Top 6 Lipstick Brands

Lipstick is the most popular accessories for women because almost all women use it. It is like the finishing touch that seals the deal of your makeup or dressing to look amazing. You will not blame these women for always finishing up with lipstick, for it is known to be one of the features that makes them most attractive

The lipstick has always been popular, and we have so many brands available in the market. It makes it a lot challenging to decide the brand, shades, and colors and the type of lipstick you will buy online.

You don’t have to worry, we have your back on this, for we have selected the top lipstick brands for your use. Based on our research on types of lipstick, products, and ingredients and from reviews of users, we have run a review of the best products.

Before we go into the top brands of lipsticks, let’s first study How to select the right lipsticks and different types of lipsticks. which are mainly based on the ingredients. With the knowledge of the various types of lipsticks, you can choose a suitable one for your lip and different occasions and purposes along with FAQs

How to Select the Right Lipsticks

There are various types of lipsticks and selecting the right one to suit you will involve consideration of some factors

Wearing the right lipstick will make you look more attractive and keep you in a good mood all day. In doing this, you have to consider some factors that will be discussed in this section.

Blending with your skin type

Your skin type is an important consideration when selecting the perfect lipstick to use. The lipstick should blend perfectly with your skin tone, and this skin tone might change during the year. During the summer period, the skin tone can be warm, and you will require vibrant colors. These colors include red, purple, orange, or berry pink. These will be suitable for warm skin. Those glossy lipsticks are also commonly used during the summer to keep the lips moist.

To know your skin tone, place your hand on natural light, and check the color of the vein. If the vein color is blue or purple, then you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if your vein color is green or toward bluish, then you have a warm skin tone

On the other hand, cold skin will require more cozy colors of lipsticks and those that will help in hydrating the lips. Some of the colors you should go for cool skin tone include burgundy, dark pink, brown, and other cold colors.

The skin type should be accomplished by suitable lipstick that will make you look attractive and comfortable.

Hydration of your lip

Lipsticks can also be a fashion item for comfort to make one feels good and comfortable all day. You have to choose a lipstick based on the hydration of your lips. Lipstick for dry lips and those for hydrated lips.

For someone that has a dry lip, a creamy lipstick that contains oil and leaves the lip moist will be appropriate, while those with hydrated lips should consider glossy or matte lipstick. Using the right lipsticks that suit your skin type will make you feel comfortable all day.

Lipsticks for the occasion

Consider the event before selecting a lipstick, and that is why a female should have an array of all types of lipsticks. The kind of lipstick you should apply for a party should not be the same one you should apply to work.

For work or casual outing, you should consider a lipstick they blend to your skin tone and not too eye-catching. While for a party or social event, you may go for a brighter and bold color, something that is attractive and will make you stand out. Keep it lively on social events, going way beyond your skin tone, and remain attentive all day.

Romantic outing or social event

The lips should be sensual when you want to go on a romantic date with your man, and since you guys may end up kissing. If you have this in mind, you may want to consider if the lipsticks will stain his lips, and on such an occasion, wear a non-sticking lipstick. One that is not to think but leaves the lips fuller and attractive.

Types of Lipsticks

Satin and sheer lipsticks

The lipsticks have high oil content that keeps your lips moist all day and gives it a shiny lip. They are suitable for night and day use, and you will have to carry it along with you to reapply and keep your lip full all day.

They are suitable for special events as it keeps the lips lively all day, giving you an undeniable appeal.

Gloss lipsticks

Gloss lipsticks keep your lips attractive all day, and they are made to keep the lips moist all summer. But aside from that, you can also wear it during the winter and stay attractive all day. They give the lips a fresh and fruity feel, making you look way younger than your age.

Cream lipsticks 

The cream lipstick keeps lips moist all day and contains vitamin E, which keeps your lip nourished all day. You do not have to worry about reapplying the cream lipsticks, for it has a long staying power and makes you look fresh all day.

Stain lipsticks

The stain lipsticks are vibrant and maintain the luster on your lips all day. It is suitable for career women that do not have the luxury of time to keep reapplying lipstick all day. You can find these stain lipsticks in vibrant colors to keep your lip radiating all day.

