Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofer Review

Sony is among the leaders of electronics around the world. They enjoy a very good Brand Loyalty from their customers, since they know they are getting quality products. One of such product by Sony we are reviewing is Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofer. This speaker is a powerful subwoofer box with a shallow, sealed enclosure. It is unique and easy to install. It allows you to experience louder and deeper bass. The speaker ensures its acoustic distortion is minimized.


This speaker has a high power handling of 1800W peak and 420W RMS power handling. It comes with a deeper bass of 30cm of polypropylene cone. It adds extra rigidity for low and accurate bass tones. The effective frequency range of this device is 32 – 1000 Hz and the output sound pressure is 86dB. It is also made of magnet material and PP diaphragm material.


The speaker comes with an attractive design that adds beauty to the car it’s used in. It has a dimpled woofer to add extra rigidity for an accurate and low bass tone. The box also has a shallow and sealed enclosure to enhance speaker effectiveness.


It weighs 10 kg and comes with a dimension 53.4 x 45.8 x 25.6. The weight makes it easy for you to use and also carry around. This saves space and ensures it’s used to your satisfaction.

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What Do We like


This speaker is durable and easy to use. It produces superb sound, and the bass quality is alright. It makes the music enjoyable whenever it is in use. You can enjoy your ride when the sound is on.


The device is not too costly; you can afford to purchase this without running into debts. The speaker also brings value when it is used and doesn’t require much on maintenance.

Easy to use

It is easy to use; it comes with features that are easy to install. The produces the best experience whenever it is used. The acoustic distortion is also minimized by a stroke stabilizer rubber surround to allow effective use of the system.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were obsereved.


This speaker comes with awesome bass, and it floods its sound in every corner of your car. It is affordable and comes with a high-quality body build. It has a powerful subwoofer and voice clarity.

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