Top 10 Best Cricket Gloves – Product Review and Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter what standard of cricket tournament you are in. Aside from your head, your hands are one of the most susceptible body parts to injury. Did you know that one of the common injuries recorded in cricket history is of the hands or fingers of the players? We always go and buy things like cricket kits and cricket helmet but we forget about the gloves that cover our hands.

This is one of the reasons why it’s extremely important that you carefully pick your cricket gloves so you can decrease the possibility of hand and finger injury while actively at play.

A miss-timed shot results in the ball can potentially jam the hand against the handle of the bat. With this fact alone, it simply just goes without saying that every batsman must have quality hand gloves. It will help you play with greater confidence and you are provided with added protection.

Just like any other product, cricket gloves are made with the same durability, comfort and protection levels. There are some that are made with better material quality and can provide added protection.

These are some of the steps that you can perform, so picking the best cricket gloves wouldn’t be such a difficult task for you.

Lastly, we have provided you with our top 10 recommend products and Faq’s making it easy for you to find your perfect Cricket glove.

Top 10 Best Cricket Gloves

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Flexible with Firm Grip
Comfort choice
Best sweat absorption
Best shock absorption
Ecolite Batting Gloves + Club Inner Gloves
Top longevity choice
Best breathability features
Best pick for top fashion

Here Are Some of the Features That You Should Look At:

Your hands and fingers need extra protection to avoid potential injuries while you at play There are many respects of basic protection that cricket gloves can provide. The following are important aspects you must consider, so you can be assured that your cricket gloves can provide protection.

The Core

One of the basic protection aspects that you should be looking at is the glove’s core. In common cases, the simple raw cotton fibers are formed and stuffed into the sausage-like sections. These fibers are purposely connected to the back for hand and finger sections of leather so that it can be formed as a synthetic substitute glove.

For the historical record, the cricket gloves that are used nowadays aren’t that much of a difference compared to the gloves that are used decades ago. When you try to look at the cricket gloves that have more expensive price tags, you will notice that it features some modern technology adjustments that you can use.

Just do note that the standard or the most basic protection levels offered by the cricket batting gloves are only appropriate if you play junior cricket. Players who participate at senior clubs will need to use a higher end of cricket gloves.


The cricket gloves that usually belong to the mid-range upwards will have a feature called, “the sidebar” padding. This refers to the additional foam and protection that is used to the index finger at the bottom hand, so you’ll have extra protection from awkwardly bouncing balls.

HD foam

You’ve probably heard about HD foams before. Since this is also used when it comes to creating quality cricket helmets. The raw cotton is commonly used and is considered as an adequate material for primary padding used in cricket batting gloves. It has been used for a very long time.

The modern high-density foams can offer better impact absorption and a noticeable reduction in weight. It’s important that your pair of cricket glove doesn’t add too much weight, so you can still move freely.

Expect that you will be able to have more comfort and even better use when you choose HD foams as padding material for your cricket gloves.

Inserts & Finger Casings

You’re probably aware that the speed of the ball increases as the batsmen bat the ball. To give a great bat, having a proper stance isn’t enough. You will need to have a reliable, tight grab and that can only be achieved if you are 100% comfortable and confident with your cricket gloves.

The inserts and the finger casings will determine the quality of protection it can provide for your fingers. Many batsmen find the common “raw cotton” and “HD foam padding” material is no longer sufficient or enough to protect your hands.

In most cases, the stiffer materials are used in terms of creating tunnels and quality casing for the finger. It can only be slightly compressed, which offer a high level and quality protection. The quality is often reserved to protect the first two fingers and the bottom hand, so you’ll feel more confident even if the high speed of impact occurs.

d3o & Smart Fabrics

This is also referred to as the “smart fabric” in terms of cricket batting gloves. It is currently on licensed to Moore and Gunn in the cricket market. The material feels like a natural rubber– pliable and fairly soft.

