Acer (NT.LCJAA.002) 7 inch Tablet Review

Acer is a multinational tech company based in Taiwan. They manufacture many electronics gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, monitors, computers, and tablets as well. The product quality Acer has to offer is non-comparable with any other brand.

This Acer 7 inches tablet is a decent product that is ideal for your personal use. Its compact size makes it easier to carry and the sleek design gives a premium touch at a mid-range budget. Let’s talk about the performance of this device and compare the features, pros, and cons to know if its worth buying or not.


The storage of every device is an important factor. This Acer tablet comes with 16gb flash memory installed in it and it also has a dedicated micro-sd card slot that supports up to 128gb. You will never run out of space anymore.

Supports OTG

This mid-ranged tablet will support OTG or USB On-The-Go. This means you can now easily insert your pen drive or any other USB device into the tablet and access the files in it. Also, you can attach a digital camera, mouse, keyboards or even joystick too.


There are few sensors built-in this device such as – Accelerometer (G Sensor), proximity sensor, GPS, etc. These sensors will help you execute various things while traveling and while watching any video to rotate the screen as well.

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What Do We like


The 7 inches IPS touchscreen is absolutely great. It is an LCD display that also supports multi-touch. The resolution of the display is 1280×720 that is 720p high definition. Every video or image on this display would look very crispy, sharp and smooth.


This device comes with both rear and front-facing cameras. The rear camera is 2MP than can record videos up to 720p quality and the front-facing camera is a VGA 0.3MP camera that is of average quality.

Sensitive touch

The sensitivity of this display is pretty decent. It not only supports multi-touch but also is a sensitive touch. Smooth touch on the screen will get the job done and the higher pixel per inch (PPI) makes everything look better.

Battery backup

Acer is providing a one-cell lithium-ion battery in this tablet. The battery life will depend on the usage but on average this device will provide you up to 6 hours of battery back up even after doing everything on it. If you turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, and wifi then the battery back up time will automatically increase by 10-15%.


This device is packed with some decent specifications. The Android 6.0 (Marshmellow) runs this device with ease, making every task easier to perform. The processor that is used in this device is a MediaTek quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 MPCore processor which is of 1.30Ghz and helps to execute every task faster. The 1GB SDRAM performs somewhat decently, supports WLAN as well.

What We Don’t Like

Build quality

Many users have reported this Acer tablet to be very fragile. It has been noticed that the build quality is below-average. The plastics that have been used for the outer body is of very poor quality and does not justify the price range.


This is a mid-ranged tablet from Acer. According to the price range, speakers are not up to the mark like it should be. They are not loud at all, the sound gets distorted if you play anything on high volume and also there is no bass whatsoever. The built-in speakers are supposed to be of decent quality at this price range. This is a major con of the tablet.


Acer is a brand that is known for its product quality. The quad-core processor is fast and will execute every program you command. Multi-tasking became easier than ever with the DDR3 1GB SDRAM. The 16GB storage along with the dedicated card slot will never let you face storage-related issues.

It also has Bluetooth, rear and front-facing cameras along with USB 2.0 type B. It is filled with many features and very few cons. Make sure to go through our article to know about this product in detail so it can help you make an informed decision.

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Koushik Mondal

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