iBall Decor 9-2.0 Multimedia Speaker Review

Are you looking for good quality speakers for your computers? iBall Décor introduces 9-2.0 USB powered computer multimedia speakers which helps produce much higher quality in terms of sound production compared to the built-in speakers of the computers.

This speaker enhances your overall music experience while working on your PCs, whether you want to watch movies or just listen to good music.

These computer speakers are also best for gamers. It improves the quality of your PC gaming by providing great sound effects for a top-level gaming experience.

Control Buttons

These speakers come with an in-line volume controller to help you navigate the speakers well with ease. You can also connect your device through a 3.5mm jack and play.

USB- Powered

These speakers from iBall are USB powered. You don’t need to recharge or to change batteries every now and then because it is simply connected to the laptop or computer itself.

Good Sound

You can now experience a good sound quality compared to just relying on the built-in speakers of your computer because these speakers come with a 5W total RMS power. Not bad for a computer speaker.

Built-in Bass Port

These speakers from iBall have a bass port to produce a more deep and enhanced bass sound for the overall audio experience. This is a great deal, especially to that bass savvy.

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What Do We like

Compact Design

These speakers have a dimension of 17 x 12 x 9.7 cm which makes it sleek, compact and lightweight with 422g. You can just easily put it beside your computers without requiring too much space in your computer tables.

It has also an elegant design with a metallic front and classic color. It can be used not only for computers, but also works for television, mobiles, and laptops.

Dual Speakers

The product comes with dynamic duo computer speakers for more balanced sound quality while working on your computer. This is a great décor to your computer, bringing charm while providing you with great music experience.

What We Don’t Like

Sound not loud enough

Compared to other speakers, these speakers do not produce loud music. Because it has only 5W RMS, it produces a lower sound than some Bluetooth speakers.

Not Rechargeable

Although it is an advantage for this speaker that it comes to be USB powered, it is also a drawback because you need to constantly connect it with your device to enable it to function.

Without the USB connection, you might be challenged unlike those that are rechargeable or battery-powered, where you can just simply charge or replace the batteries when it becomes low.


Having a good speaker for computers is very important. This computer multimedia speakers from iBall is a great deal for all users, whether you are a gamer who enjoys PC gaming, who just want to watch a movie or listen to good music, or just using your computer and want to have audio cues while you are working on your computer.

Using your computer may require you to be attentive to some pop-ups, and while you are focused on your work, you might disregard these pop-ups without the use of speakers.

The iBall Decor 9-2.0 USB Powered Computer Multimedia Speaker would be a great help if you want to achieve this objective. Using your computer is upgraded with these speakers.

You will now use the computer in a more exciting way. Get yours now and you will see using the computer is a way lot better by using these iBall computer multimedia speakers.

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