When you are at play, and you are using a pair of cricket gloves that are made with “smart fabric,” you won’t notice any difference. It is only when an extreme impact of force is applied that you will feel any different.

What’s impressive about smart fabrics is that the d3o can easily respond to shock by becoming 100% rigid, where it becomes extremely solid like hard plastic. It performs as a shield to protect your hands in case of impact.

Most of the time when you are using a “smart-fabric cricket gloves,” the product will stretch and flex since it is responding with your hands’ movements. But in an instant it feels a shock away, it will become more compact to protect your hands from injuries.

The d3o’s offer some official benefit in respect of shock absorption. This is more likely to be used for sports protection.


The comfort aspects of the cricket batting glove are designed to provide advances for the players. Having 100% confidence and top comfort is extremely important when you are playing cricket sports.

Unlike protection, the comfort feature had displayed more advances compared to the past years. When it comes to cricket batting gloves, it is extremely important that you pick the one that could provide you with flexibility, ventilation, and feel.

Though a pair of cricket gloves can be impressively comfortable on the hands, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to provide you with long-lasting durability. It is observed that even the most expensive gloves will not be able to offer longevity.


It’s important that your cricket gloves to display flexibility when you wear it around your hands, so you will be able to perform an effective grip. There’s a feature called, “pre-molded claw,” this is a key factor that could help you determine whether the pair of gloves can provide you with comfort or not.

According to manufacturers, it’s a bit difficult to keep the protection levels of the gloves without impairing the flexibility. So, they have to mix to come up with a material that could provide both protection and comfort for the players.

To achieve this, the majority of the manufacturers have to break up the padding on the fingers, back of the hand, and thumb part of the gloves into multiple sections. It’s essential for every section to move independently of the other in turn, so the player will have top comfort while at play.

So, when you move your hand up through the ranges, you’ll be able to feel the flexibility has greatly improved. There are also top level batting gloves that will be able to feature 2 part thumbs.


Much of the comfort in cricket gloves could not keep the “comfort feeling” for long periods. The good feels can be felt when the batting gloves are made with quality material; it is particularly of the kind of material used that get contact the palm of your hand.

Here are some of the details that you should know about the different materials that’ll affect the feels when you wear the cricket glove.

Cotton/PVCThe cotton material is one of the cheapest options for manufacturers’ use. Yes, it can provide you comfort. But it’s not the most suitable material to use for long periods of play. It is possible that your hands might feel slightly chaffed.       Another downside is that the cotton material tends to soak up the moisture coming from the sweats of your hands during warmer and summer seasons. When the cotton is soaked up,  it’ll be very challenging for you to perform a tight grip around the bat. The PVC is used as a reinforcement to make the material extra durable.
Leather Many types of leather are used for making cricket gloves. It can either be a cow,  kangaroo, or calfskin leather.

  • Cow leather

When it comes to cow leather, it can offer impressive comfort to the glove wearer compared to basic cotton options.

It can also provide a high level of durability while making sure that you are provided with the comfort that you need.

  • Calfskin

The other type is the calfskin leather, this can provide you with a very soft feel. But its level of comfort tends to wear quicker compared to other options. The downside of this type of leather is the durability features.

  • Kangaroo Leather

If you are wondering what’s one of the most durable or strongest leathers available, it will be the Kangaroo leather. The leather can be split into thinner layers. One of the most celebrated features of the Kangaroo leather is that is way lighter in weight compared to other leathers available out there such goat,  calf, and cow.

  • Pittards Leather

The Pittard cricket leather can provide both durability and comfort to the glove wearer.  You will be able to have an excellent grip and feel the soft material while you are actively playing. Most manufacturers created with textured patterns.

With this style alone,  it allows the player to have better bat control. The material doesn’t soak up no matter the weather is. This means that you need not worry about the weather or how long you want to play cricket sports.

This type of leather does not only offer strength but also make sure that you are provided with flexibility and dexterity.  It can provide the “soft” feel that you need. It doesn’t absorb too much moisture or water. Therefore, it can give you the maximum amount of comfort even for a long period.

