Dr Batra Dandruff Cleansing Shampoo Review

Dr Batra’s is the leading homeopathic brand in India with a presence in over 130 cities across India, UK, Bangladesh, and UAE. Dr Batra provides holistic hair loss and skin treatments by going to the root of the problem. The company has been also manufacturing products that are recommended and safe.

Here we are reviewing the Dr. Batra dandruff cleansing shampoo which has the richness of thuja for effective yet gentle scalp cleansing.

How to use

  • Apply a coin-sized amount of shampoo on damp hair
  • Massage onto the scalp gently and wash off.

Antioxidant and antibacterial

Thuja in this shampoo has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that treat dandruff, flaky scalp, itchiness thus controlling hair loss.

Treats scalp gently

The shampoo maintains the scalp’s ideal pH 6.5 while thoroughly cleansing it while being gentle.

Keeps hair clean

It keeps your hair lustrous and clean by removing all impurities, dust, grime, and pollutants are stimulate dandruff and scalp problems.

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What Do We like


This homeopathic shampoo comes at a reasonable price tag.

Mild smell

The shampoo does not have a strong chemical smell.

Improves blood circulation

The shampoo balances oil production in the scalp and improves blood circulation for more nourished and healthy hair.


What We Don’t Like

Needs more quantity

The shampoo forms very less lather and hence more quantity is required.


Dr Batra dandruff cleansing shampoo is developed and recommended by doctors for treating scalp conditions. It treats scalp from itching, flakes, dandruff, etc while maintaining its pH level. The shampoo won’t pinch your pockets since it is affordable. It will also promote hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp and cleansing excess oil. Hence, if you need a homeopathic treatment on your dandruff, this product is a must-try.

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