Strength Training Exercises with Medicine Ball

Are you a fitness freak who loves working out but is bored with the same old dumbbell workout routines? Add a medicine ball to your workouts and make it more challenging for your body.

According to some physical fitness institutions, working out with a medicine ball will burn your fat at a much higher rate than you would expect. This form of exercise is practiced from ancient times, and it benefits your whole body. The medicine balls are made of rubber or sometimes leather.

How can you use the medicine ball and turn it into a working out equipment? We will discuss that down below.

Strength training exercises

Medicine ball plank:

woman medicine ball plank

  • Place the medicine ball in front of you on the ground and kneel.
  • Put both of your hands on the ball carefully.
  • Make sure your arms are straight, and you have balanced yourself properly.
  • Your body posture should be straight from top to bottom.
  • Hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds using your core muscles.
  • To raise the difficulty level, use two different medicine balls to balance for both the hands.
  • Do not keep your legs wide apart.
  • Then hold that position for 20-30 seconds.

High knees:

maxresdefault 3

  • Hold a medicine ball at your chest level with both of your hands.
  • Start running on the sport.
  • Make sure your knees are going high enough, so it touches the medicine ball you are holding.
  • Keep doing this exercise for a minute of 3 sets.

Overhead raise:

maxresdefault 1 2

  • Stand straight, holding a medicine ball at your thigh level.
  • Raise the medicine ball slowly towards up, and do not stop until the ball is above your head.
  • Keep your hands straight throughout the exercise.
  • Take at least 5-7 seconds to raise the ball from your thigh to up above your head.
  • Start with at least a 3 kg medicine ball.
  • Do this exercise 20 times.

Thrusters exercise:

tabata workout 5 thruster

  • Take a medicine ball and hold it at your chest level with both hands.
  • Be in a squat position like the picture above.
  • Then push yourself up to stand straight and extend your arms above your head as much as you can with the medicine ball in your hand.
  • Make sure your body weight is on your heels, and you are not performing a jump while pushing yourself up with the ball.
  • Do this exercise 15 times for three sets.

Medicine ball slam:

medicine ball slam

  • Stand straight on the floor with a medicine ball.
  • Make sure the width of your shoulder and the distance between your legs are the same.
  • Raise your hand slowly until it is above your head, like in the picture. You will feel a stretch in your abs.
  • Slam the ball as hard as you can on the ground.
  • Do a proper squat and catch the ball bouncing back when you have returned to your original position.
  • Make sure to take proper safety measurements before you do this exercise and do not hurt yourself while doing so.

Torso twist:

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  • Stand straight on the floor with your legs wide apart.
  • Take a medicine ball and hold it at your chest level.
  • Keep your lower body perfectly still and rotate your torso from left to right at a moderate pace.
  • For this exercise, start with at least a 5 kg medicine ball and increase your pace day by day.
  • Do this exercise 30-40 times in 2 sets.

Wall throw:

medicine ball cardio workout wall toss

  • Stand back 3-4 feet from a wall holding the medicine ball at your chest level.
  • Be in a squat position, as shown in the picture.
  • Then using your full body strength, push yourself up and throw the ball onto the wall as hard as you can.
  • Wait for the ball to come back and hit the floor.
  • Pick up the ball and keep doing it repeatedly to increase the intensity of the workout.
  • Do this exercise 25 times for three sets.

Medicine ball push up:

One Arm Med Ball Push Up

  • Come to a standard push up position.
  • Put your left hand on the medicine ball and right hand on the floor while in a push-up position.
  • Then perform a proper push-up.
  • Then move the medicine ball from your left hand to right hand.
  • Now again, do a push. Keep exchanging hands with the ball and perform the push-up.
  • Do this exercise 15 times for each hand for three sets.

Medicine ball burpees:


  • Stand straight on the floor with a medicine ball in your hand.
  • Get into a squat position holding the ball at your chest level.
  • Then push yourself up and jump, holding the ball above your head.
  • Land on your feet and come into a push-up position balancing on the medicine ball.
  • Perform a proper push up.
  • Return to your original position.
  • Do this exercise 10 times for three sets.

Leg raise:

skimble workout trainer stability ball leg lifts 2 iphone

  • Lie on the ground with your hands on the side of your body, palms facing down.
  • Take a medicine ball and put them in between your legs.
  • Hold the medicine ball by your feet.
  • Slowly raise your legs to the point you can, pause for 2-3 seconds, then come back down slowly.
  • Make sure the medicine ball you are using to perform this exercise is not heavier than 5kg.
  • This is an advanced version of the exercise leg raise. It is recommended to practice the standard leg raise before you try this one.

Spin and slam:

Slam Ball vs Medicine Ball

  • Stand straight on the floor, holding a medicine ball at your chest level.
  • While you raise your ball above your head, perform a quick jump and rotate 180 degrees.
  • Once you have landed on the ground, slam the ball as hard as you can.
  • Perform a full squat and catch the ball while it bounces back.
  • Do this exercise 15 times for three sets.
  • Be cautious while performing this exercise if you are a beginner.

Medicine ball fly:

fullsizerender 11

  • Lie back on a bench or preferably on an exercising ball.
  • Take a medicine ball of at least 3kg weight and hold it above your chest with both the hands firmly.
  • Using your core muscles, shift the medicine ball to your right hand and extend both the hands balancing the upper body.
  • Return to the original position and do the same process with your left hand.
  • Make sure your legs are wide apart.
  • Do this exercise 20 times for each hand.

Plank roll out:

medicine ball

  • Get into a plank position by placing the medicine ball between your hands.
  • Take your right hand to roll the medicine ball on your right as far as you can.
  • Return the ball to its original position.
  • Now use your left hand to roll the ball to your left as far as you can.
  • Do this alternating exercise hands 20 times each.

Diagonal chop:


  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the medicine ball up above your head to one side, keeping your body in an upright position.
  • Make a chopping motion. Move the ball diagonally your across body from its starting position down to the opposite knee.
  • While moving the ball diagonally, lower your body into a squatted position.
  • Return to your original position and go through the same process with the opposite hand.


The strength training exercises mentioned above were medicine ball exercises that are beneficial to your health. Make sure to keep a proper posture and follow all the steps mentioned to execute the workout perfectly and prevent any injuries. Always warm-up a little bit before you proceed towards the heavy workout.


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