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The development of technology has led to the innovation of our television watching experience. Here we provide an in-depth guide to the best smart TVs from brands like Samsung, Sanyo, Sony Bravia and Kevin.

How about watching the World Cup Finals on a big screen with an amazing audio system? Isn’t it fun? Indeed! What can give you more pleasure if you are a cricket bug and watching the match on a big screen? It is more like watching the match in a PVR theatre. Undoubtedly, old televisions are also available and can serve the basic purpose of letting you know the cricket score, but with better resolution, bigger screen, and great sound, it’s more than just a match, it’s thrilling. 

With the advancement in technology, we are blessed with different types of television, but Smart TVs are the real deal. Smart TVs are getting even smarter with days like getting wider, thinner, a high-resolution picture which makes you feel no less than you are in reality, fantastic sound quality and most importantly, these are more than just a TV. Yes, you heard it right. 

Smart TVs function both like TVs that have local channels by setting with your Set Top box and like your personal computer where you can browse, download streaming apps and watch your favorite movie or video or listen to your favorite song. 

What can be more delightful than having a TV that is Smart enough to show the information of your small screen mobile to the big screen. Whether it is your presentation or a video you made for your wife or professional purpose – it can do anything by simply connecting with your mobile. Sounds great, right? But to enjoy such features, you need to make the right choice, and for choosing the right one, knowledge is a necessity. 

Whenever you go shopping, you will be facing a bunch of phraseology like HDR, LED, OLED, LCD, quantum dots, and much more. Most likely, the manufacturers are on the verge of providing many other options that will make our future more entertaining. 

The good news is, we are here to provide you with a complete guide on the smart TV features, things to consider while purchasing and much more. Technology is ever-changing, but only with complete knowledge and expert guidance, you can choose the valuable path. 

Define Smart TV:

Smart TV is a television that is connected to the Internet, offering web features. This might be a web browser, but the distinguishing feature that comes with these Smart TVs is that users can access their favorite entertainment app from these TVs, whether it is Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube. If you are buying Smart TV for the first time, then get ready to enter the fascinating world of entertainment. 

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Top Features of a Smart TV

As we all know that Android Smart TV features are uncountable, and this is what makes it more appealing to the buyers. Before purchasing these devices, you need to check the features. 

User Interface:

This is one of the most common features added in Smart TV, which does not require any second thought. Speed is a need for people. Unlike the old version where you need to wait for eternity just to let the home page load and then to tune into your favorite channel, make sure while purchasing a Smart TV, the user interface is not only easy to understand but also fast. Some of the latest devices available in the market give you the freedom to do anything or swap from one app to another without waiting.     

No more you will get irritated with the new age Smart TVs as they are not sluggish, but they are unbelievably fast. 

Streaming Video:

If you are a movie buff and your leisure time means to watch movies or videos, you need this feature to be integrated. If you are still renting CDs and watching a movie, then get a life. Get a Smart TV and get benefit from having multiple video streaming app at one time. Whether you are more into Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus or YouTube, you can get several options from these Smart TVs. 

With a fast internet connection, you can enjoy a lot more movies than ever. Most of the Smart Tv comes with the video streaming service and hence becomes ideal for sufficing the movie buffs.

Transfer smartphone content to smart tv

One of the most amazing features of a Smart TV is that it allows you to transfer all the phone contents directly to your smart TV. No more you need to use your computer as your Smart Tv will work as your personal computer. Whether it is a presentation or a movie or a video, everything now you can see on the big screen. 

UHD Video Streaming: 

How about watching the same video in a higher resolution? If you love high-resolution pictures, make sure that this feature has been incorporated in your TV. Also, make sure your internet connection is fast enough to continue without buffering. 

Music Streaming:

If listening to music is your everyday routine, then you are just another music lover. Do you know that with these TVs you can listen to music wherever you are in your apartment? Don’t be surprised as you can easily stream audio and by setting up your audio system with the TV and keeping in different rooms, you can listen to music. 

