Smart Home Essentials

The progress of technology has led to the innovation of home appliances and gadgets. These devices are dedicated to making our lives at home, smarter, and easier. Smart home essentials provide us the convenience of controlling household appliances using our smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

These home devices have enhanced our lifestyle by ensuring a smarter experience. We get to live in absolute security and comfort at home.

This article provides a guide to the smart home essentials every household should have. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into the list of the smart home essentials.

6 Smart Home Essentials

Amazon Echo

Amazon is a leading e-commerce website that has brought us three types of amazon devices. These devices include Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Kindle. Amazon Fire TV stick will enable you to convert your TV into a smart TV. You can choose to opt for Amazon Kindle if you are an ardent reader.

Amazon Echo is the most popular smart home essential. It is a smart and compact voice-controlled speaker that can be placed at any corner of your home. It is built with a cloud-based smart system, namely- Alexa.

Alexa has the answers to all your questions. You can give a command to order food, a cab, or even ask Alexa to update you on the score and weather.

Ensure that the Amazon Echo you buy comes with an in-built microphone that is enhanced by beam foam technology and a noise cancellation feature.

Security Camera

There are nine different types of security cameras available in the market. These include IP cameras, dome camera, bullet security cameras, etc. It usually consists of a camera, monitor, cables, and a lens. It uses the “closed circuit” technology to work.

The camera captures the images or records the video of the area around your home. These visuals can then be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, or the monitor provided with it. This is an important smart home essential that keeps your family and household safe and secure.

The video and image quality of the camera should be high. Also, opt for a security camera with a motion detection feature. These cameras start recording automatically when they detect motion. Other factors which should be considered are cloud storage, budget, sound, night vision, etc.

Smart Door Bell Camera

What is smart door bell


A smart doorbell comes with an attached camera. It acts as a doorbell and a security camera. This improvised version of an ordinary doorbell can be connected to any of your compatible devices. The camera records and live streams in the area outside your home.

It allows you to check who is at the doorstep and interact with the person using your smartphone. This device comes with in-built motion sensors and high-definition cameras. Hence, it can even recognize the guest and alert the owner. Ensure that the camera has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees so that you can monitor a larger area.

Also, a night vision camera is preferred so that you get a clear view of the visitor even at night. Consider a few essential factors before making a purchase. These include design, features, power source, cloud storage, etc.

Smart LED Light Bulb

There are different types of smart LED lights for you to choose from. A smart LED light bulb can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet from any corner of your house. You can also control it using the voice assistant Alexa on Amazon Echo.

It can be connected using WiFi or Bluetooth depending on its type. Smart bulbs feature in-built speakers so that you can listen to your favorite tracks without the need of additional speakers. Some of these bulbs can also sync with the music pattern. Opt for an energy-saving smart light that automatically switches off when you leave the room.

Also, consider features such as compatibility, lifespan, size, and color of the bulb. Certain bulbs have features that enable you to adjust their brightness and temperature.

Smart Switches 

A smart switch is a wireless switch. It is used to control lights, or home appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, TVs, etc. These switches use radio waves to connect with a nearby network. This is in turn used to control your home electronics via Alexa voice command or smartphone applications.

Smart switches save you the hassle of physically turning the switch on or off. You can control it conveniently from the comfort of your couch. There are many other advantages associated with smart switches. They save energy and allow you to schedule the on and off time of your fan or light.

Ensure that you get a switch according to your budget. It should be compatible with your appliances, Alexa, and Google home platforms. Also, the smart switch should be made using a material that is durable with good insulation properties.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are gaining popularity in India over time. Modern technology has introduced to us smoke alarms in the form of smoke and heat detectors. They are the perfect solution to prevent fire hazards. It also manages to prevent suffocation due to the exposure of high-intensity smoke.

Smoke alarms are available in different types. They can be installed in your bedroom or kitchen. However, you should avoid installing it 4 inches below the ceiling since the smoke does not reach this area.

It manages to detect smoke and the possibility of a potential fire. Hence, smoke alarms ensure the safety of your family with minimum damage. You should consider factors like the display, battery and the alert type of the smoke alarm while making a purchase. A large building would require a high-intensity siren.


We cover all the important smart home essentials in this article. These smart devices make living easy and convenient. We conclude this article with the hope that the products on the list help, you in making your household smarter.


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