Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review

Microsoft corporation is one of the biggest multinational tech company based in Washington. The only company to develops windows operating system manufactures consumer electronics, smartphones, and computers as well.

This is a tablet cum laptop from Microsoft named Surface Pro 6. This is a new innovative product and is quite popular for its performance and compact size. This released only a year back, and let’s compare its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying.


It is a touchscreen tablet cum laptop from Microsoft. The touch sensitivity is excellent, and it responds very quickly. Also, it supports multi-touch of up to ten fingers that enables this device to perform some gestures as well.


This ultralight laptop/tablet supports an M-Pen made by Microsoft. It does not come right out of the box, but you can purchase this item separately and use it on a large scale. Starting from painting to doing everyday stuff can be done with this pen. The light pressure gesture can be customized as like as you want.


This Surface Pro is sold as a tablet to you, but with the help of some extra accessories, you can convert it into a fully functioning laptop. You will need to buy a type cover for the display to stand like a laptop’s screen, a mouse device from Microsoft, and a Bluetooth keyboard that comes with a smooth and responsive touchpad. Attach all these parts to this surface pro and start working on your laptop. All of these accessories are sold separately.

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What Do We like

Display quality

Microsoft is providing this laptop/tablet with a 12.3 inches 1080p resolution display. The vibrant colors, along with the high contrast ratio, make every image and video crisp, sharp, and enrich your viewing experience too. This display is engineered in a way that there won’t be any spots left behind your finger even if you use it as a full touchscreen device.

Its anti-glare feature protects your eyes from its Blu-ray lights. The 60Hz beautiful screen is ideal for watching movies on Netflix or Youtube. The auto white balance will reduce your effort by detecting the amount of light around you and automatically changing.

Storage and memory

This lightweight laptop cum tablet comes with decent storage and memory. The storage of this device is a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD). The memory of this surface pro is 8GB LPPDR3 Ram, which makes multitasking on this device smooth. The memory cannot be expanded, but there is a 16GB variant of this device as well.

Battery back up

This lithium-ion battery that comes with this device lasts for a long time. The Windows 10 on this device is optimized in a way to consume less power than any other tablet out there. It will provide you with 8-hour battery life for work purposes and also 3-4 hours of battery life for video playback (Depending on the screen brightness).


This tablet is also called an Ultra-light laptop for its compatibility and lightweight. It weighs around 770 grams only and is very easy to carry with you anywhere. Even after attaching the keyboard, mouse, and the type cover to it, this will not weigh more than 1 kilograms.

This means even as a laptop. This will weigh much less than most of the laptops out there. The compact size of it makes it an ideal choice for traveling purposes.


This high-end device comes with a pretty decent configuration. The processor it comes with is the latest Intel Core i5 1.60GHz quad-core, and the memory it uses is 8GB DDR3 SDRAM. These configurations make this tablet/laptop works lightning fast. Combined, this hardware, along with the 256GB solid-state drive, makes computing easier. The performance is too good to be true at this price range.

What We Don’t Like

Separate buying

The major con of this Microsoft surface pro is that you have to buy all the needed accessories separately, and none of it comes out of the box. This makes the price range of this product even higher.


Microsoft is well known for its compatible and long-lasting products. This surface pro tablet cum laptop is a great innovation for the people who are always traveling for their work and needs a device like this to carry around for work and entertainment purposes. The performance is quite good, but the accessories are sold separately is somewhat of a con. Make sure to go through our article to know in details about this device.

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Koushik Mondal

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