Also, because of the app store present in these TVs, you can find your favorite audio streaming app and continue listening anytime you want from anywhere in your apartment. 

App Functioning and Remote Controls:

Smart TV will come with remote controls, but some TV even comes with features that allow it to be controlled from your Smartphone. Since no matter wherever you are, your phone will always be with you and therefore check for Smart TVs that have app functioning features for your convenience. 

Quick Response Time:

No wonder when you are buying a modern TV, you will be looking for something that will have a very good response time. You would never want to invest in something that will make you wait for ages. Even when manufacturers have already made use of their technology to make it as fast as possible, yet checking ensures safe investment. 

Things to Consider while purchasing a Smart Television

Digital Contents: 

Nowadays, in the smart world where users are mostly indulged in getting the best as they are acquiring from the tabs and mobiles. Therefore, if you don’t want to regret later, make sure that the TV has the apps and other digital contents, which later can give you full control to use on your terms. 


There is no doubt that Smart TVs are known for the apps, and when you are choosing an Android TV, you will be presented with the highest number of apps. To make sure that you can use your favorite app with ease, all you need is to check open, download, and play the apps you need. 

Interface Issue:

Most of the Smart TV has a complex user interface, along with poor user experience. This, as a result, restricts a user to enjoy the full benefit of the TV. If you don’t want to leave some of the amazing features unutilized, then while purchasing, make sure you check the interface and whether you can control it with convenience. A device that has easy navigation and easy interface always results in acquiring the best ratings in terms of user experience. 

Display Quality:

 In a few decades, the TV manufacturing industry has gone through a lot of advancements in terms of its display quality. HD picture with 1366×768 pixels, full HD picture quality with 1920×1080 pixels, and 4k UHD picture quality with 3840×2160 pixels are available in the market. There is no doubt that the 4k display is so far the best quality, but you can still avail the other two if you are tight on your budget and don’t want to switch brand. 

Connectivity and Ports: 

It is a crucial factor while choosing a TV for your home as it is an indication of how easily you can access your TV. You require checking whether the device can handle more than a single device. Also, don’t forget to check the ports. The more room for connection, the better for you. 

Screen Size:

This is another vital factor that needs to be considered while buying. You need to check the available space and then opt for a size. For 6-9ft space, you can opt for a 55 inches TV, for 5-8 inches, 43 Inches of TV can be a good choice and for 4-6ft, opt for a 32 inch TV. 


There is no doubt that you will be plugging your music system with your Smart TV to listen better, but then again, you need to check the sound quality individually. Make sure that the sound quality is great and gives you the feeling like a high definition display gives. The sound quality needs to match with the display for the best result. 

Warranty of the Device: 

This is another main factor to consider while buying as there are always some possibilities left for improper functioning. Since these are high-end technical devices, chances of problems might arise irrespective of the brand. This is the reason why make sure that you buy a device that has extended years of warranty. 


Smart TVOrdinary TV
DefinitionThese televisions have access to internet and app control, which widens the options and makes it smarter.This is a basic television that does a simple job by connecting with the cable operator.
FunctionalityTV and ComputerBasic TV functions
Web BrowserOften comes with web browserDo not have any web browser
Internet ConnectivityYesNo
Wi-Fi AccessYesNo
Built-in AppsYesNo
Touch ScreenYes some models haveNo
Voice ControlYes some models haveNo

With some of the high-end features and providing access to a large number of apps, Smart TV has now become an integral part of our lives. Starting from better picture quality to great size range to internet accessibility to having the freedom to watch anything, Smart TV is total entertainment for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will a smart TV Work Without an Internet Connection?

Obviously yes, you can easily use your TV along with the apps that do not require an Internet connection. All you need is to make sure that you have set the TV with your cable box. and therefore, keep enjoying your favorite television show. 

2. Can you use a Smart TV without a cable?

Yes, you can use it, but you need to make sure that you have connected your TV with an active Internet connection. With this, you might not be able to enjoy your cable channels, but you can watch anything from the apps and internet connection. 

