the efficiency-related parameters such as speed and volumes point to an above-average performance device.
  • Durable: The overall construction, materials used, and functionality ensures highly reliable physical and functional qualities.
  • User-friendly: There is nothing complicated when it comes to getting started with the machine. Clear and conveniently placed controls alongside a degree of automation to ensure a positive user experience.
  • Appropriate noise levels: At 70 DB, it is not too loud for use in an office or home setting.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The security level lags behind other devices from the same range as well as other high-end devices; thus, it may not provide a seamless option if security levels are a paramount feature.
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8. Bambalio BCC-4000 – Great value for the money

Bambalio BCC-4000
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Next up on our list is another model from Bambalio, which is well known for its superior performance when compared to other devices within the price range.

Let’s cruise through its profile and see if it deserves the surrounding optimism and hype.

Main Features
  • Design: The designers adopted a minimalistic all-black design with the same basic setup. All the controls and openings for CD and paper shreds are located on top for easier operation while the base holds the drum for the generated shred. It is 45x35x25cm in height, width, and depth, thus making it smaller than the Bambalio BC 2700.
  • Mechanism: It is a cross-cut shredder with reverse functionality. Shreddable items include CDs, pins, staples, and credit cards in addition to papers, and it also incorporates automatic on and off functions for a simplified experience.
  • Capacity: The shredder has a 14 sheet capacity and a 23-liter bin for shred storage. The feed-opening width is 223 mm wide.
  • Motor: The motor’s duty cycle allows 3 minutes for run time and 30 minutes for off time.
  • Warranty: It features a 2-year warranty package.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High efficiency: Although the shredder isn’t as expensive as most shredders in the high range category, it manages a decent speed and capacity for medium volume and daily office use.
  • User-friendly: It provides for enough automated functions to flatten the learning curve for new users.
  • Reliable: Strong construction and highly resistant material ensure an adequate lifespan for prolonged use.
  • Low noise levels: The machine operates at normal noise levels, making it usable in standard office environments.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a relatively short run-time and long cool-down time.
  • The shredder is on the higher side of the mid-range options in terms of price.
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9. STok Cross cutter paper shredder – Quality under budget

STok Cross cutter paper shredder
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When it comes to the more affordable choices, SToKs is one of the brands with remarkable dominance.

A great balance of affordability and value is seen in most of its products; thus, it is one of the most popular options in today’s market.

Our best pick in this category oozes this balance, which is the main reason behind its inclusion.

Main Features
  • Design: Though the design takes the same basic setup, the shredder affords a sleek and modern look capable of inspiring the trust that it has earned. All the controls and portals for the paper and other items like cards are located on top as the bin compartment occupies the space underneath. The shredder measures at 330x155x298mm to present an appropriate size for both compact and medium-sized rooms.
  • Mechanism: As indicated by the name, the device features a cross-cut mechanism capable of producing 4x40mm sized shreds. It can also work effectively on other items like credit cards and CDs in addition to papers.
  • Capacity: The shredder can accommodate eight sheets of A4 papers at once and 1 CD or credit card at a time. The bin has a total volume of 21 liters. The feed opening has a width of 220mm.
  • Motor: It has a 2 minute run time and a 60-minute cool-down time.
  • Warranty: It comes with a one year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sleek, durable build quality: The device features a compact, durable design that comes with an air of elegance fit to earn it a place in most modern offices.
  • Great price: It provides a lot of functionality for a modest price.
  • Efficient functionality: Enhanced speed and a sizeable sheet capacity provide enough for medium-scale usage.
  • User-friendly: Clear and easy to use controls for a valuable first time experience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a relatively small run time for medium to large scale usage.
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10. AmazonBasics paper shredder – Great value for less

AmazonBasics paper shredder
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This product comes on the scene as part of a long line of exceptional products from the world-renowned Amazonbasics brand.

Its design and set of features provide enough class to compete with most mid-range priced products.

Let’s give it a few moments of consideration.

