Zoook Rocker Studio One SoundBar with Subwoofer Review

Zoook specializes in high-end designing and manufacturing of high-quality products. One of such product by Zoook we are reviewing is the Zoook rocker studio soundbar with subwoofer.

This speaker comes with an elegant design and smooth contours. The edges are well constructed to give it a timeless look. It comes with a 130W power for optimal sound quality. The speaker provides a superb listening experience whenever it is used.

Expansive Audio

This sound system comes with powerful speakers paired with a subwoofer, which provides a booming sound with crystal clear audio quality. This expansive audio brings an enticing home theatre experience to the comforts of your home.

Seamless streaming

It comes with an in-built Bluetooth which allows wirelessly streaming of audio from your devices. There’s no need for log wire, just connect the device via Bluetooth wireless and have the best of time.


The HDMI helps to transmit digital video and audio over a single cable. It provides a superior entertainment experience. It allows you to view your favorite movies, sports, and shows with higher quality audio.

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What Do We like


The system comes with rich and powerful bass. It transforms your music, movies, and TV into an explosive experience.

2.1 Sound Bar System

This device comes with a 2.1 Sound Bar System delivering booming sound with crystal clear audio quality. The also delivers enticing and comforting home theatre experience whenever it is in use.

Sleek design

It comes with a sleek design, brushed grill, and subtle angled sides for an attractive display. Its premium appearance blends perfectly with your TV.

What We Don’t Like

No negative point observed.


This sound system comes with a high-quality signal processor and an inbuilt equalizer. It allows you to choose between 4 pre-programmed sound modes like News, Movies, 3D, Music depending on what you intend listening to. The subwoofer’s bass can also be an adjustment to any level you want.

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