Televisions under INR 10000

This article provides an in-depth guide to the best LED Televisions available under a limited budget of 10000, from brands like Panasonic, Kevin and TCL.

Televisions are no more an optional device for our house. After spending long hectic hours of working in the office, we all seek for entertainment or rather a way to escape from the real world. 

Even when we spend very less time watching television unless it is a weekend, we still crave for such entertainment. But is it only about buying a TV? The answer is NO. 

We all are looking for top quality materials, best-looking display, and amazing picture quality televisions. Only with Smart televisions, it becomes easy to attain such needs and requirements. 

Even when your prime lookout is a smart flat television, you might be thinking about your budget. Well, the good news is, not every time you need to spend huge while buying these televisions. Some brands are there that offers quality television set to suffice your need for entertainment without actually hitting hard on the bank balance. 

Moreover, when there is a budget limitation finding the right kind of television becomes a bit hard. So, if you are someone looking for televisions under INR 10000, you might be facing various difficulties in your way to make the right choice. 

If you want more from the television, but still keep the budget limited to 10000, then this is a guide for you. TV technologies are evolving every year along with is making it harder for us to choose one. So to make it easier for you to choose desirable televisions within INR 10000,  we have collected information to ease every step to the way to buy a television. 

So let’s dig in.

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What To Expect from the Televisions Below INR 10000?

You might be thinking, what barely you will get from buying a television under INR 10000. Well, to your and our surprise, the television manufacturers have set the bar way much higher than you can even imagine. The features you can get from this range is enough to encompass your entertainment needs. 

32-inch television:

If you think that you need to keep your hopes down on the television size, then the reality is no. No more, you need to spend a huge amount, as only within INR 10000, your expectations will be fulfilled. You can acquire a good LED TV of 32 inches that can easily fit on your small room. Also, a 32-inch is one of those sizes that can fit any room perfectly without making it look odd. 

More connectivity options:

We are not satisfied with just a TV that will help us to see only the daily series and movies, we want more than that. We want to connect our pen drive, connect with the external speakers or gaming devices. This requires number of port availability on the television. However, don’t expect to get a huge number of ports but a decent number of 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports will be available. Even when it depends a lot on the brand, a minimum of 2 ports are always available. 

2-3 speakers for audio output:

Without proper sound quality, you can never enjoy a cinematic experience. Keeping the necessities in mind, the brand manufacturers have provided with quality speakers. If you are thinking about whether there will be any quality speaker integrated into these televisions, then the good news is yes. You will find these TVs have 2 to 3 speakers integrated to offer you the best sound experience. However, don’t expect to provide theatre like experience as for that you require connecting with your external speakers. 

HD Quality:

The prime requirement while buying any television, especially the new age advanced high-end televisions is the picture quality. You can stay assured that you will acquire great quality resolutions. HD displays are common among this range, and hence you can enjoy a great experience. With decent image quality and color reproduction, these televisions tend to offer the great visual experience to you and your family. If you are a cinema bug, obviously these televisions will easily be able to suffice your needs. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

This might not be available with all as only a few brands can afford to offer such high-end technological integration at such a low price. When you have Wi-Fi connectivity options, it widens the chances to enjoy televisions. With a Smart TV, you can get access to several streaming apps like Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, and much more. This means with one TV you can enjoy the basic aspects of television along with other internet application. 

178 Degrees of viewing angle:

While buying a television, you always need to keep in mind that not always you or other people sitting in the room will be taking the center position. As we all know, the center position is the best of all but since not always it becomes feasible to take the center seat, looking for a good viewing angle is always recommended. 178 degrees of viewing angle is so far the best among televisions as it allows the viewers sitting on the extreme corners to enjoy equally like the center. Even at such a low budget, you can expect 178 degrees of viewing angle. 

Up to 100HZ Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is one of the most crucial aspects that decide the picture quality. The more your television refreshes, the better will be its image quality. Well, the max refresh rate of televisions so far has been 240Hz, but don’t expect such high quality for television within INR 10000. Most of the televisions within this range come with up to 100Hz refresh rate, thereby helping you equally to enjoy a better picture quality and experience. 


Most of the brands offering televisions within INR 10000 offer a warranty of 1 year or sometimes more. So you can stay assured that your money is in safe hands as in case of any internal defects within this tenure, the manufacturer will take the entire responsibility of resolving or replacing the television. 

A Brief Comparison: 

TVs under INR10000TVs above INR 10000
Connectivity2 USB, 2 HDMI portsMultiple USB and HDMI Ports that can range up to 4HDMI and 3USB 
Display24 – 32 Inches32 – 55 and above inches
Resolution1366 x 768 (HD Ready)Full HD – 4K UHD
WarrantyOne year Two years (Depending on the manufacturer)
Display TypeLEDLED, QLED, and OLED
Smart TVNoYes (Depending on the price range and brand type)

Buying Guide While Buying Televisions under INR 10000:

Before investing your hard-earned money on any random television just by believing the words of the marketers can leave you in deep waters. You need to check these few things before you place your money on a device. Checking the following points will ensure acquiring the best from investment. 

Check for HD streaming video:

You don’t want to watch a series or movies that have disgusting quality. This will disrupt the overall experience, which is why you require a television that ensures streaming high-definition videos. Check for the HDR mark as not all the television at this range comes with this label.  Consider buying televisions that stream HD videos. 