Matte Lipsticks

The lipstick blends to the complexion and has a long staying power on the lip. The lipstick gives a perfect touch and keeps you looking more natural without gloss. They fit every kind of women and provide an enigmatic feel around you.

How to Buy a Lipstick Online

There are several lipstick products online, and it can be difficult choosing a suitable product online. You want to get it right with your purchase, so you need to check out the following factor to consider when you buy lipsticks online.

Trusted brand

With so many options available online, it can be confusing that some people will go directly for a trusted brand. To avoid wasting time looking for the right lipsticks, especially with so many brands available, you can make a decent decision by going for a trusted brand that has stood the test of time.

Recommended product

Getting confused about the product to use with so many brands of product, you can get a recommendation from friends, family, or online users. Check for a recommendation if you are trying out a new product as you get first-hand experience from those who have used the product. If you find a product that you fancy online, but you are skeptical about it, check out the online reviews of the product, and get information from those that have used the product.

Ingredients of the product

It is important to check the ingredients and the composition of the product. Ascertain if they will be ok with your skin type. Ensure that they are safe for human use and will not have any side effects. To be on the safer side, go for products that chemical-free to prevent adverse effects.

Price of the product

The price of the product is another factor you have to consider in selecting a product, so you do not go over your budget. With the price in focus, you should note that a lower price may be convenient, while an expensive product does not mean the product is the best. Finds a suitable product and one with food features that fall within your budget.

Top lipstick Product Online

1. Lakme lipsticks

Lakme is one of the best and most use lipsticks by women, for it is a top-quality brand. With a comfortable feel and long-lasting lipstick, you are free to go about your daily activity comfortable and relaxed, looking beautiful all day.

The matte lipstick does not stick or wipe off easily, and it is made up of quality material; it is a trusted brand and makes you look radiant all day.

Main Features
  • The lipstick lasts longer up to twelve hours without wiping off, and you do not need to reapply often. Suitable for those going out on social functions that will need you to stay away for long hours.
  • It is smooth and comfortable on the lips, so you are relaxed with this product on your lips all day.
  • A cool matte finish and a fuller lips that make you look radiant all day.
  • The product is affordable and comes in a variation of colors.
  • The built-in primer helps in the application of the lipstick to the lips and makes it even.

2. Maybelline lipsticks

The Maybelline lipstick keeps your lips moist and soft, always with a sensational feel that makes you look beautiful all day. With over 35 amazing hues, you will have a wide range of options for the sensational lipsticks to match all modes and styles.

You can get the lipsticks in different shades, so it is suitable to be used for all occasions. Now your lips will remain moist all day with Its pure precious oil and creamy ingredients that leave the lip looking sensational all day.

Main Features
  • You can get lipsticks suitable for any skin tone to fit into the skin naturally.
  • Keep your lips moist and creamy, giving you an amazing and full lip all day.
  • The prices of the product are affordable for everyone.
  • Many Maybelline lipsticks are infused with honey nectar that ensures its smoothness and ensures that comfortable sliding feels when applied.
  • The color ranges from red to nudes and other variations in between, which makes it suitable for all skin types.
  • With it’s smooth and unbreakable finish, your lips will stay smooth all day.

3. l’Oreal lipstick 

If you want to feel extremely comfortable, the l’Oreal lipstick is the best option for its ultra-light features. It has a variety of shades, and you can choose the one that fits perfectly to your lips.

You do not feel the lipstick as when you apply it on your lips; it stays on it so light while keeping the lips moist all day long. I will recommend this lipstick for all events, and you just have to find the shades that will compliment that event.

Main Features
  • Extremely light on the lips as you say goodbye to those thick and heavy lipsticks.
  • The matte lipsticks are full of moisture
  • It is nonsticky and makes your lips radiant.
  • It can be easily removed when you are done with it.
  • It is comfortable on the lips and does not feel cakey.

4. NYX Lipsticks 

You will not regret spending money on these lipsticks, although it may seem expensive, it will give you the best comfort. With a long-lasting and comfortable effect, you can go about your activities as your life remains moist and lovely all day.

