Televisions between INR 20000 – INR 30000

We provide a detailed guide to the best Televisions available in the price range of INR 20,000 – INR 30,000 from brands like Samsung, Sony Bravia, Shinco and Sanyo.

The Television market has been evolving a lot in the last few years. Not only in terms of technology but also when it comes to the price point, the television market has witnessed a significant elevation. Most of the people make mistakes thinking that television is a pretty simple catch.

Even when you have all your demands set for the selection, you might be perplexed with all the new terms that you will find in the market. 

If you are a new buyer, you will be introduced with a plethora of 4K or Ultra HD TVs that guarantees better picture details compared to that of the HDTVs along with enhanced color and contrast ability.

Simultaneously, you will find the latest feature called HDR or the High Dynamic Ratio in the 4K that promises more dynamic images, lifelike picture quality, and brighter blacks and whites. So the dominant confusion start from here is what to buy and which features are mandatory?

Well, the more features, the better you can attain from your investment. When you want to purchase television between 20000 to 30000, you require checking for the elements in order to get the result from the venture. In recent times, OLED TVs are making a buzz in the market with its unique features.

Other than these, there has been an advancement in the picture quality of the LCD, LED, and QLED TVs. Better contrast ratio, more brightness levels, and superior picture quality are making these TVs gain a fantastic demand in the market. 

Obtaining the best TV at a budget of 20000 to 30000 is not hard if you have the knowledge about the features. However, there have been several instances where people have made mistakes while buying. In order to ensure you do not regret later, today we will go through a guide. In this guide, we will learn the features that are generally available in this range, FAQs, buying guide, and much more. 

So let’s dig in to find more about these TVs.

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Features to expect:

32-50 inch Screen Size:

Perhaps this is the first thing or feature we search for while buying a television as we are all looking for a giant screen television. Well, the best thing about your price range is, you have a lot of size options available in front of you. Starting from a 32-inch television that can sit best on any sized room to a large 50-inch television which requires a minimum viewing distance, you can choose as per your room size and preferences. 

When it comes to buying televisions, then the size matters. Hopefully, at this range, you can easily fulfill this dream of yours. 

Full HD Display: 

When buying a new television, you will always look for TVs that offer optimum quality picture. When we say full HD, it means 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is one of the best qualities. It is always recommended to looking for higher resolution as it ensures top quality images. 

If you think what these numbers actually mean, then let’s help you to understand why it is asked to look for bigger numbers. Resolution in television language refers to pixel numbers which compose a picture on these TVs. Discrete picture element or a single pixel comprises of tiny dots on your TV screen. With more number of pixels, images are brighter, clear, and better. 

LED Technology:

With the number of display technologies available in the market, LEDs are the most common one with high demand. Compared to the other technologies, LEDs are common these days and are available at several price points. Due to its several advantages, TV manufacturers mostly rely on this technology. Not only it is beneficial from the manufacturer’s point, but also there are several other features that make it a great choice. 

LEDs undoubtedly offer brighter and sharper pictures, a thinner panel, have great lifespan and energy efficient. LED is the abbreviated form of Light Emitting Diodes. The only reason behind LED TVs being able to offer top-notch quality picture is the LED TVs use Light Emitting Diodes, not fluorescent lights. 

178 Degree of Viewing Angle:

While buying a television, the viewing angle is a vital factor to consider. With the maximum viewing angle, you can ensure watch quality picture from any angle. Since most of the LCD TVs have problem with the viewing angle, manufacturers have taken this in focus, and now at this range, you can expect to get a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

This means no matter whether you are sitting in the center or in some corners, there will be no color shifts. You can enjoy similar picture quality without losing brightness from any degrees. 

Up to 3 speakers:

Undoubtedly a great picture quality is our foremost need, but without decent sound, it is impossible to enjoy any movie. Whether you are an Avenger fan or Horror movie, sound quality is important. So, at this price point, you can ensure getting the best quality sounds as mostly the TV have quality speakers included on both sides and some have three speakers.

With three great speakers, you can enjoy your series or movie. 

Up to 3 HDMI and 3 USB:

Connectivity options are important to check as it endows with choices for you to integrate several other peripheral devices. Whether you want to integrate the set-top box or a commendable high-quality sound system or maybe a play station, all you need is more connectivity options. 

With 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB options, you can insert almost everything you need. Since these TVs are more than just an Idiot box, you can stay assured about obtaining the maximum level of entertainment with these televisions. 

Smart TV:

We are always looking for more and what can be more rewarding than having a TV that is Smart enough. Due to internet connectivity options, especially Wi-Fi enabled, these televisions can easily be connected to the internet. Yes, you are reading it right. Your television can be more than just watching series and movies. 

