Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Microwave Oven

Everything has a lifespan. No matter how good we are at maintenance, appliances will give in at some point and as incredible as microwaves are, they don’t last forever.

Microwave ovens can become real trouble and even dangerous when they get to certain points. There are signs to look out for in your microwave to know just when you must replace it.

Burning smells, smoke, and sparks:

These are signs you should never overlook in your microwave. Microwaves pose great risks in such situations as they work at high voltage. 

You should switch it off and unplug it immediately. Never try to fix them yourself, electric shocks from microwave ovens are fatal. The moment you notice any of these signs, your microwave should have no place in your kitchen.

The door seal is broken

It is not advisable to continue using a microwave whose door seal has become broken. A broken seal means your oven will start leaking radiation. 

The door seal is an important safety precaution from the manufacturer. You should never use an oven with a bad door.

When cooking time becomes irregular 

The main idea for getting microwave ovens is to get food cooked fast, there’s a problem when it starts getting too long to cook. Also, you should watch out for when your microwave starts cooking too quickly. 

Both situations will have adverse effects on your cooking. A simple test you can run is boiling water for a fixed amount of time.

Faulty safety locks

Safety locks are present in the microwave ovens to keep children from tampering with it. A microwave without a working safety system is a risk if you’ve kids and it doesn’t belong in your home.

Unusual noise in your microwave 

When your microwave oven starts making an unusual noise, there’s a fault somewhere. A good microwave should make no noise. You can check out the blades and turntable to see if they got jammed.  

A bad magnetron can also cause unusual noise, which is more problematic as it can give electric shocks. It might be much better to replace the microwave.

Malfunctioning keypads 

The keypads on your microwave are there for ease of use. When they stop working, you start having torrid times making use of your microwave. 

Sometimes, it’s just some dirt that can be fixed with a simple wipe. If the problem persists after cleaning, it is time for a new microwave oven.

Malfunctioning turntable 

The turntable in your microwave oven is responsible for rotating your food. The rotation is what gives you even cooking. When your microwave’s turntable starts malfunctioning, you start getting uneven cooking and you should send it to the recyclers.

Malfunctioning fan 

A microwave’s fan is responsible for the regulation of its temperature. A faulty fan will make your microwave overheat and shut down. The fan makes some noise while working, so it’s easy to detect a fault. 


We hope to have helped you understand the various signs that may manifest you to buy a new microwave oven. Rather than fixing the oven every time, it is wise to replace it. 

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