Fossil FTW1176 Smartwatch Review

Fossil FTW1176 Smartwatch is a flawlessly designed watch piece that is embedded with advanced sensor technology. The smartwatch is a product of the famous fashion brand Fossil. Fossil has been making fashion accessories for the last 26 years and has won hearts around the world. People buy Fossil as a style statement to compliment their personalities. Fossil FTW1176 Smartwatch is sure to make you shine out in a crowd.

Battery life

The smartwatch is equipped with a hybrid no charge battery and gives an experience of 1 year with normal usage

Sleep monitoring

The smart band gives user sleep pattern, and the bands keep on collecting sleep data that keeps recording your sleep pattern and maps it under various parameters such as number of times of falling asleep, waking up a light sleep status

Smart reminders

The smartwatch displays real-time notifications like incoming call notification, mute or rejects an incoming call; message reminders support SMS, email, calendar, social apps, etc

Remote control

The smartwatch can act as a remote control to control your phone’s camera or music playing on your phone

Daily activity tracking and monitoring

The band can automatically figure out walking and running status, records step count, distance covered, calories burnt, and other data. The band also calculates calories burnt for moderate to high-intensity workouts

Fashionable strap

The smart band strap comes in trendy straps that can be swapped as and when you desire to match with your attire


The product also features an alarm and activity reminder to wake you up and alert you for an upcoming event or appointment.


The watch is compatible with Android™ 5.0+, iOS 10.0+ devices


The smartwatch can store up to 2 weeks of data between syncs and back up taken on your phone

Water Resistance

The smartwatch is 5ATM water-resistant and can be comfortably worn to your swim sessions and while taking a shower

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What Do We like

Interchangeable watch band

The watchband can be comfortably taken out, and new bands can be fitted to match the occasion and your attire

Long battery life

The watch comes installed with a hybrid no charge battery that saves you from the effort to charge the smartwatch after every 2-3 days. The watch battery gives you a life of 1 year with regular use.

Advanced Features

The product comes bundled with all the advanced features and technology to track your activities and health


The product can be worn when swimming, diving and taking a shower

What We Don’t Like


The only disadvantage about the watch is that it is costly and can not be afforded by people with a lower budget


Fossil FTW1176 Smartwatch is a premium looking and feature-loaded watch. The watch is custom built to deliver the highest satisfaction and performance and can never fail to disappoint you. If you have a generous budget to buy a smartwatch, this is a definite head up.

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