Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo Review

Just as your skin starts facing multiple issues over time like spots, pigmentation, or premature aging, your hair also undergoes many changes. In this process, it tends to lose many essential nutrients, proteins, and lipids and your hair start showing signs of damage.

The Dove Advanced hair Series makes products for specific hair types using its most advanced hair nourishment technologies. Here we are reviewing the Dove rejuvenated volume shampoo whose unique blend of ingredients helps replenish the hair by retaining necessary nutrients.

How to use

  • Wet your hair completely
  • Massage the shampoo on your scalp and hair
  • Rinse off

2X more volume

This is the best Dove shampoo for thinner looking hair as it gives 2X more volume. The shampoo delicately cleanses and revitalizes hair to bring back volume.

Nourished hair

The shampoo brings back lost nutrients to the hair by deeply nourishing it thus giving you healthy and strong hair.

Vita nutrient complex

The vita nutrient complex in this shampoo makes sure your hair looks nourished and volumized to the fullest.

Locks the nutrients

It deeply nourishes hair and locks nutrients in it to prevent further damage.

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What Do We like

Relaxing scent

The shampoo has a luxurious feminine scent that will relax your senses.

Ideal for daily use

It makes your hair soft and shiny and is ideal for daily use.

Silky texture

The shampoo has a silky texture that spreads very well on hair without much effort.

Adds shine

It imparts shine to dry and frizzy hair thus improving hair texture.

Gentle on scalp

This lightweight shampoo does not harm the scalp and thoroughly washes hair without weighing it down.

What We Don’t Like

Contains sulfate

The shampoo has sodium sulfate in it.


The Dove rejuvenated volume shampoo is a perfect product for people whose hair becomes limp and weight down after wash. This shampoo removes excess oil from the scalp and hair and increases the volume. It has the signature dove fragrance that lasts for one or two days even in humid climates. It makes hair more manageable by taming frizz and dryness. Therefore, this product is strongly recommended.

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