Vinod Zest Sandwich Toaster Review

Vinod is an Indian company that manufactures kitchen appliances. The company uses the latest technology in manufacturing its products; hence they are of the best quality. One of the product lines of this brand is sandwich makers.

Vinod Zest Sandwich Toaster has non-stick plates. The product is compact and lightweight hence portable. It also has cool-touch handles for convenience and safety.

Non-stick plates

The plates of this sandwich maker are coated using the non-stick material. The material used is free from any dangerous compounds (lead, BPA, etc.) that may bring health issues to you. The non-stick coating won’t allow your sandwich to stick to the plate’s surface, which will make it convenient when cleaning. You will also be able to use less cooking oil while making your sandwich.

Cool handle

This appliance has a handle that is made of heat-proof material, protecting you from heat injuries. They are long enough for you to hold it away from the hot flame. This handle also has a lock to hold the plates together and retain heat for even cooking. The handle is sturdy, which makes this appliance durable.


This appliance requires no electricity for it to operate; therefore, it’s economical. All you need is a source of heat to heat the plates for making your sandwich.

Compact design

This sandwich maker is small. You will be able to store it in small spaces within your kitchen.

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What Do We like


Vinod Zest sandwich toaster comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months, which starts from the day you purchase the appliance.

Scratch resistance

This appliance has a high-gloss metallic coating, which is scratch-resistant. This will allow the sandwich maker to remain new even after months of use.


This appliance weighs approximately 500 grams. You will be able to carry it easily to any place.

Simple and safe to use

It is very easy to use, and it requires no special skill to use this appliance.

Plate size

The plates of this sandwich maker are of standard size; hence regular-sized bread will fit the plates.

What We Don’t Like

No light indicator

This appliance has no light indicators; hence you will be required to check the progress manually while making your sandwich.

Small plate capacity

These plates can only accommodate one sandwich at a time, which may take you long to prepare several sandwiches.


Vinod Zest sandwich toaster is a non-electric appliance hence economical in the long run. With non-stick plates, it will be convenient for you when cooking and when cleaning it. With the scratch-resistant coating, your appliance will always remain clean and new. Above all, it is simple to use, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

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