3. What is the difference between Smart TV and Internet TV?

Internet TVs are the devices that do not come with built-in WiFi, and therefore you would require an ethernet cable or an adapter to connect with the Internet, browsing. Also, the app functionalities are very limited. Whereas Smart TV, on the other hand, has built-in WiFi that can help you enjoy movies or audio. Moreover, it also has an app store. Also, you have the freedom to connect with the cable connection to enjoy the local channels. 

4. Do you need a streaming device if you have a smart TV?

A Smart TV already has most of the streaming apps inbuilt in them like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and much more. With a fast Internet Connection, you can actually enjoy the same as the streaming device would do, and hence you do not require buying another streaming device. 

5. Are there any chances of getting my Smart TV hacked by Viruses?

There is always a chance of getting hacked. The hackers can always break into your TV as it is connected to the Internet and make various unauthorized stuff like changing the channels or steal your password and much more.

To stay on the safe side, don’t do anything sensitive like online shopping or shopping using your credit card as TVs are not as safe as the computers.  

6. Can you surf the web on a smart TV?

Not only the Smart Tv is given the name “Smart” because you can get access to the apps along with enjoying local channels, but also you can browse the web using either your mobile device or your remote. 

7. Which is the best Smart TV brand?

Every brand available in the market these days offer Smart TVs as now the trend is to be “Smart.”  Some of the high-end brand models also offer great navigation features like LG offers gesture controls along with other known brands like Sony, Samsung has also come up with some of the most useful features. 

To be more precise, Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic are some of the renowned brands in the market offering range Smart TV models.

8. How Smart TVs are connected to the Internet?

If your home has internet service, these TV make use of the home network to providing the basic TV service and for streaming videos. These are designed in a manner that they can be easily connected to Wi-Fi and Ethernet for connection. 

Most of the recent TVs are compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. However, some models are also available that use the old version of the 801.11n standard. You need proper guidance on making the right router placement and setting the connection.  

9. How Are Smart TV services different from other TVs?

A smart TV does not have any standard interface or operating system. Most of the Smart TVs available in the market use different software along with a different graphical presentation. 

Most of these TVs offer known services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. However, some of these sets provide only a few apps, while the other models can provide several offerings starting from Facebook to MLB. It all depends on the price tag – lower-priced models are limited to a few apps, while higher price ones provide more. 

10. Will Smart TV take regular updates for new features?

Well, this varies from one brand to another. For most of the manufacturers, they are mostly into adding and customizing the apps. Some of the TV brands are much faster in fixing their bugs or improve and developing apps. 

Nevertheless, most of the manufacturers keep up their periodical software updates; most of these constitute feature updates or making refinements on the internal firmware of your TV. 

11. Are there any chances of my TV getting hanged or crashed like PC?

 Unfortunately, yes, there are some changes. Just like computers, Smart TVs have chips that are used for video processing, internet screening, upscaling, and multiple screening. However, the chances of getting hanged or crashed are very less as these are built, keeping the storage in mind. Mostly due to mishandling, these high-end gadgets tend to get freeze or hang at times.

12. Apart from the app, what are the other advantages of Smart TVs?

There are various benefits of these Smart TVs. Not only are the benefits limited to apps, but also the voice assistant, Amazon Alexa built-in app, and Google Home features are some of the latest features. No more writing as voice search is available. Other models might include features like controlling your lights when connected to the device. 

13. Should I buy a regular set-top box or a Smart TV at a limited budget?

Most of the users take their step back, thinking that a Smart TV comes with a huge price tag. Undoubtedly, this was the scenario, but now the high price tag is diminishing, with more brands producing smart features. It is always better to go for Smart TV rather than paying the same for the Set-top box. 

14. Will my Smart TV show the local channels?

Most of the people who don’t have an idea take their step backward, thinking they will not be able to watch their favorite television show with these TVs. But you should know that these will in no way affect the local channels and will seamlessly keep you entertained with the television shows. On top of this, you will be able to watch high definition pictures and enjoy more than before. 


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