Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E Speakers Review

Sony is one of the most known entertainment companies in the world; it is also known for making durable products for optimal consumer use. One of such product by Sony we are reviewing is the Sony Mega Bass Speakers. This speaker is easy to install, and it is also space-saving. It comes with a broad frequency range and a balanced dome tweeter for clear and accurate sound.


The speaker comes with high power handling of 260 W maximum output and 40 W rated out. It comes with a Mica matrix cone woofer for tight, and punchy bass. The speaker also comes with a voltage of 12V for efficiency when used.

Balanced dome tweeter

The balanced dome tweeter has a direct impact on your music. It helps to reproduce the upper frequency of your music-making the music enjoyable. It is also good for stereo separation and sound staging, so the sound reflects all around you.


This speaker weighs 1.3kg and a dimension of 33 x 18 x 10 cm. It allows for easy installation and use. The device can be moved around conveniently without stress.

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What Do We like


The design of this speaker is excellent and beautiful. This design is space-saving and nice. It comes with a black color design adding beauty to the area it is placed. It has a rigidly constructed woofer, which helps to deliver tight and punchy bass.

Sound quality

The sound quality of this product is great. This brings out the best sound, which makes sit enjoyable when the music is played. The sound brings great comfort and pleasant experience at all times.

Easy to use

This speaker is easy to use, simply connect the speaker to your radio box and enjoy the music while you travel.

What We Don’t Like


It doesn’t produce enough bass so if you are a bass lover this speaker might not for you.


This speaker comes with good sound quality. It comes with excellent treble and mids, and the body build is good. The device doesn’t occupy much space, and it was ideally designed for Sony head units and Mega Bass circuitry.

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