Tips for Geyser Maintenance and Installation

One of the cruelest things that can happen to you is the malfunctioning of your geyser in the middle of relaxing hot shower during chilly winter days. 

Like any other electrical or electronic appliances, your geyser also needs proper maintenance for long-lasting and hassle-free performance. 

No matter, how recently you have purchased your new geyser; you need to exercise its proper care from the moment the installation of your hot shower companion begins. 

Even though you cannot completely avoid the wear and tear of your geyser machinery, you can certainly extend its life by practicing easy-to-follow tips for efficient water heating for years and years.

his article also has tips for geyser installation and maintenance that will help you in getting all the information under the single roof.

Tips for Geyser Installation

Leave sufficient space between the geyser and surrounding walls

While installing the geyser in your bathroom, you must ensure to leave sufficient space between the appliance and the walls.  

It comes to your rescue when you need to repair the affected parts as it allows the technician to conveniently maneuver his tools in the available space for checking and rectifying the issues properly. 

Easy Accessibility 

Wherever you place the geyser, it must be easily accessible for any repair or service needs. Also, keep it away from the source of dampness such as toilet, bathtub, or shower.

Install geyser at an optimal height

Install your geyser at the optimal height of a minimum of 6 feet from the bathroom floor. 

As per the experts’ recommendation, the water pressure at this height generates adequate gushing hot water flow from the geyser for a heavenly hot water shower.

Connect your geyser to MCB 

This may sound technical, but all you need to do is ask your technician to set up electrical connections of your geyser with Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).

The MCB would save your geyser by cutting off electricity in event of any unwanted power fluctuations. It will also provide effective protection against short-circuiting. 

Moreover, use high-quality electrical switches and flame-free switchboards that assure higher standards of safety.

Tips for Regular Geyser Maintenance

Once you have successfully installed your geyser, you need to channel your efforts towards its regular maintenance by following the below-mentioned tips.

Switch off the geyser when not in use

Although it may seem the pretty simplistic thing to do, it goes a long way in ensuring the best performance of your geyser without any frequent repairs. 

The advanced geyser models come with robust safety mechanisms that encourage you to remain carefree and switched on your geyser for extended periods. 

Your intent of getting warm water for everyone and save time utilized in heating water, again and again, is understandable. 

However, keeping the geyser switched on the extended periods exerts strain on the appliance and reduces the life of its parts.

The newer variants quickly heat water within 5 minutes and do not necessitate to be switched on for longer durations. Thus, switch off the geyser when not in use to ensure its long-lasting serviceability.

Keep lower temperature settings

You should maintain lower temperature settings in your geyser. By considering such settings, the geyser will heat the water to the desired temperature in less time and also utilizes fewer resources.

Thus, you may save electricity and increase the geyser’s life by subjecting it to less water heating tasks. 

The lower temperature settings result in warm water flowing out of the geyser. This is ideally suited for small children by preventing incidents of accidental burns with very hot water. 

Replace the anode rod after every few years

The large geyser comprises anode rod inside the tank that serves as an anti-corrosion agent. It prevents the tank against corrosion or rusting by attracting the rust and impurities present in the water.

The anode rod itself corrodes away in few years or it gets coated with whitish calcium sediments over its surface due to hard water. 

Therefore, you should replace this rod every 3 years for ensuring proper functioning of the geyser.

Replace plastic pipes with metallic pipes

If your geyser has the plastic inlet and outlet pipes, get it replaced with metallic ones.

It would not only provide efficient safety against heat but also ensure the long life of the pipes.

Never miss out on annual maintenance 

You must regularly do the annual maintenance of your geyser. 

Always hire the services of the prestigious and reliable geyser servicing and repairing company.

These companies employ the best technicians for rooting out any issues and do proper servicing or repairing for ensuring the long life of your geyser.

Moreover, remember to ask your technician to check the proper functioning of temperature and pressure release valves in the geyser and replace them if required during his visit.  


Buying the best geyser that perfectly matches your needs, involves considering various buying factors, reading reviews, comparing the pros and cons of geysers from leading brands, and satisfying your queries.

However, this is only half the task done. The other half involves the proper installation, due care, and maintenance of your geyser.

Follow our tips and be assured of an uninterrupted long-lasting experience of relishing the warm water shower during bone-chilling winters. 

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