The colors available for this product are bold and gorgeous, as they will bring out the lovely shape of the lips. It has so many good reviews, which shows that the product is a top-class from a reputable company.

Main Features
  • NYX lipstick keeps your lips moist all day and is comfortable to wear all day.
  • NYX lipsticks come in two variants – matte and velvet matte
  • The beautiful and attractive nude blend with the natural skin tone of the body.
  • It is perfect for your daily office use.

5. Colorbar Lipstick  

Protect your lips and keep it hydrated all day with the Colorbar lipsticks enriched with vitamin E. Aside from vitamin E, it also contains jojoba oil and shea butter. These help to keep the skin in good condition,  soft and healthy.

The price is affordable for a product that keeps lips soft and protects it always. You will feel comfortable with the Colorbar lipstick on, without worrying about reapplying the products.

Main Features
  • Most of the color bar lipsticks have the presence of vitamin E, and other natural products help keep lips soft and protected all day.
  • It lasts longer on the lips, and you do not have to reapply for at least 5 hours.
  • Your lips will stay hydrated, classy, and elegant all day long.
  • The price is affordable for such a lovely and profitable product.
  • A popular brand and trusted with good reviews by users.

6. Sugar Lipsticks 

Keep your lips looking fresh and colorful with this brownish to dark orange lipstick with up to 10 hours lasting ability. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers to use the product appropriately and keep your skin protected.

Although the price of this brand is high, it is worth the money as it is one of the top quality products you can find online

Main Features
  • Most of the sugar lipsticks are long-lasting. You do not have to reapply the lipstick always
  • All the lipsticks are paraben and cruelty-free, having gone through all the necessary tests.
  • A light and premium finish on the lips ensures that the product is comfortable for use.
  • It is suitable for light completion and medium skin tone.
  • The lipsticks provide an attractive touch on the lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

In using lipsticks, we have come in contact with several customers, and they have come to with some repeated questions. To make it convenient and faster, we have put forward some frequently asked questions and answers form our customers.

1. What is the best type of lipsticks that will not leave a stain on glass or lips while kissing?

Lipsticks are worm on the lips to make one feel beautiful, and they should be comfortable enough and have long staying power. But if you are going for a romantic date and will expect to kiss, or drink wine from a glass, you will want one that will not stain.

You do not want to leave your lipstick on the lips of your partner or the glass. The best kind of lipstick that will not leave stains or marks on glass is the matte lipsticks.

So if you are going for a romantic date or going for a party, you may want to wear matte lipstick, so you do not feel embarrassed with a stain on the lips of your partner or the wine glass.

2. What kind of lipstick is suitable for small lips?

Full lips may not need a color that will make it more visible, unlike a small lip. Small lips will not be compensated with brighter colors such as pink, brown, or plum to make the lips more pronounced.

3. What Kind of Lipsticks does one need for a more prominent lip?

With bigger lips, you do not have to enhance your lips or make them look overwhelming as you use a more dark color shade. Select a candy pink or red to make the lips look milder and calm rather than overbearing, as in the case with smaller lips.

4. Can one wear lipstick while eating or drinking from a glass?

It will be difficult to remove your lipsticks while you want to eat or drink from a glass if you know the lipstick will stain the glass. Because they have been properly tested, they will not do any harm when you eat with lipstick on, especially when the data in your spoon or drinks.

However, it may not look appealing when they stick to the wine glass or cutlery. So you should avoid most lipsticks when you know you are going to eat a meal or drink wine on occasion. Use a matte lipstick that sticks to the lips and avoid staining the utensils.


Lipsticks will improve your looks and make you feel attractive, but only when you use a suitable color and A comfortable lipstick. With different brands, types, and colors of lipsticks, it will be difficult to make a choice.

The choice will bear some consideration, such as the skin types, skin tone, and the lasting power of the lipstick. Putting all these actors makes it difficult to choose from several products available online.

We have provided you with top brands of lipsticks products online, and you can confidently pick among these products for your use. These products are not only comfortable on the lips, but they can last longer, so you do not have to worry about the shades of lipstick fading off your skin.

Select a product today and have an excellent time as you have about comfortable and freely.

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