The main purpose of the leather is to protect the fiber structure so it can stand against the effect of the perspiration. It’s just amazing cause it can retain its softness even if you have been playing with it for a longer time.


In terms of maintaining comfort during extreme weather conditions can be a bit of a challenge if you own basic cricket gloves. A good ventilation feature is mostly available of mid to top range cricket batting gloves.

During severe and challenging weathers, the comfort levels can slowly diminish when your hands get extra sweaty. As your hands feel soaked inside, it’ll be a bit uncomfortable, and your grip wouldn’t be as good as your batting gloves were dry.

One of the important aspects of comfort is something called, “moisture management”. This feature will help that there’s a sufficient air flow that can travel throughout the batting gloves. It keeps your comfort level to be on top so that you can play comfortably.

If you try to look at mid and high range cricket gloves, you will start to see that more features are purposely designed to maximize the airflow which includes perforated palms. The use of mesh materials in low-wear areas are used to maintain a healthy airflow around your palm area.

In addition to that, top level cricket batting gloves will also feature advanced features like the double-sided toweling wrist closures that will help in decreasing the moisture dripping down the arm to the gloves.


Just like any other equipment in your cricket kit, the fitting of the material is extremely important. Your gloves must not be too tight, nor too loose. Just keep in mind that fitting and size is different from one brand to the other.

Also, ensure that you measure from the start of your wrist to the end of your longest finger. This will ensure that gloves can fully protect your hands.

Hand Length (mm)Batting Glove Size
165Small Boys
200Small Mens
225Large/Oversize Mens

Purchasing decisions

In most cases, investing in more expensive cricket batting gloves will most likely be able to provide you with quality protection and reliable comfort. On the other hand, if you are looking for batting gloves that could offer you with durability and longevity, don’t’ go for gloves that are made with calfskin palms.

Yes, gloves that are made with calfskin palms are very comfortable, but they may not last for one full season.


To maintain your cricket batting gloves, it’s always important that you ensure to leave them dry naturally after playing in summer seasons. Also, try to avoid leaving your gloves inside your cricket bag or in other wet places. Materials like leather might be affected or damaged by mold.

1. DSC Intense Rage Cricket Batting Gloves Mens Right (Color May Vary) – Our Pick

DSC Intense Rage Cricket Batting Gloves Mens Right (Color May Vary)
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The DSC is a renowned brand when it comes to creating quality protective gear for sports. They have been around in the market for years, which is proves that they have what it takes to satisfy clients. This pair of gloves is our pick for tighter and better grip.

Main Features
  • The DSC cricket gloves are designed with multi-flex points, which helps in providing better movement for your hands
  • It features an airflow gusset for better ventilation.
  • It is made with quality supple leather palm material, which is better for grips and feels
  • It is made with PVC and a lightweight foam, which adds comfort while you are playing
  • The pair of gloves is designed for long innings
  • The split thumb and the single piece side bar protection, make sure that the corners of your fingers are protected as well.
  • The toweled wristband secures the glove in position, and it provides extra protection for your wrist.
  • There’s reinforced protection for the two lead fingers.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The pair of gloves provide optimum protection for the hands
  • Helps the players to have a proper batting stance
  • Impressive ventilation features
  • Velcro strap to add protection for your wrist
  • Comfortable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The gusset is made with cotton and nylon for ventilation, it could still be better
  • A bit pricey
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2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Cricket Batting Gloves – Flexible with Firm Grip

Amazon Brand - Solimo Cricket Batting Gloves
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Solimo is a well-known brand introduced to us by the leading e-commerce website- Amazon. The Solimo Cricket batting gloves ensure flexibility to the user along with a firm grip.

It comes with enhanced foam padding and PU inserts to ensure protection as well as durability to the product. The elasticated wrists of these gloves feature a velcro fastening for a comfortable and adjustable fit.

