Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil Review

Bio-oil is a special skincare oil that helps in getting rid of stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone and pigmentation marks. The product has bagged 349 skincare awards and is today number 1 selling scar and stretch mark oil. The oil was launched in the year 2002 and is sold in 131 countries.


This oil contains its patented ingredient PurCellin Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil

Improves skin tone

The product helps in improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, uneven skin and hydrates aging skin.

Recommended for Pregnant women

The oil is recommended to be applied from the second trimester to the areas like belly, hip areas that are prone to stretch marks.

Other scars

The oil also helps in reducing the appearance of new and old scars due to accidents and surgeries or cuts and scratches

Use as a face oil

This product is non-comedogenic which means it does not cause acne or spots. Bio-Oil keeps the skin hydrated and has anti-aging properties as well.

Suitable for all skin types

It has a non-greasy formulation for overall consistency and gets absorbed in skin be it light or dark, dry or oily

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What Do We like

Natural ingredients

The oil is made up of all-natural herbs like Calendula oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil

Very light on the skin

The oil gets absorbed in the skin very quickly, you don’t have to keep on rubbing it


The product is non-comedogenic and free from any chemicals. There is irritation on skin after application

What We Don’t Like

Strong scent

The oil has a strong scent which is a bit unpleasant in pregnancy when you are already averse of smells


The product is very expensive. There are similar products available in the market at a much lower price


Bio-Oil is a skincare oil loaded with the goodness of natural herbs that is non-comedogenic and helps keep your skin hydrated and free from scars, stretch marks and signs of aging

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