iBall Soundstick BT14 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bring with you your favorite music and listen to it anytime and wherever you want to go with this portable Bluetooth speaker – introducing the Soundstick BT14 Bluetooth Speaker from iBall. You can easily carry this Bluetooth speaker because of its sleek and lightweight design. This speaker is perfect for all your outdoor or indoor activities.

Improve your music streaming, whether you are watching a movie or just want to chill and relax, listening to music without any interruption with this very affordable and easy-to-carry Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy your listening experience with this Bluetooth speaker with less hassle.

Built-in FM radio

Shuffle up your music through your favorite music channels through the built-in FM radio. When you get tired of playing the same music over and over again, then you can switch to it easily or if you run out of music in your audio source such as your smartphones or tracks in your micro SD.

High Sound Quality

With the 6W RMS portable multifunction speaker, you can now enjoy a good quality of music. The sound is guaranteed to be enhanced with a crystal clear effect for a more enjoyable experience. For its price, the quality of the sound is a great steal for a Bluetooth speaker.

Battery Life

This speaker is made to last for approximately 5-6 hours of non-stop use. This speaker is powered by a 4.90 watt-hour lithium battery, which is rechargeable. When the battery runs out, you can charge it for 2 hours, and you are good to go.

Remote Control

Navigating this speaker is made easy through its wireless remote control. Control panel functions include the mode, pause/play/mute/auto scan, prev/Vol-,Next/Vol+.

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What Do We like

Compatibility and Connectivity

Play freely with all Bluetooth-compatible devices in your home or office for whatever activities such as picnic, camping, or any other activities with this speaker’s compatibility and connectivity. But, if your audio source is not Bluetooth compatible, no need to worry because you can either use the 3.5mm AUX input, USB, or Micro SD to play your favorite track playlist. You can use micro-B USB to charge this device.


This speaker weighs only 270g and has a dimension of 280 x 55 x 40 mm, which makes it portable. It is suitable and perfect for your daily activities. You can now enjoy listening to music without hassle.

What We Don’t Like

Sound not loud enough

Compared to other Bluetooth speakers, this speaker does not produce that very loud music. Because it has only 6W RMS, it produces a bit lower sound than some portable Bluetooth speakers. The sound is not that booming or high. If you are up for a speaker that produces a louder and clear sound, you might try to consider another type of speaker.


If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker at an affordable price, the iBall Soundstick BT14 Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect option for you. It is fully equipped with all the features that will make your music experience an enjoyable one. This is suitable for all purposes, whether indoor or outdoor activities. This has a sleek and lightweight design to fit your outdoorsy lifestyle.

If you are an adventurous person who wants to bring along your favorite music and wants to share it with your family or group of friends, you should put this in your device wish list. This speaker will do you justice in terms of affordability without compromising the quality of sound. Liven up the ambiance of your gatherings or activities with this portable Bluetooth speaker.

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