Main Features
  • The fingers are protected with high-density PVC finger rolls while the lead thumb is protected by hard foam.
  • These gloves have elasticated wrist with a “touch and close” velcro fastening.
  • The first two fingers come with finger split for better grip.
  • The back of the index finger features PU inserts.
  • The first two fingers of the left hand come with additional foam padding.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ensures enhanced protection for the increase in the level of safety.
  • They are quite flexible to use.
  • Durable design allowing them to withstand rough use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were seen so far.
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3. PUMA Evo 3 Batting Gloves – Comfort choice

PUMA Evo 3 Batting Gloves
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The premium sheep leather is our top comfort choice for both amateur and professional players.Both of the front and back design can provide impressive flexibility and protection functions. There are strong inserts in each finger, which could bring you peace of mind while you’re at play.

PUMA is one of the most popular and trusted brand out there. They sell quality sports gear ranging from shoes to gloves. You can assure yourself that this product comes with longevity.

Main Features
  • The quick release wrist straps help you save time and effort in attaching and detaching the cricket gloves
  • It can provide side protection systems for both of your hands.
  • The “casing” features are purposely created to provide maximum protection in exposed areas.
  • The pair of gloves allow you to have a better grip and release a good bat.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Made with international quality
  • Protection levels are high
  • Impressive comfort
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with sidebar protection
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Only for right-handed players
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4. HeadTurners Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves – Budget

HeadTurners Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves
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This is our best budget for cricket gloves. Getting a pair of gloves is quite crucial when playing cricket. We all know that the gloves will protect our hands from shock and prevent it from getting damaged. But, some players may not have enough budget for getting expensive gloves. That’s why they will have no choice but settle with low-priced gloves.

Thankfully, there are various less expensive gloves that you can find out there. HeadTurners Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves is one of those gloves. It does its job of protecting your hands during the game without making you spend a lot of money. It is perfect for both beginners and professional cricket players. Headturners is a reliable brand when it comes to cricket accessories.

Main Features
  • These gloves are made of synthetic fiber
  • Comes with a smart design and PVC cuffs
  • It is more suitable for club and county level
  • It offers full finger cap protection
  • Offers good finger grip control
PROS (What we liked)
  • Affordable price
  • Offers enough protection
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Made of quality material
  • It is durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)

The inner area of the gloves could be better

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5. Puma Green Cricket Batting Gloves – Best sweat absorption

Puma Green Cricket Batting Gloves
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Puma has always been one of the greatest and trusted brands out there. If you are looking for a cricket glove that could provide you with the best sweat absorption feature, then this pair of Puma Batting Gloves might be the one you’re looking for.

It is made from a higher grade of leather palm that can provide you with the perfect fitting and a comfortable feels.

After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling all sweaty during the game; it’ll negatively affect your batting stance and game performance.

Main Features
  • The cricket glove is made light which makes it comfortable to wear
  • The palm area is made from sheepskin, which provides extra softness
  • Made with HD lightweight foam
  • The center layer of the gloves is cushioned, which protects you from injury
  • It comes with a thumb cut, which provides added protection.
  • There’s also side protection that’ll protect from injury and mis-hits.
  • It comes with a beautiful design.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The design is of the top fashion
  • The quality is reliable
  • Offers longevity
  • Made with a higher grade of leather palm
  • Provides added protection
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit costly
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6. Prokyde Aligator Batting Gloves – Best shock absorption

Prokyde Aligator Batting Gloves
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Getting good batting gloves at an affordable price is not that hard. There are a bunch of gloves that you can choose from. Of course, you are still getting what you’ve paid for. More expensive gloves are naturally more durable and absorbs more shock.

But, Prokyde Aligator Batting Gloves is our best shock absorption choice. It still works well and will let you play a couple of games before tearing down.

So, while you are saving for premium batting gloves, you can get these gloves first. It offers comfort and protection which is basically what you will need while playing the game. Overall, Prokyde Aligator Batting Gloves is a solid choice for an affordable pair of batting gloves.

