Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch Review

Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch is an entry to mid-level wearable gear from Lenovo that gives more in less. Lenovo is known to manufacture personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones storage devices, and wearables. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of personal computers and is shipping worldwide since 2004.

The company has now also forayed into wearable technology and started manufacturing smartwatches. Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch is one such product from the brand that is reasonably priced and carries a lot of features.


The product a screen size of 1.6 inches that has a resolution of 1280X1024 SXGA and gives you a high-quality picture and graphics.

The display also features a cool blue night light for a comfortable navigation experience at night. The display has an anti-sunshine quality that lets you see the screen in bright sunshine with ease.

Lenovo Life App

The product connects with your phone through Lenovo life app and provides you an interface to read all the readings and monitoring done by your smartwatch

iOS/Android Compatible

The product can be easily paired with your Android and iOS smartphone using Bluetooth and the Lenovo Life app

Heart rate monitoring

The product also comes installed with a heart rate monitoring feature that keeps recording your heart rate 24/7 and intimates you if there is anything that is not deemed normal

Activity monitoring

The smartwatch records the steps taken using GPS and accurately calculates the time and distance traveled and informs you in real-time about the calories burnt doing various activities

Smart Notifications

The smartwatch displays all the notifications on the screen whenever there is an incoming call, messages, emails, or any social app notifications.


The smartwatch has an in-built option to assist you in setting reminders and alarms to notify you when desired or wake you up at your desired time

Multiple Sports Tracking

The smartwatch features multi-sports mode and can track a lot of sports and lets you track your activity and calories burnt

Sedentary Reminders

The smartwatch also keeps monitoring your movements continuously and sends out inactive reminders when it notices inactivity for a very long time.

Remote Camera

The smartwatch also acts as a remote control for your phone’s camera. You need to shake your smartwatch to open the camera and take a picture on your phone.

Warranty Details

The product comes with a years manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase

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What Do We like


The smartwatch is feather-light and weighs just 40.8 grams. It can be worn throughout the day on your wrist.

24-hour Heart-rate Monitor

The product assists in monitoring your heart rate continuously to ensure that your heart health is always in check. You can also share your activity data with anyone you want.

Sleep Monitor

This smartwatch monitors your sleeping patterns like deep sleep, light sleep, awake time and notifies you on your sleep quality

Smart Notifications

You get informed through flash notifications when you receive a text message, call after you pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth

Alarm Reminder

The product also features an alarm clock that can be used to set reminders and alarms and plan your day.

Quick Charging

The smartwatch comes with an easy charging magnetic cable that readies your smartwatch within minutes for the next use

Long Battery life

The lithium-ion battery gives 20 days life with normal usage and 30 days at stand by. You don’t need to worry about the battery when working out.

Smart power consumption

The smartwatch comes equipped with very powerful sensors that optimize battery consumption and give a longer life on a single charge


It also comes installed with a stopwatch and can be useful when you want to time-specific tasks or activities like sprints, swimming laps, etc.


This smartwatch watch is 5ATM certified and has a waterproof body and can be comfortably worn on the wrist while swimming or taking a shower

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points about the product


Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch Black is a decent smartwatch with a sporty look. This product is an ideal pick who like watches with big dials and displays. The product is feature-packed and comes at an affordable price point.

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