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Modernista EasyCam 100 Smart HD IP Wireless Home Security CCTV Camera Review

CCTV cameras have become a standard utility when it comes to the establishment of security. The term stands for closed-circuit television. It came into the picture with its first installation by Seimens AG in Nazi Camp, Germany, in the year 1942. The Modernista EasyCam 100 smart HD IP CCTV camera serves as surveillance against the […]

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Modernista AlexCam 100 Smart HD CCTV Camera review

With the changing world and growth of technology, security cameras are in trend these days. People like to know and see what goes on in their house or office in their absence. The cameras keep the owners informed and provide safety to the home or office. Modernista AlexCam is a trusted brand when it comes […]

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Modernista PanoCan 130 Smart HD CCTV Camera Review

Security cameras are an absolute necessity for houses and offices. Nowadays, with both parents working, children are left with maids and nannies. It enables parents to keep a check their child, even when not at home via the app on their smartphone. Also, maintaining the safety of the office, banks, and various records are easier […]

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