Main Features
  • Comes at different options for different players: youth, men, boy
  • It is designed for right-handed players
  • The palm material is cotton and padding materials are synthetic and PU
  • Sausage fingers and curved design
  • Wrist band material is elasticated toweling.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of quality materials
  • Nice design
  • Affordable
  • Provides good protection
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Doesn’t provide great grip when compared to expensive gloves
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7. SG Ecolite Club Batting Gloves Combo – Ecolite Batting Gloves + Club Inner Gloves

SG Ecolite Club Batting Gloves Combo
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SG Ecolite Club Batting Gloves Combo is another choice for players who doesn’t have a big budget for a good batting gloves. It also gets the job done and protects your hands while also making you feel comfortable. It is our best choice for ventilation features.

The palm part of the gloves are made from PVC and cotton. It gives the protection that you will need while playing. Of course, that is the most important, right? So, if you want a pair of gloves that you can use during practice or even a real match, SG Ecolite Club Batting Gloves Combo should be on your list. With its cotton gusset for ventilation, you feel uncomfortable while playing under the sun. It also help keep your hands dry.

Main Features
  • The palm area of the gloves is made of PVC and cotton
  • It comes with cotton gusset for ventilation
  • It is designed for right-handed players
  • It is more suited for men
  • Made of cotton and leather
PROS (What we liked)
  • Affordable
  • Comes with good ventilation for more comfort
  • Has a nice design
  • Provides sufficient protection
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not as durable as more expensive gloves
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8. Adidas Pellara 4.0 Cricket Batting Gloves – Top longevity choice

Adidas Pellara 4.0 Cricket Batting Gloves
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We’re quite sure that this is not the very first time that you’ve heard about the “Adidas” brand. It’s one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to sports equipment. This is our top longevity choice, it is made with full-proofed quality that allows you to perform better at sports. It is made from premium quality sheep leather, which provides you with impressive protection without putting too much extra weight.

According to verified people who have purchased the product, they love the fact that it does not only provide them with comfort, but it makes them look fashionable.

High-density foam with single section break offers; A great combination of protection and flexibility

Main Features
  • The batting gloves are available in red, white design– high fashion to look at
  • Comes with a comfort foam found on the underlay back which provides extra comfort and flexibility
  • It provides better air ventilation
  • It has top-notch design
  • It’s light in weight
  • The leather lining is made with superior quality
  • It provides with amazing fitting
  • It has impressive cushion that provides added protection for your hands
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comfortable to wear for a longer period
  • Made with durable materials
  • The packaging is secure
  • Comes in high fashion
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit expensive
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9. HeadTurners Cricket Batting Right Hand Gloves- Featherlite for Boys, Youth and Mens (Blue) – Best breathability features

HeadTurners Cricket Batting Right Hand Gloves- Featherlite for Boys, Youth and Mens (Blue)
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The HeadTurners Cricket batting glove is our top pick for best breathability features. It is a quality polyurethane batting gloves that help you play at great ease and comfort.  HeadTurners has always been one of the best providers when it comes to durable sports equipment.

Main Features
  • It’s made with flex mesh, which improves the breathability features of the product
  • The finger part is protected with cotton filled finger rolls
  • There’s a toweled wristband that is purposely created to provide comfort fit
  • The designs are attractive
  • The grip tabs helps you perform a better grip on the bat
  • It provides the glove wearer with extra protection with the materials it’s made from
  • The quality of the lather used is top notched
PROS (What we liked)
  • Provides top comfort for the players
  • The leather adds protection for the fingers
  • Made with premium polyurethane gloves
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Only for right-handed players
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10. SG Ecolite Batting Gloves – Best pick for top fashion

SG Ecolite Batting Gloves
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We’re quite sure that this isn’t the first time you have heard about the brand, SG. It’s one of the most trusted and recommended brand product available in the market. This pair of cricket glove is sausage style, which means that it is made to provide optimum protection.

