Tips to Get Better Indoor Air Quality

We often consider the need to protect the air quality outdoors, but it is important for us to protect indoor air quality. People spend most of their time indoors. You probably know that it’s harmful to breathe polluted air when you’re outside. The same is true when you’re indoors.

Indoor air quality is typically 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. The polluted indoor air may cause you asthma, dust allergy, and lung cancer. Children are particularly vulnerable to poor indoor air quality as their lungs are still developing. Indoor air quality tends to be worse in the winter because there is often no flow of fresh air from the outside.

Below we will discuss some steps that you can take to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Keep Windows Open When You Clean

When you are about to clean your home, keep the windows open. Cleaning tends to stir up lots of dust, bacteria, or other toxins that are in your home. They will make your indoor air quality much worse if you do not keep the windows open.

Air Filters

Purchase Air filters as soon as possible. They are mainly used in residential or business purpose buildings. This filter plays an important role when it comes to cleaning the air in a building. You can change them every month.

Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture is sitting there for a long time now. It has many germs, dust and other toxins in it. Cleaning the furniture regularly keeps the air fresh. It can absorb dust, germs, pollutants, and it is an effective way to improve air quality.

Carpet Cleaning

Many pollutants and germs take place in the carpeting of an area. You must clean the carpet daily to get rid of these allergens with the help of a vacuum cleaner for carpets. You can also hire a professional cleaning service to do it on your behalf. They will provide the best cleaning.

Indoor plants

This is one of the best effective yet aesthetically pleasing way to improve air quality. Purchase as many houseplants as you can. They produce cleaner and fresher oxygen, and that keeps the air refreshed in your home.

Clean Walls

Quick and easy cleaning of the walls without damaging the paint is very necessary. Ensuring the removal of mold and any other remnants that may have been there from earlier can be very useful.

Air Purifier:

There are many types of air purifiers out there in the market now. All you need to do is plug them into the wall and let them do their job of purifying the polluted air. People with allergies must have air purifier as it can benefit them tremendously.

No Smoking

If you smoke a cigarette or cigar inside of your home, then the air quality will be poor. The smoke not only blends in the air but also absorbed into your furniture, carpet, and bed. This can lead to a variety of breathing-related issues, asthma, and even lung cancer.

Open Your Windows

At least once a day open your windows and let the fresh air come inside. When you have not opened the window for a long period, then bacteria, germs, and allergens would hold onto the air of your home which is not healthy for you.

Radon Test

Radon tests are very influential when it comes to the improvement of your house’s indoor air quality. Radon is a chemical element, which is mostly found in the basements of a household. Research has shown a clear link between breathing high concentrations of radon and the incidence of lung cancers. You must get rid of this element.


Keep humidity levels in your home below 50%. Dry air prevents mold growth. You should buy dehumidifiers to keep the moisture in your room to a minimum.

Remove Shoes

Remove your shoes at the door before entering the house. There is too much dust, germs are in your shoes to pollute the indoor air. Encourage everyone to make this a habit and keep the air cleaner.

Fix Leaks

Fix any kind of plumbing leaks or any other leaks on the wall to avoid mold growth. Don’t let the leak get any bigger and take quick action.

Wash the Curtains

The curtains need to be cleaned often. Many allergens rest in the curtains/drapes. Regular vacuuming of the curtains is required if you want to improve the indoor air quality.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Most of the cleaning products contain harsh solvents or emit toxic odors. Try buying 100% chemical-free/natural cleaning products. Some prefer making their natural cleaning products.

Mop Floors

Mop the floors regularly with a spin mop. It picks up the pollutants, dust, that vacuuming leaves behind. Always use non-toxic cleaning soap to mix in the mop water. It helps to kill bacteria and allergens as well.

Floor Mats

These are important to place at the entrance of the main doorway. Dust that is on the shoe can easily get into the air. These mats are used to clean shoe bottoms.


Always paint your house with the paints that are labeled “Zero VOC” or “Low VOC”. These paints have low harmful chemicals mixed. It will keep your home and air fresh.

No Aerosol

Aerosol sprays can release harmful chemicals into the air. Instead, go for the non-aerosol version of deodorant, hair spray, air freshener. Cut out the aerosol spray as much as you can.


By following these steps you can avoid poor quality air in the home. Applying certain practices is an effective way to accomplish this objective. Better fresh quality air means you will remain healthy. Make your home more environmentally friendly.

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