10 Strength Training Equipment

Strength training not only increases physical strength but it also enhances the fitness and health of an individual. Here we have provided a comprehensive guide to the essential equipment you will require for strength training.

Strength training is a type of physical workout, which induces muscle contraction by the use of resistance. This helps to build strength along with enhancing your anaerobic endurance and size of the skeletal muscle.

This training provides several benefits to the person when performed correctly. It improves the overall health and well-being of a person while promoting increased fitness and metabolism. The practice requires different types of strength training equipment and a diverse range of exercises for increasing the force output of a targeted group of muscles.

The benefits of being fit and strong are plenty. So, if you are planning to start this type of training, this article can help you. Here, in the following section of this article, we list the top 10 equipment you will require for strength training.

Strength Training Equipments

Ab Bench

Ab benches are essential equipment designed for performing advances, abdominal, and other fitness exercises. They are flexible and adjustable with pads at the top end for holding your feet. You can efficiently perform crunches like decline crunch and twisting decline crunch on the ab bench, along with exercises like Russian twist, trunk extensions, leg lifts, etc.

There are many advantages associated with an ab bench. It helps in strengthening your core, tightening, and toning the abs. It is important to consider essential factors like the types of ab benches, weight capacity, size, and dimensions, build quality, etc. before you make a purchase.

Always ensure that the ab bench can be adjusted so that your abs are not exposed to the same resistance. Also, it should be cushioned well so that you do not hurt yourself and are comfortable during the workout session.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are also referred to as exercise balls. There are different types of medicine balls available based on their material of construction. They are usually made of rubber, vinyl or leather, and the weight of these balls ranges between 500 grams to 11 kg.

They are commonly used in strength training while performing exercises like squats and crunches. Along with strengthening arm and core muscles, they can also help in improving your reflexes. Choose a heavy-weight medicine ball for strength training while a light-weight ball will help in coordination, reflexes, and recovery from injuries.


These weighted objects can be used in pair or solo to perform several different exercises-including, bent over rows, shrugs, curls, bench press, etc. Dumbbells play a vital role in weight-training as it helps in strengthening the muscles of the upper body or the body as a whole.

A dumbbell is made of metal and has a covering of plastic, vinyl or chrome. A chrome covering, however, is usually more preferred because it is more durable than plastic. There are mainly three types of dumbbells- adjustable, fixed weight, and selectorized dumbbells. You should know that factors like weight, type, size, and shape are essential to consider while choosing a pair of dumbbells for your workout.

There are a few accessories which you should have during weight training. These accessories include weight belts, gloves, mats, and benches. The gloves will help you get a grip and lift the weights easily while the mat ensures protection to your floor. You should also wear a good pair of gym shoes, especially weight-lifting shoes, to prevent sprain due to the impact of weights on the body.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are made using latex or non-latex rubber material and are designed for simple physical workouts and strength training. These bands are light-weight and also referred to as therabands.

They allow you to perform upper and lower body exercises such as overhead extensions, chest exposure, sidestep shuffle, knee balance, and more. Most bands also come with a handle for firm grip, to help you maintain balance.

These are excellent equipment for increasing flexibility, stability, and adding variations to your workout routines. The elasticity and length of the band are significant factors, which will help you in choosing the ideal type for your workout.

Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes or stationary bikes have a sturdy build and a framework consisting of pedals, handlebars, and saddle. You can perform various resistance exercises on this bike for improving your overall fitness, especially your cardiovascular fitness. Apart from this, the bike will help in toning and strengthening your core along with the muscles of your upper and lower body.

Before choosing an exercise bike, ensure that you know about the different types so that you can get one that fits your requirements. The height and level of the exercise bike should be easy to adjust. Also, the bike should be comfortable since you will be sitting on it for a significant amount of time during the workout.

Pull Up Bars

Pull-up bars are for those who are ready for intense strength training of almost every muscle of the upper body. Apart from increasing strength and toning muscles, a pull-up bar also manages to help in weight loss and enhancing grip strength. The bar utilizes the resistance offered by the weight of your own body for obtaining the required results.

There are many exercises which you can do on a pull-up bar, including pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups. You can choose between the different types like free-standing, wall-mounted, etc. However, a doorway pull up bar is an affordable option to consider.

Also, be sure to consider the important points like length, weight capacity, comfortable grip, and diameter of the bar, before purchasing. The ideal diameter of a pull-up bar usually ranges between 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches, while the length should ideally be 80 cm.

Kettle Bell

Kettle bell

A kettlebell is another essential equipment for strength training. It is made using cast iron or steel and resembles a cannonball that features a handle. You can perform many kinds of exercises using a kettlebell, including power training exercises. It allows swinging movements followed by safe release moves with a firm grip. This helps in strengthening the arm, wrist, and core of a person.

The combination of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training promotes overall fitness of the person. Moreover, the uneven distribution of weight in the uniquely shaped kettlebell is the reason for its effectiveness.

Punching Bag

Punching bags are a sturdy, strong, and durable bag made using a variety of different material for punching. Apart from training fighters, it is also significantly used as a way of improving fitness, strength, concentration, and confidence of a person.

Punching bags are extremely popular, and the primary gym equipment available in every gym. Even research has proved that punching a heavy object helps in toning and strengthening muscles.

There are a variety of different types of punching bags which you can choose from, based on your requirement. However, if you are a beginner, going for a smaller size bag is recommended.

A leather bag is a great choice; however, in case of a price constraint, you can opt for a canvas or vinyl bag. Also, ensure that you consider factors like the type of filling used, safety, and quality of the bag.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

This is one of the most essential gym equipment that ensures a low-impact cardiovascular workout. The machine helps in stimulation of walking, running and stair climbing, without causing too much pressure to the joint of the user. Hence, it is suitable for those who are recovering from injuries.

The elliptical cross trainer gives you a full-body workout, for strengthening the muscles and flexing your stomach. It specifically targets your core and also helps in burning calories for weight loss. Always ensure that you wear a good pair of running shoes or cross-trainers for the workout session using this equipment.

Before going in for a cross trainer, you should know the different types of cross trainers-which include, incline trainers, center drive cross trainer, electromagnetic resistance cross trainer, and others. There are also a few components which will help you in making the ideal choice, like weight capacity, resistance, portability, stride length, and drive type.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are easy to use and affordable equipment options for strength training. They are worn on the ankles while running, walking and swimming, for increasing muscle strength, toning body, improving endurance and for burning calories.

You can also perform other exercises like leg lifts and reverse curls using ankle weights. However, for these exercises, you must have adequate space along with a yoga mat.

You need to consider the critical points like weight, material, and purpose of need before making a purchase. Ensure they have velcro straps so that it provides a comfortable fit on your ankle.


We hope that the article helped you with all the essential information regarding the top 10 equipment for strength training. So, now, without wasting any more time, you can start your intensive training for improving your overall fitness, health, and strength.

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