Check the brand:

We all are especially inclined to some brands. Irrespective of mobile, laptops, or televisions, we all have a personal recommendation for brands. When it comes to buying televisions, you should always stick to your favorite brand. However, it is a mandate to check the features as well before blindly trusting the brand. 

Check the availability of the port:

When it is about connectivity, you need to look for ports. This will help you to connect the external devices along with the pen drives. So while buying a television for your home, make sure you check the port availability. Most of the television available in the market comes with the HDMI ports and to stay extra assured check them.

Check the audio output:

As mentioned before, audio is an important aspect of any television. For a great cinematic experience, you need to check the audio output quality. Make sure that the televisions are available with 10watt dual speakers. This will improve the experience but to enjoy the better sound experience, make sure you invest in a separate home theatre system. 

Check the size of the TV:

This is vital and should always be on top of the list. Size is the first thing that needs to be considered by the owners. However, as always we will recommend you to check the size of the room with the TV for a better experience. 

Check the display:

When we talk about the display, we mean the refresh rate, contrast, resolution, type, and HDR. These are some of the prime components of the display. 

  • HDR: HDR is the abbreviation of High Dynamic Range. This means the television will have better colors and outstanding picture quality. However, for this, you need to make sure that the content is HD quality. Therefore checking the HDR is a must for buyers. 
  • Refresh Rate: It refers to how many times an image will refresh on the TV screen every second. More refresh rate is a result of better picture quality. Hence, your lookout should be on the numerical written with the unit HZ to determine the quality. 
  • Contrast: Higher contrast ratio ensure great on-screen display quality to view every single detail of the picture. Higher contrast ratio can assure better picture quality and a better experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best TV brand under Rs. 10000?

With new technology emerging every day, the previous ones are getting cheaper, thereby making it easier for people actually to buy one. When talking about the brands, you will find different brands, namely Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, and much more offering some of the incredible 24 to 32 inches HD televisions within INR 10000. 

2. Can I expect a Smart TV under Rs 10000?

Yes definitely. Why not? As the manufacturers are uncovering high-end technologies, the number of reasonable TVs are coming up. You can enjoy some of the amazing features in televisions available below INR 10000. 

3. What is the maximum size of the TV to expect under Rs. 10000?

Well, this will greatly vary from one brand to another. However, you will always be p[resented with a decent display size, which is not less them 24 inches. Chances are much higher that you can find television of 32 inches display size. This is considered as one of the most suitable display sizes for all room size. 

4. How many HDMI ports will be available within this range? 

HDMI ports are important which is known by the manufacturers as well. Since these are all high-quality display TVs, you can stay assured about the availability of ports. You will get the freedom to insert your audio system, pen drive, set-top box, and much more. The maximum number of ports that will be available at this range will probably be 2HDMI, 2USB, which is great enough to enjoy. 

5. Should I buy LCD TV or a LED TV?

If this is the questions, then LED TVs will be recommended by the experts. However, the picture qualities of both are almost the same, but LEDs in recent times are the biggest sellers in the market. These TVs are available in amazing flat wall mounted designs, fantastic picture quality, and lastly LED TVs to consume less energy, which makes it great for investment. Moreover, at this range, you will be provided with ample of options for LED TVs. 

6. Why should I check the refresh rate? 

When it comes to picture clarity, you cannot skip checking the refresh rate of the televisions. The more refresh rate denotes the better quality of pictures. Nowadays, advancement has been taking place, but at this range, the maximum refresh rate that you can obtain is 100Hz. Therefore, even at such a low investment, you can enjoy fantastic picture quality. 

7. Does viewing angle matters? 

Yes, it is a crucial factor for any televisions as we all know that viewing experience differs from one corner or the TV to another, especially when the viewing angle of the TV is limited. When you have a large space with sofa on three corners, you can stay assured that center positioning sofa will enjoy amazing picture quality, but the people sitting on the other two sides might have the compromise if you do not check the viewing angle. 178 degree is a great viewing angle as it ensures everyone sitting in the room enjoy equally.  

8. Does contrast ratio have any relation with the picture quality?

When it is the price or the size of the TV, you can stay assured that picture quality will not be affected by these factors, but when it is about the contrast ratio, it certainly makes a tremendous difference in the picture quality. Since the contrast ratio is the difference between the darkest and brightest part of the image, without a good contrast ratio, the total experience can be hampered. 

Note: The comparison shown above is based on a specific brand, and therefore, information might differ from other brands. This is to provide you with a rough knowledge of the features available below INR 10000

Always remember the features vary from one brand to another. This is just about providing a rough idea on what you will be getting at such a low price. The results are almost the same with a difference in the price and brand name. So choose wisely after checking all the features. 


Irrespective of the price point, it is always a need for the owners to check the features on their own. Since INR 10000 is a low amount to acquire an HD quality television, you need to be double sure about the product you are buying. Checking even the minute aspects of televisions prove to be satisfactory in the later time. 

We have included all the necessary details, and hopefully, it will now become easier for you to purchase on your own. Also, never forget to check the customer reviews before you rely on any TV brand. This will provide you with a realistic idea. 



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