Things you Shouldn’t do to Washing Machine

Most of us use our washing machine to clean dirty clothes and think it is quite easy to wash. However, you’d be surprised to learn there are some mistakes we all make unknowingly. From our dirty laundry to sneakers, we clean every one of them into the washer. Let’s take a deeper dive into the things that you should not do to a washing machine.

Things you shouldn’t do to your washing machine

Ignore the tags on clothes

Different fabric or clothing needs to be washed in various settings in the washing machine. This technology of washing machines has come a long way, and it has been upgrading ever since. These machines still can’t read a tag and choose the best setting on their own.

It is recommended that you know your laundry correctly before you put them into the washer. Read the labels provided by the manufacturer to know the best setting for them. Failing to read the tag and follow instructions may cause colors to bleed, or damage your laundry.

Adding extra detergent:

The common misconception is that adding excess detergent will make your clothes cleaner or that dirtier clothes will need excess detergent. It is always recommended to wash the laundry twice with the average amount of detergent rather than putting an extra amount. Modern washing machines are water and energy-efficient. They can rinse your clothes properly with a specific volume of water.

Forgetting to sort the cloths

If you forget to sort your laundry, it may easily ruin the load or the washing machine. Unsorted laundry can damage your clothes, and it may cause colors to bleed or to shrink as well. Sorting your clothes will help you find if there is anything left in your coat/shirt pocket, such as a pen or marker, which could ruin the other clothes. Make sure to check every front, back, and inside pocket of your trouser/shirt.

Choosing the wrong setting on a washing machine

The first thing you need to do after you buy a washing machine is to learn the built-in settings. Different clothing needs different parameters to be washed. You can clean most of your laundry on the default settings, and it would come out perfect.

You will need to customize the settings according to the laundry, which comes with special instructions. If you wash the item in the wrong setting, it may ruin the cloth. Learn the settings, and it will save you from a lot of trouble.

Keeping the machine unbalanced

Whenever you notice your washing machine is unstable, fix it before it gets any worse. An unbalanced load of laundry creates lots of trouble for the machine to work comfortably. It can lead to tearing and ripping your cloth.

Never overload or underload your washing machine with laundry. Make sure it is balanced before starting it. If the machine is unbalanced and the problem becomes worse, then it might cause you costly repairs which you could have been prevented.

Leaving the wet clothes inside

Do not get distracted and leave the wet clothes in your washing machine. It is bad for you, your clothes, and your machine as it leads to a foul smell. Be sure to set a reminder on your phone or set the alarm, so the washed clothes are taken out regularly to prevent a smelly, damaged load.


You should never do these things mentioned above to your washing machine. In some cases, things could get messy, or the washer might get damaged. Prevent all of that from happening by following these simple steps.

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