15 Tips to Save Water

Most people think that the earth is rich in water, but very few people know that only one percent of the water is freshwater that we use daily. Water is the element after air that needs to be preserved. Many scientists have said that the crisis of the water shortly is imminent. Many cities and countries are already suffering from a shortage of water.

Do not take the abundant supply of water at your home for granted. Try to reduce the usage of water as much as possible.

Let’s discuss this important matter in detail and know some important tips regarding how to save water.

15 Simple Ways to Save Water

Turn off the tap while brushing/shaving

Many people have this habit of keeping the tap on while brushing their teeth or shaving. A decent tap can throw 6-8 liters of water every minute. Imagine the water you would be wasting while keeping the faucet/tap open when you are not even using it. Hence, turn the tap off while brushing or shaving and only open it when you need it.

Turn off the tap while washing hands

You don’t need to let the water go to waste while you are scrubbing your hands. Wet your hands at starting, turn off the tap, and then wash your hands with soap or handwash for as long as you feel need. When it is time to rinse your hands, then open the faucet and use the water required.

Fix any leaks

If you have any leaks in your plumbing or any taps, thousands of liters of water go to waste. Make sure to check your plumbing once in a year to fix leaks (if there are any). Check all the bath fittings and taps of every bathroom.

Shorter baths

We need a long bath after a tiring day to feel refreshed. Once in a week, that relaxing bath won’t do any harm, but let’s not make it a habit. The duration of your bath decides how much water you are using. A regular bath takes up to 5-7 gallons of water, whereas a long shower may take 12-15 gallons of water. Shorter your bath time to a limit, so it helps prevent wasting so much water daily.

Water-saving showerheads

If your building has a good flow of water, then your tap/faucet will be throwing out 10-12 liters of water per minute. Starting from brushing in the morning to washing your dishes at night, it would waste more water than you need.

Buy water-saving showerheads from your nearest hardware store and save lots of water throughout the day. Also, for basins, you can install tap aerators, which can save up to 80% of water compared to standard faucets. You will have no trouble while doing your everyday work and will be saving lots of water as well.

Do not use RO water purifiers (if not necessary)

We all want our drinking water to be fresh. But did you know that RO purifiers waste 2-3 liters of water to purify 1 liter of water? That is massive wastage of water. So it is suggested that if your area’s natural water condition is not devastating, then go for a UV+UF water purifier instead of an RO water purifier. The ratio of water purified to water wastage is 1:3.

If RO water purifiers are must

If you must use an RO water purifier because there is no other way, then make sure to buy one which has a ratio of water purified to water wastage of 1:1. Modern RO purifiers have upgraded their technology.

Also, store the wasted water in a bucket and use it for different purposes such as mopping the floor, cleaning your dishes, etc. Don’t let it go to waste.


An automatic dishwasher may consume up to 25-35 gallons of water per washing. Make sure it is full of dishes, and no water will go to waste before you turn it on.

Washing machine

A washing machine requires tons of water to function correctly. A single wash needs around 35-40 gallons of water, which is a lot. Make sure it is loaded full of clothes, and the water will be used instead of going to waste. An extra amount of water than needed is always a waste.

Hand washing dishes

In most of the household, dishes are washed by our hands. If you also wash your dishes by yourself, then do not make the mistake of keeping the tap turned on as long as you are washing the dishes. It results in a considerable waste of water.

Close your sink and fill it with water, and then start washing your dishes. You may also take a big bucket, fill it with water, and then rinse your dishes with the stored water. You will save gallons of water every day.

Cleaning vegetables

Take a big tumbler and fill it with water. Then clean your vegetables thoroughly. Fill it with more water if needed. Do not let the faucet run while you wash the vegetables. Use the amount that’s required, and prevent wastage.

Keep a bottle in the refrigerator

In summer, the pipes or the tank of water get heated, and the water becomes extremely hot for us to drink. What people do is they keep the tap on until the heated water is all gone. This way, gallons of water are being wasted every day in the summertime.

Keep one or two bottles of drinking water in the refrigerator, so when the water is hot, instead of throwing it away, you mix it with the refrigerator water and then drink it. This way, you get water of perfect temperature, and none of it is going to waste.

Don’t run the hose while washing your car

Washing a car or motorbike takes a lot of water. There are ways you can do to clean it properly and save water at the same time. Use the soapy water to scrub your car first.

When it is time rinse it off, then use the hose only. You can always fill up a bucket with water and use a mug to throw water on your clear to rinse it off manually. It will take time and effort but will save a considerable amount of water.

Filling up tanks

While you are filling up your tanks, make sure someone is on the roof watching the tank, so it does not overflow. This simple precaution can save a lot of water. Don’t forget to turn off the motor to avoid water wastage.

Clean driveways manually

Rinsing off a car using a hose is appropriate, but cleaning your driveway using a hose will be a complete waste of water. Make sure to use a bucket and a mug to clean your backyards or driveways.


The water crisis on our earth is imminent. We can only delay the process by saving water for our future generations. In our everyday life, we waste a lot of water, knowingly and unknowingly. Make sure you read our article thoroughly to know all the ways and tips you can save water.

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