At this range, you can easily get Smart TVs that have some of the amazing features. Not only do these TVs offer accessing the streaming apps but also you can browse social media platforms from these televisions with ease. So now your giant screen can sometimes serve as a large laptop as well. 

60Hz Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is a technical term which is mostly ignored by the buyers. This means the number of frames which a TV has every second. This is measured in Hertz. The more times your TV refreshes, the better will be its picture quality. 

Usually, 60Hz is common as it means your TV is capable of delivering 60 images per second. This is definitely a great parameter and can ensure offering the top quality picture. 

Wall Mounted Option: 

Everyone is looking for a TV that looks great in their living room. Undeniably, a giant size is our first preference, but when that giant screen television is coupled with a wall mounted option, it actually becomes like a pudding in the cake. A wall mounted TV looks fantastic, and at this price point, you can expect to get some of the walls mounted TV options. 

Up to 3 years of warranty:

Well, this is a very different point as it varies on the manufacturer. Since these are the high ranged TVs, you can expect to get 1 to 3 years of warranty. This is a feature that ensures making the right investment. The more years of warranty provided by the manufacturer, the more secure you are. 

A Brief Comparison Table:

This comparison table is created to provide you with a rough knowledge of the features that are available between 20 k to 30k. However, it may vary from one brand to another. 

FeaturesTVs between 20000 to 30000TVs above 30000
Screen Size32-50 inch43 to 65 and above
Smart TVYesYes
HDMI Up to 33 and above
USBUp to 32 and above
Viewing Angle 178 Degrees178 Degrees
Sound Type2.04.0
No. of Speakers2 to 3Up to 4

Smart Buying Guide:

Check the resolution:

Firstly, don’t go for HD ready TVs. 

By saying this we mean, when you are paying such a good amount, you deserve something better. Go for bigger numbers as it will offer better quality. These days the manufacturers have provided with a lot of options by pushing their limits. Now you can get full HD to 4K televisions that offer top-notch picture quality. You should also know that when you are buying a giant screen, you cannot rely on a low resolution as it will be frustrating. 

According to us, when you are choosing a 50-inch screen television, it is better to go for 4K resolution. For 42-inch screen televisions, you can rely on 1080p resolution. The number of pixels presents on the screen; the better will be its display quality. We would never recommend you to buy HD ready TVs unless you have the budget restriction.

Check the number of ports:

We knowing how chocking the experience is while watching your favorite series on regular TVs. Good news is, not only regular TVs are out, but also present TVs are provided with multiple numbers of ports. The reason is that ports are important to us. When you buy a TV 2 HDMI ports, it means you can easily connect your set-top box and game console, and when you have three, you can connect your sound system thereby offering the ultimate experience at one time. 

Always check for more number of ports as it provides more opportunity. With USB, you can quickly view your stuff on the giant screen.  

Consider the screen size:

This is the second most crucial feature to check. As already mentioned, for a 50-inch screen, 4K resolution will be great, but not every room is apt for such a giant screen television. There should be a minimum viewing distance for such bug screens; otherwise, the picture quality will be hampered as well as your eyesight. When you sit too close, you will be able to watch the pixels on the screen, which is definitely a big No-No. 

Have you ever experienced or watched a film sitting in the first row of the theatre? Even when it’s not a screen yet isn’t sitting too close actually a headache? This is the reason why the middle and last row are maximum priced. 

Maintaining a regular viewing distance can ensure providing the ultimate experience. To help you make the right choice, here is a chart:

Screen SizeViewing Distance
32 Inch4-6 feet
40 Inch5-8 feet
42 Inch5.2 – 8.75 feet
50 Inch6 – 10 feet
55 Inch7 – 11.5feet
65 Inch8 – 14 feet

Check the contrast ratio: 

Always loom for a higher contrast ratio as it is a desirable parameter on any excellent television. However, do not fall for what the manufacturers have mentioned. In the world of TV, the written contrast ratio is similar to the car manufacturer’s claiming the top speed. You have to check it on yourself. 

You need to take the control in your hands, change the settings into your desirable mode, and then blindly trust your eyes. Technically, the contrast ratio refers to the difference between whitest whites and the deepest blacks. Higher the contrast ratio, better will be the picture quality of the TV. 

Smart Tip: Take a high-quality movie like GOT and Avengers on your pen drive, insert it on the USB port and witness the difference in the picture quality between your regular TV and the one you want to buy. 

Don’t miss the refresh rate:

As soon as you have decided on the resolution and screen size, the next prime features to look for will be the refresh rate. Refresh rate, as mentioned above, is the total times’ images are being displayed per second. With a TV mentioning to have 60Hz refresh rate is a great quality, but something less than that can result in making the pictures look blurry at times. 