Main Features
  • Design: Like our previous machine, the product comes in an all-black design with an upper and lower compartment housing the shredding device and the bin, respectively. In terms of size, it measures 33.5x32x17 cm in height, length, and width, respectively. The top surface houses everything to do with controls, and input portals for papers and CDs.
  • Mechanism: It is a strip shredder capable of turning A4 papers into 0.65cm strips at a speed of about 3metre/minute. It also features an auto-start function and manual reverse to handle jammed material.
  • Motor: The motor runs for 2 minutes before needing a 15 minute break period.
  • Capacity: As expressed before, the shredder accommodates eight sheets of paper, and can handle one CD and credit time per cycle. The bin provides about 3.2 gallons of space to accommodate the incoming shred.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  1. High efficiency: The device provides more than enough speed and capacity for light to medium home and office use.
  2. User-friendly: Automated functions keep it easy to operate for first time users.
  3. Reliable: The machine features durable construction and material to withstand daily usage.
  4. Comfortable noise levels: Low operational noise renders it practical for both office and home use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Limited run time may hinder its effectiveness in prolonged and high volume usage.
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11. SToK ST-30CC paper shredder – A rare balance of value and affordability

SToK ST-30CC paper shredder
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  • Design: The machine has a slightly higher length than the first pick and has its handle placed in the peripheral rather than in the middle as it is in our first pick.
  • Specifically, the dimensional profile shows a height, width, and length combination of 330x155x298mm. From a general design perspective, the machine has pleasing aesthetics embedded in rather durable construction quality.
  • Mechanism: The shredder incorporates a cross-cutting mechanism capable of producing 4x36mm sized shreds. It can also easily handle other items such as discs and credit cards.
  • Motor: The duty cycle allows for a 2 minute run time and a 40-minute cool-down period.
  • Capacity: It has an eight sheet capacity and can only accommodate one disc or credit card per cycle. The bin volume is placed at 15L. The feed opening provides for a 218mm space to accommodate the designated capacity.
  • Warranty: It comes with a one year warranty.
Main Features
  • Great speed and capacity: All the parameters relating to speed and capacity provide top quality for light to medium usage.
  • User-friendly: The machine doesn’t require previous experience and is easy to operate daily.
  • Durable: The device has a solid construction with high resistance material to withstand light to medium daily use.
  • Comfortable for interior use: The machine operates at low levels of noise, thus making it appropriate for office and home use.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a relatively short run time.
  • It is difficult to use for heavy and prolonged workloads.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a relatively short run time.
  • It is difficult to use for heavy and prolonged workloads
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better cross-cut or micro-cut shredder?

A micro-cutter is better for protecting confidential information.

It can shred documents and papers into confetti, i.e., it can turn paper or any other item into 3700 small pieces.

On the other hand, a cross-cut shredder can shred into 400 small square pieces.

2. What is the difference between strip-cut and cross-cut shredders?

Strip-cut shredders are more commonly used for shredding non-sensitive documents.

It has the lowest security level among the different types of shredders.

The strip cut shredder can shred an A 4 size paper into 39 pieces of thin, long strips as it cuts the paper vertically.

While a cross-cut shredder is more secure when compared to a strip cut shredder.

It cuts the paper diagonally from the adjacent corners.

Hence, it shreds an A 4 size paper into 400 pieces of small square or diamond-shaped paper.

3. What type of shredder is most secure?

The Micro-Cut Shredder is the most secure type of paper shredder.

4. How long do paper shredders last?

A paper shredder should be able to last for more than five years.

However, it is essential that you take proper care of it.

Allow the motor to have its required resting time after 3-5 minutes of use.

Most professional shredders can shred continuously for even up to 30 minutes. Ensure that you don’t overuse it.

5. Can paper shredders handle staples?

Most paper shredders are capable of handling staples.

However, a paper shredder will last longer if you cut down on staples.

6. Are paper shredders the same as disintegrators and granulators?

While the three essentially serve the common purpose of destroying confidential information, they function differently.

Paper shredders simply cut the paper into varying sizes of pieces, whereas the others repeatedly cut the paper into the fine powder.

7. Can I use paper shredders to cut cardboards?

Cardboards cannot be used in paper shredders as they have a different structure and made of different materials.

Only shred what is indicated in the manual.

8. How do I determine the durability of a particular product?

Consider the material used in the product, its build quality, the brand’s reputation.

The solid parts and structure should always be supported by corresponding positive reviews.


In summary, landing the best paper shredder for your needs depends on how well you do in understanding the crucial determining factors and the actual products on the market.

Some of the crucial determining factors include the shredder type, speed, security levels, and noise levels.

STok Cross cutter paper shredderKores Easy Cut 891 paper shredder,  GBC AUTO+ Shredder are our favorite picks out of all the 11 products


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