Main Features
  • The pair of gloves is made from leather palm, which could provide you with the “soft feels”
  • The mesh inserts is made to provide cooling effects on the hands, which allows you to perform firmer grip when your hands gets sweat
  • It is designed with long innings inside
  • The back is made from cotton, which provides just right about the perfect comfort you need
  • The pair of gloves is in sausage style, which is meant so it can provide you with optimum protection
PROS (What we liked)
  • Made with quality
  • Came from a brand that could be trusted
  • Sausage styled
  • Top fashion
  • Provides added protection for the user
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit costly
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top cricket batting glove brands?

The top cricket batting glove brands are as follows:

Under Armour

2. What is the difference between cricket batting gloves and wicket keeping gloves?

Batting gloves come with foam padding on the fingers and thumb for enhanced protection. The first two fingers come with a finger split to ensure a better grip while holding the bat. It provides comfort, warmth and impact protection while hitting the ball with the bat.

On the other hand, wicket keeping gloves are primarily used for the purpose of catching the ball. They come with webbing between the thumb and index finger to help the player catch the ball with ease. The webbing acts as a support.

3. How to take care of cricket batting gloves?

You can brush the surface of your gloves with a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt.

It is advised to avoid using liquid or oil-based cleansers on the pair of cricket gloves.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply leather conditioner on the leather parts of the gloves.

It is also essential to allow the gloves to dry naturally after every use. This prevents the salts from the sweat to harden the leather surface over time making it difficult to remove.

4. What makes a pair of cricket gloves expensive?

The cost of the gloves greatly varies on the quality in which the glove is made. Here’s a quick overview of the points that you should be looking at.

5. What is the best cricket glove material?

If you are thinking about which gloves are the best, you should go to Pittard’s leather or sheepskin. This material displays an excellent ability in terms of absorbing moisture, so you stay comfortable throughout the whole game.

These are very excellent in terms of perspiration absorbent. So, when it comes to highest comfort levels– the pittards leather got something to offer. The only downside is that the material might get to wear easily compared to other materials.

It can offer you with great soft feels and also, added protection.

6. Can fielders wear gloves in cricket?

Yes, if the fielders are fielding close to the batsman, it’s important that they wear gloves. They are even required to wear helmets so that they can protect their hands and heads from potential injury.  Leg guards are also worn under their clothing to make sure that their knees and joints are protected.

7. What are cricket gloves made of?

A pair of cricket gloves is a common component to every bat-and-ball games sportswear. It can be made from different materials. But most commonly it could be made from leather palm, PVC, nylon or other synthetic fabric.

The glove helps in covering one or both hands so that you can have better comfort, warmth, and improved grip. The more you invest for a cricket glove, the better the “shock absorption” feature it can provide.

8. How to properly take care of your cricket gloves?

After playing, make sure that you allow your cricket gloves to dry naturally. Your gloves will often end wet due to the sweat and moisture that your hands release during play.

Allow it to dry naturally before keeping or washing it. When there are stains, make sure that you use a very mild soap detergent and softly stroke the stains to remove it.

9. Are there any styles for a cricket glove?

Yes, a cricket glove has two styles: 1) sausage finger 2) split-finger. Some gloves are split-fingered, and there are also that have sausage rolled fingers. The two methods are very different in terms of feels and comfort.

The flexibility in the sausage fingers are not as good compared to the split styled gloves, but it is known for its reliable and extra added protection.

10. Is sausage finger better than split-fingered cricket gloves?

Though the sausage finger cricket gloves can provide you with excellent protection and quality guard, it can come a bit hefty in weight which makes it a bit difficult for you to flex your fingers. Which one is better highly depends on what the person is most comfortable with.


Picking your cricket gloves is as important when you choose other protective gear like your helmet. Since, there are many options in the market. It can be difficult for you to find the one that could provide you with the best comfort and protection.

That’s why we provided you with a wide range of options ranging from top comfort, best padded, to top breathability features. So, whatever it is you are looking for, you can easily spot it in his article.

Have a safe cricket game, guys!

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