If you are looking for TVs just for movies and series, especially for entertainment purpose, 60HZ is great. However, you are a gamer, opting for a higher refresh rate can is advised. If you have the budget to go for more, you obviously can, but 60Hz is a great deal. 

Check the viewing angle:

This is another vital factor to check while buying a television. You are definitely buying a TV for your family, and hence you want everyone to experience similarly. To make sure that no one has a bad experience, checking the viewing angle is a necessity. 178 degree is a great viewing angle which ensures that members sitting on corners can also experience the same quality picture just like someone sitting in the center. 

Check the brand:

Not everyone, but there are users who are extremely brand conscious. Well, this is both good and bad as well. Going for the top brands offer great chances of getting quality, along with taking the entire responsibility when something goes wrong. 

There are several brands offering great quality HD TV between 20000 to 30000, and some of the most popular ones include Sony, LG, Samsung, and Micromax. You can opt for these TVs and obtain the best from your investment. 

Check whether it is a Smart TV?

These days most of the TVs available in the market are Smart TVs. A TV is considered Smart when it has been integrated with a functioning OS. From the different OS, Tizen, Android TV, and the WebOS are designed for televisions, and there are much better. Having said that, there are a lot of improvements still left to be made on this OS. One of the best OS so far according to us is the Android TV. Even when it is a bit slower, it offers the maximum number of app integration. 

Check LED, LCD, or OLED?

Don’t forget checking the type of panel. Recently the most common panels in demand are Led and OLEDs. LEDs are the better version of LCDs which make use of the light emitting diodes for lighting the display. If you are looking for TVs within this budget along with ensuring the quality, LED TVs are the best choices. However, if you have no budget restriction, you can opt for OLEDs. 

Check for HDR:

Just like OLED, HDR TVs are the most expensive one in the market right now. Looking for the HDR quality television us always a great choice if you want great quality movies and videos, HDR or the High Dynamic Ratio ensures improving the overall picture quality by managing the contrast ratio. This breakthrough technology designed by the TV makers is offered by some of the top-notch brands only. 

No TVs expect 4K televisions can upscale to HDR. So if you find a salesperson telling you that the TV is capable of upscaling, you know what to answer. Always keep in mind that the need to be HDR for it to be able to watch in HDR. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I get 4K TVs at this range?

Obviously yes. You will get a range of 4K television from different brands. Not all the known brands offer 4K televisions at this range, so you need to be extra careful and keep your eyes wide open while buying 4K TVs at this range. However, it is always recommended to go for full HD televisions at this range as these are manufactured with excellent picture quality and other high-end specs. 

2. Which is the best brand to buy?

There are several brands available in the market offering high-end televisions and claiming to proffer best sound and picture quality, but it is always advisable to go for the top brands. Some of the renowned brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and TCL. 

Different brands have their different USB, and hence, you have to choose to keep in mind about the preferences. 

3. I love playing games, what refresh rate should I buy?

The truth is, no refresh rate of televisions have emerged to be able to suffice the needs of the gamers. Even when the televisions are evolving every day, the TV refresh rates are still limited to 60Hz, whereas the gaming monitors have more than 240Hz for the full HD monitors and 165Hz for 1440p. 

So it is very hard to suffice the needs of true using a television. 

4. Do all Smart TVs require internet connectivity?

A definite NO. You can use your Smart TV just as a TV by connecting with your set-top box using the ports. However, you will not be able to access the apps without an active internet connection or use your browser. 

Smart TV can be used both as a TV and a computer for browsing the internet, accessing social media, and watching movies through streaming apps. 

5. Which is the best Smart TV OS?

First of all, you need to know that there are several Smart TV OS and each is known for their multitude of features. Some of the most popular ones are Roku Tv, WebOS, Android TV, and Tizen OS. 

Each and everyone is known for the many features. As per our experts, Android OS is still the best because of the availability of many apps. 

6. Will a 50-inch television look good on the medium-sized room?

Not only the screen size is a matter of concern, but also you need to know the screen pixel. If you are buying a 50-inch screen 4K TV, the recommended distance would be 4.2 feet, and for 1080p TV, the recommended distance is 8.3 feet. 


Having a fixed budget is always a great start when you are going to buy a television. Since the market is overflowed with different brands and several models, choosing is undoubtedly a hectic endeavor. However, when you have your preferences set and a smart guide lining the top features with brief buying guide, you can undeniably make a worthy choice. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to gain a wealth of knowledge and make a smart decision. So, best of luck!


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